Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Boys of Fall

It's Fall Ya'll . . and that means football and lots of it.  (In case you didn't know, I haven't blogged since mid August -this mass blog catch up is being done the night of our final game  ... yep, we've been consumed with football!)
Kyler and his trumpet ready for a day at Middle School!
 That's a Jr. High player right there!
 Luckily, I have a spy at the High School and get pics of pep rally's . . 

 Fair time!  The whole crew headed out one evening after football practice and spun to our hearts content!
 Pee wee homecoming court!  Kyler looks thrilled doesn't he (hee hee!)

 Being the youngest brother of football players means lots of side-line games . . 

Press box Saturday morning living . .  Jayden is the official film crew for all the games . . .
 Lots of family fan club fun!
  . .  and a little pre-Halloween fun with Avery!

 Louisiana and North Carolina visiters . . . 

Lunar Eclipse watch in the front yard . . 

September was a touchdown of a month!  

Finishing up August

We made it to the August Finish Line . . 
 Jr. High games . . .
 Afternoons of pee wee practices . . 
 after school carpools with a BUNCH of boys . . 
pee wee Jamboree . . 

And a Sunday Birthday Brunch with CiCi and Pop.
September here we come!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week ONE, done!

Maybe it's because this summer our house was the equivalent of a Frat house  . . or maybe because we didn't fully invest in our 2 weeks of "back to school boot camp" . .  whatever the reason, the first week of school was a slam of wake-ups, bedtimes, forms, activities and introductions.  Bring on week two, we got this,now! 
 Easy like Sunday Morning . . . by Sunday we were ready to start a new week! Kyler was an acolyte and our favorite 3rd grader got his Bible from the church  . . I can't think of a better way to usher in week two!
Day two of our back to school week was spent at the stadium, where my two favorite players and my favorite coach were all introduced!

#18 on the 6th grade team,KYYLLLEERRR PIITTTSS!

 #7 (he has on his practice jersey - his game jersey is 7) playing for the Jr. High team, JJAAYYYDDDENNN PIIITTTSSS!

I can't wait to watch these boys on the field! It's a great day to be a Cardinal!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear Old Back to School Days 2015

Headed off to 3rd, 6th and 8th!
Jayden has to be at school at 7:15 for football (everyday!) so, he and Kerry left earlier.

 Kyler is ready for middle school!(he even lugged his big duffle full of football gear!)
 Evan is ready for 3rd grade!
 He's off for a day of middle school . . .
 Of course, I still to get walk this little one in!  Williams Red Carpet ready!
They all had good reports!  Success!

Twas the Night Before School Starts 2015 . . .

The time has come to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year.  First day lunches are on the island, backpacks are hanging by the door, school supplies are bought, football gear is packed and ready, spruce ups are complete . .  the last thing is a good nights sleep.
 Our middle man is ready to report to MIDDLE school.  He will be in a brand new building and switching classes. He is just as relaxed and Chill as our Kyler always is, new school, no biggy. I know that our MIDDLE man is going to rock MIDDLE School!
 Our teenager is ready to report to the 8th grade, his final year in Middle School.  He will be switching classes, with electives and early morning football practices.  I know our teenager is going to make the most of his final year at Lynch!
Our littlest is ready to report to the 3rd grade, his final year at Williams.  This closes up a 9 year streak of Pittsboys at Williams.  He will report to Mrs. Jenkins class with some of his besties.  I know our littlest will close out our Williams years with a bang!
Sleep tight Pittsboys!  I feel the beginning of a great school year!

Party Central: Jayden's B-day Celebration

One more party left!  Jayden has been waiting patiently (since February!) for his 13 year birthday celebration and what better time than the last weekend of summer!
 Look out Lake Hamilton - the oldest Pittsboy party crew is here!

 Boys only trip . .  Kerry handled it all!
 These boys crammed in full days on the lake, birthday cookie cake, pizza dinner and pirate golf!

 Happy 13th to our teenager!  They all decided it would be a yearly tradition to close out the summer with a lake trip (no birthday needed!).  We are all caught up on birthday celebrations (I don't recommend postponing of celebrations - but they all worked out!)

Summer Lovin' 2015

We returned from our final summer beach blast to some deck time and NWA summer lovin'
Enjoying our new deck, the sunset and neigbors!

 Jayden, Kyler and I took a shopping trip to Ikea with Pop and CiCi.  Looky what we brought back for the playroom (along with alot more good stuff!) - as the boys call them "couch beds".  They are perfect for Pittsboy lounging!
We always look forward to getting to reconnect with our Northern friend, straight from Jersey for the summer!  Here are Luke and Jayden showing off their penny board skills . . .
 Condo time!  It took us over a month of summer before we finally made it to Lake Hamilton!

 Then it was back to NWA and a visit from our favorite Carolina girl (well, besides Auntie M of course!) Cousin Lovin' . . .

 I love this picture of joy on Avery's face!
 The"before" picture . . .
 The "after" picture! Welcome to Teenager-hood . . .  completed with braces!
 This is how they roll . . 

 Avery is learning all about braces . . .
 Time for some sweat equity!  Evan is working hard for his money - bunny barn spruce up!
 We finally have some landscaping, thanks to a Sunday of mulch and many trips to Lowe's!

 You didn't think we let Pop off without some sweat and hard work, did you?!  He's the best backhoe driver I know!  In ground trampoline in progress!
 This picture is before Evan painted the bunny barn --but I wanted to show what I see when I look out the window - there are always boys hanging with the bunnies! (and always at least one still in PJ's-no matter the time of day!)
Afternoon into Dusk games of "Infected"are a nightly accurance on our lane . .  but they were cut short this night with screams, blood and a trip to the ER!
 Luckily, his big toe survived a slice from a trampoline stake. He was one tough kiddo!
 I think he enjoyed being cared for by his brothers .. . 
 Stitches kinda put a damper on our river and lake romping!
 We still made a condo trip and got to hang out with Papaw and Uncle Bill.  Quite the Pittsboy line up, just missing Uncle G!
 Then, the Bailey crew joined us!

 It was fun to spend time with more family!
 Back to NWA!
 That brings us to back to school duties . .  football signups, practices and meet your teacher night!
Ms. Jenkins is in for a fun year with this triple threat!  The other boys were a little too cool for pics - but they met their teachers, reconnected with friends and got geared up for next week!

 Last weekend of Summer. . . Kerry and Jayden's birthday party crew head to Hot Springs for a birthday party/summer send of while Kyler, Evan and I hung out in NWA for a summer send off.
 They've been wanting to ride these silly things for months, what the heck, it's the last weekend of summer!
 No walk of shame down the water slide tower this year!  Evan grew and was cleared for ALL water slides at the Rogers water park!  These two made the most of their last Saturday of Summer!