Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Boys of Fall

It's Fall Ya'll . . and that means football and lots of it.  (In case you didn't know, I haven't blogged since mid August -this mass blog catch up is being done the night of our final game  ... yep, we've been consumed with football!)
Kyler and his trumpet ready for a day at Middle School!
 That's a Jr. High player right there!
 Luckily, I have a spy at the High School and get pics of pep rally's . . 

 Fair time!  The whole crew headed out one evening after football practice and spun to our hearts content!
 Pee wee homecoming court!  Kyler looks thrilled doesn't he (hee hee!)

 Being the youngest brother of football players means lots of side-line games . . 

Press box Saturday morning living . .  Jayden is the official film crew for all the games . . .
 Lots of family fan club fun!
  . .  and a little pre-Halloween fun with Avery!

 Louisiana and North Carolina visiters . . . 

Lunar Eclipse watch in the front yard . . 

September was a touchdown of a month!  

Finishing up August

We made it to the August Finish Line . . 
 Jr. High games . . .
 Afternoons of pee wee practices . . 
 after school carpools with a BUNCH of boys . . 
pee wee Jamboree . . 

And a Sunday Birthday Brunch with CiCi and Pop.
September here we come!