Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Spittin' Fire and Winnin' Games

The Spit Fires are on a roll!  We started the tournament on Monday night and are headed for the final Championship night!  Wahoo!  That means that since Monday, we have driven to Westville, OK EVERY night for games!  Tonight we had TWO games. . . the first of which went into TWO extra innings and WE WON and then played again (some tired boys!) and WON again!
 Talk about intense!  Kyler and his teammates have played GREAT!
 Tomorrow we have a 6:00 game and depending on wins could play THREE games in a row!  It is the finals so it is our last nights drive to Oklahoma!
Since Monday we have not gotten home til around 10:00 --- WAY past bedtime!  One more night and Kyler's season is complete -- come on Spit Fires!!!!

It's been fun and super exciting to watch these boys play, especialy #18!  What a great end to the season!  Of course, we are super missing Jayden this week too!  But glad that we have a little excitement going to keep us occupied!  We will keep SPITTIN' FIRE through tomorrow night!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

OmaGOSH . . OmaHOGS!

Oh yes we did!  We headed out spur of the moment to see the COLLEGE WORLD SERIES in Omaha, Nebraska and do a little Hog Callin'!  Jayden headed out with Pop and CiCi on Friday morning for Yellowstone and we just had to hit the road too!
 It was very exciting!  Finding tickets, the atmosphere, THE GAME!  I don't know who enjoyed it more, the boys or Kerry! 
 It's proabably the only baseball game I have intently watched and known exactly what was going on.  If I missed something, I just asked Kyler because he was very into it! We had 4 seats, but Evan ended up in someones lap the entire game . . . oh, well, he was the Birthday King after all!
In case you haven't noticed Kyler is anti-photos at the moment - hopefully it is a passing phase - if I am able to get a pic (and he dosen't delete it!) then he isn't very cooperative with his poseing!
 We spent both nights in Kansas City, MO.  Who knew that this GEM of a city was so close!  I loved it!  It's not very often that a sporting event trip ends up having some FAB shopping opportunities!  Really a neat area -- the Plaza . . . shopping gallore, neat atmosphere, fountains around every corner, cool restraurants and our hotel was right in the middle within walking distance to all.  I shopped while the boys hit the pool.
 We did lots of Kansas City dining. . . steak and seafood . . .
and of course Kansas City Bar-B Q on Father's Day.
 Kerry and Kyler at Jack Stacks on Fathers Day . .  so yum!!
And more dining!  A little room service for King Evan on his Birthday.  We had roomservice for Breakfast, shopped, swam and hit the road for Omaha and then post game- headed straight back for some late night swimming before the pool closed. . .  then, room service again for a late night (like 11pm!) steak dinner!  It was a fun little trip and I have a feeling we will be Kansas City bound again for a weekend getaway!


Happy 6th on the 6th Evan James!

place holder for Evan's B-day stuff.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bye to TBALL, Hello Lake!

Bye Bye Tball . .  til next year!  Evan's Cardinal team closed out their season this Saturday.  They had a game at 1:00 a celebration pizza party at our house and then another game at 4:00, ending with a Medal presentation!  A big day!  I think Evan may still be wearing his Medal :)
 The hot and sweaty team ate, drank, jumped on the trampoline and swing set, ran around and played air hockey.
We had to turn on a little Tom and Jerry and try to get at least some of them to cool off before game number 2!

 What a fun season!  One team season down and 2 to go!
 On Sunday we headed to the lakehouse for a little lake living before Pop and CiCi headed back south.
 Somehow, CiCi ended up on a 2 man kayak with 3 boys!
 And of course we closed it out with Watermelon on the deck!
Yep, it's SUMMER!

3 Little REBELS

The boys and I headed out last Sunday morning for Oxford, Mississippi . . . quite a drive with 3 football eager little boys let me tell you!  Our first stop in Oxford was Rebel Rags to get suited up in Ole Miss gear!  Then, to the original McAllisters - an Oxford MUST!

 We stayed on campus at the Ole Miss Inn.  It was great being right next to the Grove and easy access to the Union and Football facilities.  Jayden stayed with us - he was a commuter this year instead of staying in the dorm.  We rarely saw them though - his camp was from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm - this is the only time (the day before camp) that he got any pool action!
 Bright and early the first day of camp for registration and a peek at the Rebel team doing a little practicing!
 Kyler played a little pool in the players rec room and below is him in action as a "skin".
 NEVER during my years at Ole Miss could I have imagined that one day I would spend 4 days on campus and spend 99% of that time in the Athletic facilities!  We know the ins and outs of all the football facilites . . .from the rec rooms, IPF (Indoor Practice Facility), to the underground hallway to the Stadium.  I have seen more sweaty, shirtless boys smack talkin' and high fiving, walked on more astroturf, heard more whistles blowing and football lingo then I ever thought possible!  It's a boys world and I'm smack in the middle of it! Needless to say, I am in the need of some GIRL time really soon!
 Kyler and Evan hanging the GROVE.  Kyler told me this is where he wants to go to school :)!
 2 of my Champions!  (Jayden got his Champion pic last year)
 Jayden in the IPF
 Kyler and Evan and I spent our afternoons and nights watching the games on the field.  Kyler's camp was over at noon -- and Jayden liked for us to be there to watch his games.  It was pretty cool to watch!

 Guess which Pitts Boy this is???  It's Kyler - but about the only way to tell is that Jayden doesn't drink sodas! 
 Our view each evening . . .stadium lights and jumbotron going.
 Kyler ate breakfast each morning at the hotel before his camp . . . oatmeal and fruit.
What a great experience!  Both boys gained so much - and not just football skills!  I am so proud of both of them - they gave it their all and had a great time! This was Kyler's first Ole Miss football experience and I'm pretty sure he is ready to come back next year!  His camp had a videographer and he made the camp video several times and was so proud! Jayden's love is football -- from warm ups to game time he was front and center and fully engaged! ARE YOU READY?????  Heck yeh - the Pitts boys are!  3 Rebels in the making!