Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Skate Night!

This week has been "Drug Free" week at the boys schools and it's been a little WILD! Everyday was a different "theme" -- Monday we "Turned our backs on drugs" -- they wore their clothes backwards . . .
and they had skate night! So . . .4-6 football, then 6-8 skate night AND Kerry was out of town for work!

I fought off the incredible urge to lace up my white leather skates with pink pompom and put on my black skirted leotard:)! We are going to have to go back when Kerry and I can get out there and get our skate on!

At the end they had everyone out to do the cha-cha-cha. It was a fun night! And I was proud and releived I exited skate night at 8:30 after a long day, with three kids with no meltdowns!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Cram-packed Weekend of FUN!

I figured that before we start yet ANOTHER busy weekend - I better blog about the last one! I feel as though we live weekend to weekend these days. Our weeks are pretty generic- school, practices, sick hamster (allergies we think - yes - just what we need- an allergic hamster!), play dates, gym and tons of laundry! Add to that honor roll report cards from both boys and you've got this week! Back to Last weekend: First on the list -- visit from PAPAW! He came up EARLY--it takes a cowboys to get up prior to the crack of dawn to be there before game time! The boys started off with a game of connect four (complete with wild morning hair!).

Papaw went to Jayden's game while the rest of us met up with Pop and CiCi for Kyler's bball game. (another weekend of dual duty games!) The cardinals WON! Papaw got to come back to the house, eat lunch and hang out with boys before heading back -- oh and and he even got to witness a short, yet sucessful (thank-goodness) hamster hunt (these are becoming waaayyy to frequent!).
That night we headed to a spooky Halloween party at Aunti M's . . . check out this biker couple!

We created some quick costumes (we don't have our official ones for this year yet!). 3 zombie football players, a ref and the coach!

. . . and there is Queen B and her mullet man! Aunti M put on a spooktacular party - food was yummy and plenty of activies for the boys - pumpkin carving, apple bobbing and a mystery game! (I think she just won the duty of an anual Halloween party hostess:)!

. . . then us party animals headed over for a family get together at the Nunnalys! I don't have any pics from this (my camera skills grow weary by the end of the day!) BUT - I found these from the LAST get together that Kerry, Jayden and Evan were able to go to this summer while Kyler and I were Cincinnati bound. It was good to get to meet some of Kerry's Mom's family!

No swimming this time - but a buncha boys can always round up some fun!

On Sunday - That's My Bag committe for Jr. League met up at the storage units to stuff bags! I am chairman this year - and am so lucky to have a great group to work with! We stuffed 100 bags with toiletries, blanket, book, stuffed animal and supplies! I remember placing my first child in fostercare when I worked for the state and literally putting his stuff in a garbage bag - so this is close to my heart! So - there it is - last weekend! Now let me take a deep breath, enjoy my clean house for a moment - because come Monday morning I'll have much more to blog about and alot to catch up on!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Woo Pig!

Tailgating fun . . .

The best seat in the house! It also served as a ride for the exhausted tailgater . . . and for the record I will have you know that my boots were made for walkin' and I did just fine! (despite the doubts of my hubby!)

Kyler LOVED to "Boooo" - and would ask permission before doing so. (I don't like boo-ing but, when the crowd was doing it- it was allowed!)

Let's call those HOGS!

Looks who is in Hog Heaven . . .!

It was a success! Hogs won and the Pitts' boys started Tailgating at 3:00 and made it all the way through! The game started at 6:00 and we didn't get home until 11:00!
Jayden also had a great time at the game with Kerry -- our tickets were split. Jayden said he wanted to sit with Kerry because he "gets excited and high fives random strangers"!ha! I am pretty sure some high fiving of random strangers occurred last night! It was a great game! Woo Pig!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Single Dudes . . for now

I just had to do a quick post on the budding social life of a fourth grade boy! While snacking before football practice - I kinda was able to get in on the whose "going out with" who - before I was shooed away by Jayden -- then he said, "if your wondering. . . me and Payson are both Single Men . . . .pause, pause . . til tomorrow"! Apparantly, theres a plan A (or girl "A") and plan B (or girl B) in the works for today! Jayden could be seen standing up on the bathroom cabinet this morning in order to get a full length view as he tried on his necklaces and smelt, not of kowabunga coconut kids shampoo, but of "man soap", and his hair was completly brushed (usually a struggle!). Awwhh the 4th grade! :)

So Much Fun Going ON . . .

. . . that I haven't blogged in a while! Here's some much needed catching up!

Football . . .a major part of our life right now, whether playing in games, practicing, coaching, going to games, or watching on TV - it's all about football at the Pitts House!

Basketball . . . just added to our Fall line-up. Kyler has his games on Saturdays, practice on Thursdays and everynight there's a game of two-on-two on the driveway!

Cardninal Spirit! Kyler had to wear red day at his school last Friday and Jayden had a tailgate party at his (Evan and I got to join! and Kerry!)

Even got a real pep ralley put on by the highschool cheerleaders and band!

. . and another weekend of games and a bonus of Bikes Blues and BBQ! Kerry and Jadyen were in Pea Ridge for his game while Kyler had quite the cheering squad for his at home - CiCi (who spent the ngith with us!), Auntie M and Adam and a couple of rugged Harley Dudes - oh wait - that was Pop and Richard:)!

Like I said, Fun Times! And more to come - this weekends line-up you ask? Jayden has a home game, Kyler doesn't have a game (wheh! makes for an easier saturday!) and we all have tickets to the Razorback/Auburn game and plans for some serious tailgating!