Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or TREAT!!!

We had a great night of treat or treating! Lots of candy was brought in by this crew!!

Auntie M joined in on the fun . . .

Our little Transformer was worn out!

This is the after . . . costumes and masks had been shed and we had lots of candy to show for it!

This is Evan doing some trading for his favorite candy . . .kit kats! Take a look at how many he has lined up and he is still trading!

Here is Kyler doing some wheelin' and Dealin'!

And Jayden MIGHT already be on a candy high!

A Saturday of FUN

We started off this Saturday with Basketball games -- I will be doing one big Basketball post as the season comes to a close. Kerry and Kyler left for the Razorback game early so they could do some tailgating and just looked who they ran into!!

That's right! Here they are with Matt Jones and Jonathan Luigs!

What a HOG fan!

While they were away we did some relaxin at the house before heading to Jayden's football teams Halloween party!

Here is Evan hanging out . . check out his shirt, "coolest little brother"!

Jayden sped around on the dirt bike . . .
Then, we headed out to the Halloween party!

The coach presented each player with their trophy and told a little about each of them as a player . . . He said that Jayden started out having difficulty listening and focusing (no shocker!) BUT -by the end of the season NO ONE got around him and that he could do anything he put his mind to . . .I AGREE!!

There was a hayride . . .Jayden is behind the sword in this pic . . it was a little crazy! The boys were chanting "GOBLINS//GOBLINS//" - that was their team name -- how fitting!

Then they bobbed for apples - check out the champ of bobbing!

Kyler and Kerry made it for part of the party (they didn't last the entire game).

The Transformer bobbed!

and Kyler bobbed! Me Kyler and Evan went ahead and headed home (it was 9:00 afterall!) and left Kerry and Jayden to close down the party!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Fun!

Kerry spent the day at Pop Williams Elementary today! He had pumpkin carving with Kyler's class. . .

And Pumpkin carving with Jayden's class!

On Thursday, Evan got to dress up in his costume for school! This little transformer was not being real cooperative for picture taking!

I did manage to get this one, but he was moving (maybe Transforming . .? . ) so it's a little blurry.

And I just HAD to get some of that pink sparkly hair paint! (I hope it washes out like it said!)

There is more Fun to come! We have Halloween party Saturday night, Razorback Football game, and of course Trick or Treating! Bring on the SUGAR!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Sneak Peek . . .

We just couldn't wait til this weekend to debut the costumes! So here's a little sneak peek!
At some point I just gave up on the theme costumes -- they always each have their own idea of what they want to be -- so I just let them BE!
Jayden is going for something SCARY this year! Kyler's costume makes me want to pop in a dvd of Michael J. Fox in TEEN WOLF! and Evan's is just a sign of the time in our home -- transformers gallore!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Remember Summer. . . ?

Warm weather, sunshine, swimming, turtle hunting, relaxing by the pool . . .? We tried to have one last weekend of "summer" this weekend. . .it was 85+ degrees after all! The pool was a little chilly!!

Kyler Cannonballed in the pool right off the bat and came out a little shocked! But, that didn't stop these crazy Pitts' boys! Saturday night Jayden and Kyler both cannonballed FOUR TIMES!

Kerry thinks we must have surely broke some sort of condo record - I mean October 17th and in the pool!!

They turtle hunted as well - and caught 2!

Played a little football! It took all of 2 plays before a game of "2 hand touch" turned into TACKLE!

And we spent the afternoon in Arkadelphia running around doing "treasure hunts"!

We had a fun little last minute getaway - we ended with dentist appts with Dr. Deal today on our way home, so the boys will have a short week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We got a Dirt Bike . . what?!

That's what I am saying today! Yesterday, I was down and out - a little 24 hour bug got the best of me . . during my vacay in bed I slightly remember hearing . . dirt bike . . .safer than four wheeler. . blahblah blah . . . going to look . . . " My reply was, yeah whatever, I'm going back to sleep. Jayden woke up this morning to say that he was "feelin the need for speed" and SOOOO very excited about their new dirt bike!

Surprisingly, I am actaully okay with all this dirt bike business -- It is a pretty independent activity - when compared to boys piling on a 4-wheeler- possibility of one falling off, etc -- anyway - it's probably I good thing I wasn't completely coherent yesterday because it saved me some wishy washing and saved the boys some convincing!

Kyler isn't super comfortable on it and is still in the learning process, but I think he will be making laps around the house like Jayden before long!

Jayden feels like the luckiest kid ever! He fell asleep last night reading the instruction manual!
And Evan --- is just happy with his NEW Hot Wheels bike - no motor needed:)!

Some Fall STUFF going on!

Last weekend Kerry went to the Arkansas/A&M game in Dallas and had a great little Guys Getaway--while he was away, the boys and I had some fall fun and chillaxed!

Kerry and John at the stadium . . .

On Saturday, CiCi joined us for Soccer and Jayden's last football game and what we thought was Kyler's last game, however we later realized Kyler has 2 more games to go! No pics of that action because I had my photographer there (AKA CiCi)!

The boys wanted a practice run on their carving skills so some pumpkins we carved!

3 little Pumpkins:)

Bahahahaha! Scary, huh!

The rest of the time was spent chillaxin! Look at these sweet boys reading together, awhhh!

And it wouldn't be a weekend if there wasn't some creature captured -- look what Kyler found in the yard!