Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Avery's ONEderland

All things pink and ONEderful . . we love Miss Avery Anne!  Can't believe it's been a year already.  She loved her blinged up Cozy Coupe from Pop and CiCi - I know the Cozy Coupe was always a Pitts boy favorite too!  

 It was a perfectly girly party for Queen Been II, her cake digging was even dainty!
Happy Birthday Avery Anne!

Snow, Snow, Go Away . . We don't want to be in School after MAY!!

8 snow days and counting and it's just the beginning of January!  We had some fun "Christmasy" snow in December, beautiful ski-able snow in Colorado . .  I. Am. Done. My spring break dreaming might get the best of me!  No snow bum pics this go around, we didn't even venture out in it!

Finally, the boys have had a full week of school last week! No snow days! We are back to normal . .
Kyler's basketball season is in full swing!  Our honor roll boys pulled out another great 9 weeks!  It wasn't the easiest of nine weeks either . . . a rough November - I wasn't the most attentive to homework that month!,  lots of snow days and a Christmas break - but they still pulled off ALL A's for Jayden, ALL A's and B's for Kyler and ALL pluses for Evan!  WAHOO!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ski Bums: Breckenridge

Friday afternoon . . hmmm - lets go skiing!!!  Yes, lets do!  After acolyte duties on Sunday morning, this crew was loaded up and truckin'!  Colorado Bound!
 We spent the night in Colby, Kansas and were in Denver at Casa Bonita watching cliff jumpers by lunch on Monday!
 The boys went to ski school on Tuesday, while Kerry and I got to do some couples skiing!
Jayden rocked the slopes like an ole pro!

This kid made up for last trip - no strep and no altitude sickness this go around . .  time to board!

Well, a bit of a sad time for this one . .  this was what he looked like when we picked him up after a long day at ski school.

  . . and this is our youngest baby by 4:30 . .  yucky ole altitude sickness! Rough night for Evan!  But, guess who was ready for a breakfast buffet by Wednesday morning! Can't keep the kid down! It was also New Years Eve, but we had a sicky-- lucky for us the torch parade down the mountain and a SPECTACULAR fireworks show were literally right out our living room window!  Pretty cool!
We had fun hitting the town . .  dinner at Eric's.

 Pretty neat and great for Pitts boys to have an arcade at our resort and mini golf!  'Cause skiings just not enough??!

Back to the slopes!

 Our second day on the slopes was snowy with fresh powder!  Kerry and Evan . . .
 Kyler . . .

Evan . . . 
 Jayden . . .
 I mean . .  the stuffed animal wanted to board too!!
 After a day on the slopes . .  pool and hot tub time!
 There were about 10 hot tubs and a great indoor/outdoor pool to keep the Pitts boys water logged.
Final day on the slopes.  It was a "bluebird" day on the mountain (I heard a local say that!)  We all hit the slopes together . .  it was fun last day!

 Lesson learned: one must hold glove in mouth for selfies otherwise you end up skiing with one hand in your pocket to fetch a glove!

 I have such fond memories of our family ski trips through the years - from age 6 through highschool!  As Kerry has said, long after football, baseball and other sports are through, we can always ski together.  It's a great lifelong sport to love!

The Deck Doe

There is nothing like being woke up by your pajama wearing, whispering 11 year old that he is going to get his gun because he saw a deer in the yard while going to the bathroom! It was quite the excitement on Kyler's birthday morning -- boys tip toeing through the house to watch their brother in action.  Jayden sneaked onto the deck, took two shots and the doe was down!  
They got dressed to haul in their hunt . . but Jayden was quite proud that he made his first offical kill of the season in his pjs!

Maybe the Backyard Buck is next??

The BIG One, ZERO! Happy Birthday Kyler Dell!

Seems like just yesterday, we were bringing this bouncing baby boy home from the hospital in Arlington, Texas!  My how time flies!  You can take the boy outta Texas . . . He's still our Texas Cowboy!
Kyler enjoys having a post Christmas bday . .  he has Christmas money plus Birthday money, plus post Christmas sales!  And as an extra bonus, this 10 year got his very own iphone 5! He's quite the happy double digit boy!
He had a great day being King!  This King likes lounge days, trips to Toys r us and Best Buy, a visit from Pop and CiCi, Spaghetti, Pizza bread and chocolate lava cake! A celebration with friends is in his future. . . as soon as he decides the best way to celebrate!  Happy Birthday Kyler Dell!

Merry and Bright: Christmas 2013

It's time for the most wonderful birthday celebration of all!  
Kerry, Jayden and Kyler headed south a little early - they had an early Christmas present, guided duck hunt in Stuttgart to get to!  
 Looks like some serious hunting to me! The boys were sporting left over face paint all week!

Evan and I loaded up the 4 legged Pitts (which is quite the chore these days . .  iguana, leopard gecko, cat and dog!), gifts, and all the supplies needed for a 4 night Pitts departure. We headed south on Monday to meet up with the hunters in Sheridan.  Oh what fun it is . .  to celebrate with all the Pitts crews!  Good eating and giving!  
 Cousins . . .

We spent the night, did some four-wheelin' and dirt biking, loaded back up and headed to Arkadelphia on Tuesday.  Tuesday night we celebrated with Christmas Eve dinner . . .

 Annual Christmas pj opening . .  and family pic, and a few photo bombs . . 

Some pictures with our four-leggers . . .
 Story time with CiCi . . .
 The boys club during story time . . .
Preps for Santa . . .


 Time to Snooze and let Santa work his magic!  Our little sneaks set their alarm for 1:00, tiptoed downstairs and were caught mid sneak checking out the goods! 
 Santa delivered! The main wishes were granted Xbox One for Kyler, Hedgehog for Evan and Surface Pro 2 for Jayden!
 More giving and receiving . . 

Time once again to load up (lots more to load today!! -plus a new 4 legger!) say goodbyes and head on to our next stop!  Kerry and Kyler swung by East End to pick up Meme and bring her back to Carlisle to celebrate with our crew!  The boys did a great job of spreading out ALL their new stuff and resuming Christmas tornado status!  We played, spent the night, made our final load up of the Christmas trip and where Home bound on Thursday!  Wheh! Makes me tired just remembering it! Once home we AGAIN resumed Christmas tornado status!  
We are so thankful for time spent with each and every family member this season!  Papaw, Ninny, Uncle G, Aunt G, Morgan, Madison, Mim, Uncle Mike, Pop, CiCi, Auntie M, Uncle A and Avery!  
 Merry Christmas to ALL!