Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And They're Off

A day at the races?  I think so!  We had a little Intro to Gambling this weekend for the Pitts boys!  They had fun and we ran into all kinds of special people!  Papaw and Ninny, friends and lots of Gartman cousins!  The boys had the perfect set up - their chairs were right up to the glass in the box, they ate jumbo shrimp cocktail, fried oysters and dr peppers while they picked their "winners" for the next race.  Evan and I skipped out a bit early - picked up Crawfish and headed to the condo - while the others closed down the track!
 You can't see the boys because they are scavaging while the the lake is low!
After Hot Springs we headed to Carlisle to see Meme.  It was a fun weekend!

Girls Just Wanna . . .

  . . .Wear TUTUs!  I got to hang out with Miss Avery while her Momma wasn't feeling well.  We had fun playing dress up (shhhh) we got out bows, tutus . .  next time we are breaking out the leopard print!
I think she liked it . . . she just looked at me like "what are doing to me Aunt Sissy" haha!
 Dress up is exhausting!  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day

Yesterday was pretty exciting. . . It started snowing after the kids were at school and by 11 was looking pretty bad . .  this was the road on my way to pick up the boys from school!
 They were excited to get a snow day.  No sledding pics this go around,  just some hot tub snowball fights!
 I had to make a new rule:  no snowball fights in the hottub! 
If you're wondering why I am a blogging machine the last two days . .  its the weather!  What better way to spend a snow day than catching up on my blogging:)

Give Me A Beat

A One, A Two, A One,Two Three . .  where oh where are my ear plugs?!  Just kidding!  The boys started their music lessons in January - Jayden and Evan are taking Guitar and Kyler is taking Drum.  I wanted to make sure he liked it before I invested in this monsterous set!  I'll have to post some more pics of our "band" and let the other boys show off their instruments too!  Looks like I'm a boy band momma :)!

Besides buying drum sets, we had multiple Birthday parties to attend this weekend.  This pic is from Evan's friends party -- it was a football party and they used the PeeWee equipment . . . how old does my baby look?!  I just saw into the future when he's in 4th grade!
You've probably noticed some hot tub pics.  In the midst of our Flu epidemic we had our hot tub delivered.  We  had workers building on to the deck and adding extra support while we were hulled up inside fighting fevers!  It was pretty exciting to watch out the window!  The boys sure are enjoying it . . they get in it in the morning before school, in the afternoon and we usually have a family soak after dinner and check out the stars! 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sugar & Spice Meets Snakes & Snails

 I see a future babysitter!  Jayden has been really eager to get to hold Avery - he was a natural!

Kyler told me he thought he would just "look at her, I don't need to touch her" but he got right in there and was a natural, too!
Everything Nice, my foot!!  Evan looks terrified!  He showed out from the time we hit the front door -- playing with the baby stuff and acting crazy!  I think someone is a little jealous - after all, he is having to give up his "baby" status for this chic!
 One little girl baby can gross out even the Pitts boys! She showed out at her diaper changing!
 Come on Avery . . . do something.


Lucky Eleven!

Guess who is ELEVEN years old??!! Happy Birthday to Jayden Phillip!  He got a SWWEEETTT new Electric Guitar with amp and all the tools 2 days before his special day because he just couldn't wait!  He had gotten to try it out at his Guitar lesson on Tuesday and could think of nothing else!
 He got to be King for the day -- he did have to go to school - even the King can't get out of that!  BUT, he had breakfast at IHOP with Kerry . . .  then Subway delivered by his Momma for lunch!  I sure do love getting the rockstar status at school lunches with all his friends!  He even said, "I love you Mom, see ya" as he departed the cafeteria . .!!!  He's a pretty sweet Eleven year old!

