Monday, February 19, 2018

Thanksgiving 2017

We had Meredith Curtis come over to the house and take our fall pictures for our Christmas cards.  We got some good ones!
Moving in is going right along -it has to - we have family coming for Thanksgiving!

Some things never change.  Bathrobes become ninja outfits . .

Here is the tob from Dad's work bench in Arkadelphia that will become the Dining table top - it's all ready for the big move!

I didn't get a picture of it - but Dad brought it from the shop to the house with the backhoe and raised up to the side door.  It's tad bit heavy!

Meanwhile in the kitchen . . . actually, I will have to remember that my cooktop had not been delivered yet - so it was ovens and Mom's kitchen in Rogers that had to do the cooking

Kerry smoking the Turkey . . .

Wrestling at the dinner table . . .

Kyler prepping the mashed potatoes . .

Someone looks guilty . . .

We had a great celebration in the new house!  We missed the Johnson crew - but they were hanging out in NYC so I'm pretty sure they had some fun of their own! New home, family and lots more to be Thankful for!  We headed down to Sheridan for some more giving of Thanks . . .
And did a little hunting, too . . .

A good looking bunch of Pitts cousins! We had a great time down on the farm with family, football, hunting and good food!

Then it was back to NWA to do some Christmas decorating . . .  and the boys got their Razorback boxes that Cici got them, complete with jersey, headband and mini goal . .

After the Johnson's returned - we got some time with Avery . . .

Last picture with braces . .  this kid is ready to brace free!

Look at that smile!

Season Wrap up, Shop Pack Up

It sure is fun having these boys in three different stages!  High school, middle school and Elementary!  Marla and I went to the homecoming pep rally at the High School - it was so fun to see the High School action!The last home game is pretty busy for the Booster Club - because we handle the Senior night activities - it was the BEST game!  We won in overtime and it was the best way for the Seniors to finish up their final home game!Evan started his acolyte duties!Mango likes to help with homwork!  We are moving stuff around and on the "to move" list is the truck - welcome to the Shop!ahhhhhh!  Our kitchen!  LOVE!It's about move-in time around here and I am counting the seconds!Time to pack up and move on over!