Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last HOME field Saturday

We are nearing the end of our football/basketball Saturdays.  This was the last home game for our football boys :( . . . and we had FOUR football games and 1 basketball game - out with a bang!
Evan had a basketball game during Kyler's game - Jayden was a good big brother and stayed at Evan's game so I could walk back and forth. 

I got to Kyler's in time to see this!  Number 18 on the carry :)!
Kyler liked getting some offence action!  He's usually tackling not carrying!

Sign #1 of the day!  See how big this sucker is??  I had THREE this size layed out on my floors!  The coaches and players wanted to thank the cheerleaders for their support - so they reversed the sign action on them!  Go Cheerleaders! (I think they were surprised and liked it!)
A little celebratory dancing on the side lines! 
Sign #2 of the day!

That's right . . .#5 back in action! 

He doubles as a cheerleader! ALL the games were pretty exciting - it was a clean sweep - Cards won ALL FOUR games!
Just some brotherly football talk
He's baaackk! and ready to crush!

 Sign #3 of the day!  Wheh!  Brings me back to Friday night with 4 boys running around like crazy as Marla and I whipped out 3 signs! Evan got to take a little inbetween brother game break with Auntie M and Adam to IHOP and Pop was at the games too!  Home games are always fun and busy - Kerry coaching, handling the gate staff and announcing when needed - multi-tasking!  I even heard Kyler announce a call or too - I mean the press box is too cool:)!

 What a way to end our home games!  Lots of cheering, lots of celebrating and lots of winning! 
What better way to start off my week after a busy weekend than lunch with this crew:)!  I thought as I was leaving. . . I bet Mom's don't get lunch dates at middle school, I better enjoy this! 

Tailgate Fun

The annual Chili cookoff/Tailgate was last Friday afterschool.  I was in charge of Evan's class tailgate.  I have never even been to this so I just had to wing it!
 Evan was proud of his painted face!
 My house was a sign factory last week -- you will see in other post that this one was just the beginning!
  Evan liked his cardinal cheek so much he got one on the other side!
photo bomber Jayden!  Kyler is very good at dodging the camera - he was there though!
It was cold and windy - getting a tent and tailgate games set up in the blustery wind was not easy . .  the kids had a great time though!  Anybody want a huge Rockin' sign????? I think I might start hanging these up in the garage just for fun:)!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Have a Groovy Halloween

Kerry and I had a halloween party on Saturday night. . .  We had a fun time as Fred and Daphne!  Kerry still looks like he colored his hair with a highlighter in spots . .  it's pretty funny!  He even had to announce what had happened to his hair at football practice because so many kids were asking what happened:)!
 We kept on partying as our groovy counterparts at the Johnson's halloween bash . . and got to meet up with Sara Palin, an old alasklan guy, some white trash dude with a HUGE beer belly (hahah!), 2 gangsters from different eras and Ironhide the transformer . .  a pretty diverse crew!
My children look forward ALL year to the sport of apple bobbing . .  yes it is a competitive sport, and thankfully they think you can only do it at Aunti M's halloween party or I would be having frequent bobbing compititions on the deck!  It's alwaays fun to see everyone in costume, eat some yummy food and celelbrate fall with the fam!  Thanks Adam and Miranda (and mini M)! 

We spent from 1:00-5:25 at the ballfields - darted out after the game, changed into costume in the car and headed straight to Rogers.  Kyler had a double hitter (as he does every Sunday) and they won both games!  The reason I have few pictures of baseball is because Kyler is anti camera anyway and the camera tends to stress him a little when he is conentrating . .  maybe I can get a few pics of him in action before the season is up!

Field Fun

Saturday was another fun day at the field.  Evan didn't have a basketball game this morning - so we didn't have to split time. Kyler's team beat Shiloh Christian - can't remember the final score - but the boys played great and Kyler was super excited! 

Kyler got to be a captain . . .
 He's our #1 blue eyed boy!

Evan sat on the water trailer with popcorn most of the games.
 They let the injured be captains. .  sling boy on one end and boot boy on the other. Good news:  Jayden will be playing next week!  He started some physical therapy exercises and is really excited he gets to get back on the field for the last 2 games!
 Pop came and watched the boys . . . and had a few boys join him.
We only have one more Saturday of home games and then one out of town game and the season will be coming to a close. 

Paintin' and Pickin'

Kyler's class is working on making globes out of pumpkins.  First step was to spray paint them blue - it was a windy day to have 3rd graders with spray paint, but surprisingly no one left looking like a smurf!
  There was a short little game of tag while the pumpkin painting was wrapping up.
On Friday afternoon we headed over to the Prairie Grove Battle Park to pick some apples.  Evan wasn't feeling very well, so he stayed home.  Kyler and Jayden had visions of buckets full of apples . . .
 Seems as though we were beat to the orchard, the only apples left were WAY high up.  That didn't stop the boys (bum shoulder and all) from doing some climbing!

 Kyler got to do a little bike riding, too.  I think our final apple count was . . .  TWO!  They must have been good though, because Kyler ate them on the way home!  Next year we are going in September!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saturday of Hoop and Field

Just another Saturday playing ball!  This weekend it worked out where Kerry could come for a bit of Evan's game, before heading over to the football field.  We also had Papaw, Auntie M and CiCi there to watch!
 Jayden wasn't real enthused to be watching "little kids" TRY to play basketball - I assured him there was a time, not so long ago, that we were watching HIM run up and down the court aimlessly!
 Evan doing some bench chit-chattin.
 It was entertaining and fun to watch!  Afterwards his team had a cupcake party for one of his coaches who was turning 18!  So great that these high school girls give their time for these cute little boys!
 Kyler looking pretty serious, mid game.
This is right before Kyler hit the ground - he's a toughy! 
 And this folks, is what you call helmet hair!
 Don't make Coach Pitts mad!  Just kidding - he was just using his "coach voice"!  Sometimes I have him use his "coach voice" to the kids in the shower, to bed . . etc -- works like a charm!
2 of the cutest cardinal football fans and best buds!
 Jayden and Adam are both side-liners til they are all healed up . . hopefully soon!  (not sure why these last few pics are dark - I must have accidently changed a setting . . oops!)
 Younger brothers hanging out by the water coolers.
We had the only cowboy here to cheer on the Pitts Boys!  So glad Papaw got to join in the fun! AND - he kept the boys while Kerry finished up with the last game so I could go BABY GIRL shopping with Auntie M and Mom!  Fun weekend of ball and shopping! Kyler's baseball games got cancelled due rain . . . so this crew got a relaxing day at home on Sunday - well, except for Jayden's basketball tryouts.  On with our week!