Tuesday, March 29, 2016

March Madness

The lunch bunch . . 
 3rd grade spring musical time . . 
 funny side note:  Evan had a speaking line - which he did great.  But, when it came to singing - not one mouth movement.  He did all the motions, but didn't even fake singing.  He had told me before he was NOT singing.  Friends' parents noticed and thought he wasn't singing because he had had strep the week before . .  nope - just being a little toot:)! 
 Off to the races!  Kyler had plans to meet up at the movies with friends, Evan had a birthday party.  Our Hot Springs plans were not going as planned, but it worked out because Jayden got to bring a friend.  Fun little quick trip to the Spa City! 
 Pittsboy tooth loss is always interesting.  This one got knocked out at recess by a football . .  how cool is that?!!

Jayden Phillip Turns 14!

Happy 14th to our oldest baby!
 Yes, this just happened.  He. Can. Drive.!!!! 

Happy Birthday to our driving teen!  Oh, the places he will go!

February Love

  Reunited with a Hot Tub this month!  Kerry can come up with a good surprise!  When the pool and spa guy knocked on our door one evening to see where we were putting the hot tub, I was a little surprised! (not how he planned it, but kinda funny!)  We have missed not having a hot tub, so we are happy to have one to enjoy again!
 Valentines Day par-tey time!  Just one Elementary Pittsboy is left to party with!  
 I don't know much about pokemon but we made one and it was a hit!
 3 of my sweethearts!

Vegas, Baby!  Kerry and I took off on a quick Vegas get away (another surprise!).  He's getting good at this surprise thing and he's always been good at planning trips! Thanks to Mom and Dad for handling our roost for the long weekend.

Welcome 2016

January was full of basketball games (no, none of the boys play . .  BUT, Kerry announces at the Jr. High, High School, heck - if there's a microphone he's probably got it, all games!) And the boys go and hang out at them - I probably should have gotten a picture of our announcer!  Besides not playing basketball, we celebrated the football season with a Jr. High football banquet. . . 

 And our Championship 6th grade players got recognized at a basketball game with game clips and Tshirts.

 We had a visit from our favorite Carolina girls
And we made it to the 100th day of school - complete with 100 year old Grandpa Evan!

Happy New Year and a HOTTY TODDY New Year!

We headed out for NOLA to celebrate the New Year and cheer on our REBS in the Sugar Bowl!
Lucky for us we got to stop off in Shreveport for a Pittstop on the way down and the way back!  

 We always have big fun in the Big Easy!

 We had great seats and the Rebs won of course!  The boys even got gloves that the players threw up to them following the game!  I officially have 3 Rebel Fans - in case anyone was questioning where their loyalty lies (I mean, we do live in Hog country!).  I think I even heard a Hotty Toddy rally cry from Kerry.

Happy Birthday Kyler Dell! 12!

Our Middle Man turned 12! 
 What better way to celebrate than to incorporate some Star Wars masks!
Happy Birthday to our independent, easy going, football loving, star wars fanatic, mathematician, noodle eating, lounge master, stellar student, sweetie pie - Kyler Dell! More celebration to follow! 

Merry Christmas to All

Cookies for Santa . . 

 Cousin love . . .
 Santa preps!

 Reindeer preps!
Morning glory . . 

Lots of giving!

A Grant County Christmas

Cousin love . . .
 Cousin silliness . . .
 more silly . . 
 Lots of giving . . .
 Lots of farm fun. . . 

We had a great celebration with our Pitts crew!  Merry Christmas!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Holly Jolly 2016

Since last year we were in a rent house - I wanted a big, live tree this year - well, I got it!  This is before it got trimmed . . .
 After a lot of trimming and carrying cut branches out of the house - we got the tree down to a manageable size - just perfect!
 We always like to compare the boys at their current age to the ornaments from when Kerry was their age.  It's so neat to see the resemblance! 
 This is just a random December day with the neighbors, somehow I got them to pose mid-game!

Jayden got to read to students at the Elementary School.  This picture made the school page and I thought it was so sweet!
 Sometimes, I like to just remember the simple times when we are all piled in the living room, eating on the couch and watching a movie together.
 Kyler and the 6th grade band performed a lively Christmas Concert!  We love listening to our trumpeter!

 May the force be with you!  We were there, decked out and ready on opening night!  Kyler and Kerry got there early and Kyler made the news!  The whole fam, pop and Bristen were there!  
 We had a little going away get together with the Millers - we are sad they are moving, but it's not far - so I am sure we will be seeing them!

 Evan's 3rd grade Christmas party!  

It's the most wonderful time of the year!