Monday, June 24, 2013


That's  right - Seven years ago, we were becoming a party of five. . .  and didn't even know what we were getting ourselves into, ha! 
This little 3rd bundle is pretty fun to watch grow up!  Lucky for him he has 2 older brothers to keep in line!
 Time flies when you're raising bouncing bundles of boys!  Seems like yesterday we had 3 under the age of 4!  
We were just returning from Florida on his actual birthday.  So we were still in our vacation hangover mode!  He still got his birthday dinner of his choice, though!  Steak, baked potatoes, broccoli and and chocolate lava cake with ice cream and whipped cream for dessert!  Of course, he was King for the day too!  He is sooo good at bossing . . . makes for a great birthday King! (It was father's day too, but let's face it,  Kerry had to step aside for the day!)  Happy Birthday, Evan James!

Sunshine, Sand and Surf! Beach, Summer 2013

We headed straight out of NOLA - coast bound!  This Party was ready for some sunshine, surf and sand!
It didn't take long for Kerry to have a line of kids for the ball/jump game!
Kyler and Jayden were surfin' buddies

Check out this beach chic!  

We did our photos early in the week, since Auntie M and Avery were heading out on Thursday.  Let's face it, these are just never fun! But we got some :)!

Avery did NOT want her toes in - she just kept drawing up her legs, ha!

Torture :)  I bet next year she feels a little differently . .  I hope so!
Pop and CiCi with their Grands 
Pop, Kerry and Jayden and Kyler spent a day on the ocean doing some deep sea fishing.  Evan was not a happy camper-- next year he will get to go though!
Can't beat Red Snapper!  I think these boys had a good time!

Evan got a beach day, brother free . .  he made a good friend and hung out with him.
The boys also spent a morning at the air museum - you would think they would tire of this . .  but no.  It's a must every year.  Kerry has some pics on his phone but I don't have them - have to add later!

The ULTIMATE photo bomb!

Super fun surf days . .  We were longing for a 2 weeker like last year!  One week just dosn't seem long enough!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Easy Livin' in the Big Easy

The boys and I were New Orleans bound after football camp.  We headed straight south right into the Big Easy!  Our first night and part of Thursday it was just me and the kiddos until Kerry's flight got in Thursday evening.
Luckily, Jayden did not inherit my sense of direction (or should I say lack of!).  He got right to the french market!  These boys know how to use their puppy dog eyes and get some good french market deals!
Of course we had great food!  Can't beat New Orleans oysters! yummo!  I must admit that on the first night we dined on room service of the boys choice - mac and cheese, pizza, spaghetti, fries and grilled cheese - NOT my idea of NOLA dining - but I was worn out, and didn't feel like traipsing through New Orleans with the boys!  I told Kyler I was in need of some serious girl time . . . he looked at me very serious and understanding like and said, "you should go to Victoria's Secret . .  it's a girl place and you can find out what's the secret"  hahah!  Needless to say, we were missing Kerry and ready for him to join the fun!
These boys are just a cardboard box for tips away from street performers!
Kerry and the boys spent almost an entire day at the World War II museum(no pics) - they looovved it! I was getting my much need girl time in :)
 The boys were pooped each night after dinner - so a movie on the tube was just what they wanted to do!
Jayden is my Cafe' Du monde  partner - we love us some beignets!
 Kerry, Kyler and Evan feasted on some good ole' New Orleans home cooked breakfast at Mothers.  
It was a fun stop off!  We were glad to have the whole party back together and ready to head on into the Sunshine State on Saturday!