 He had 2 friends spend the night - we went to the movies and did some hot tubbin'.  He still hasn't decided on his party, yet. .  so we just focused on the special day!
 About 10:00 on his birthday night, he was regretting that he shook things up and went against tradition.  I had told him if he had friends over on his actual birthday we wouldn't do the birthday dinner, etc. . .  my boy loves tradition and got teary and wanted his friends to leave!  Talk about DRAMA KING!  It all started when he saw his baby book sitting out, and every year we sit down and relive his first year, but this year he had friends over. . .  needless to say - we rescheduled his traditional birthday activities for another night!!  His dinner selection:  Lasagna, broccoli cheese soup, caesar salad and old fashioned apple cake for dessert. It's like I always say. . .  don't mess with tradition! Lesson learned!

Happy Birthday my sweet, tackling, impulsive, smart, book lovin',  football lovin, guitar playin', TRADITION lovin' boy!


Valentines Day was a party from start to finish!  The boys started out with their annual sweetheart breakfast. These sweeties even presented their Momma with 3 roses, cards and chocolates :)!
The boys all had these for their class valentines. . . they had wearable mustaches attached. I know, I know -- I spelled "Fan{taShe}tic wrong - shoulda been a "C" where were all of you BEFORE I printed 90 of them!!  I just left it, I was to the who cares point!
Gotta try and get some "brownie points" from the teachers too!
Party like a Kindergartner!
Ice cream sundaes, YUM!
Party like a 3rd Grader!  (Mustaches were a hit!)

Party like a 5th Grader!  This party was bittersweet - the last of the parties :(
We had a photo booth for some fun vday pics!
 some dancing . . .
 and you can't party in the gym without a conga line!
 Happy Valentines!!  Kerry and I topped off the day with a night out on the town and dinner at Bordinos with friends.  It was  a fun day with all  my Lovies!

The Baby Ban Has Been Lifted :)

After weeks of being contaminated and being banned from seeing my sweet little niece . .  I asked for permission for the baby ban to be lifted and it was GRANTED!!  
 This is all I had been wanting to do . .  sit and hold that sweet Avery!

 She is just the cutest little thing!  And such a good baby!  It's been super hard to keep myself away from her, but I sure didn't wanna get this sweetness (or Miranda and Adam) sick!
I got to see her two days in a row!  The next day she went on her first shopping and lunch girls outting.  She is already a professional shopper! 

And We ALL Cried BOO FLU!

Talk about a rough winter!  We can't seem to keep these "bugs" out of our house!  It didn't take long after Christmas break for us to get another lovely stomach bug . . . that's the one that got me in Vail. . . then when I returned - Jayden tested positive for Type B Flu (oh the luck!), then Kyler, then Evan, then Kerry, then me . .  fun times, NOT!  We are talking 104 fevers requiring alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen every 3 hours (me and Miranda were living the same schedule!), Tamiflu, baths at 2am to knock down a fever - it was just pitiful!  Hopefully, we are done with all this sickness and can look forward to SPRING!  The other day Evan said there was a bug in the bathroom . .  he thought it might be the "stomach bug" (ha!) KILL that sucker!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ski Bunnies Only Getaway

Nothing like a few days in Vail with my besties to beat the winter blues!

 Gotta love these pretty sisters!

 What a great view from our hotel room . .  way to pick 'em Rich!
 I really don't wanna dwell on the fact that I spent one full day of skiing in the hotel room barfing . . Yep, that's right -- the stomach bug that I prided myself on beating even though it went through my entire fam . .  it chose my first day in Vail to hit me!  Can't keep a good momma down!  I re-joined the action!  I have one right of bragging for my boys:  Highest Altitude Barf AND Most  Expensive Barfing (because of course I missed an entire day of vacation!) BOOM!!! I just won a competition I did NOT want to be in!

We had lots of fun skiing, eating and just hanging out - just like old times!  Our trip home was even pretty eventful . .  an incoming snow storm and storms in Dallas equals lots of delays, turbulence and airport hanging out! We even end our trips with a bang! I had a great time with my girlies and am longing for more girl trips!!