Monday, June 29, 2015

Pitts Keys Trip: Hawks Cay Days

AHHH. . . here it is.  Paradise Found!  The Pitts crew joined up with the Deal crew and found our Paradise the first week of summer vacation!
 The boys headed off on a private jet to meet me in Marathon for our first Keys stop off of the trip . . . Hawks Cay Resort.
 Jet Setters.

Meanwhile in Key West. . . That's right, I got a one night stop off at the Reach and got to island hop in style to pick up the boys.

These boys ride good in a Mustang Convertible . . who needs a suburban?!

 4 days/nights of Island life at Hawks Cay. . . .

 Fish tacos poolside.
 Pina Colada's poolside . . .
 Hot wings poolside . . gosh, I didn't realized we ate so much poolside!!
 Bikes to see the grounds and Duck Key Island.

 It wouldn't be a Pitts vacay if we didn't run into someone famous, now would it?! We heard we missed Beonce' last week, darn it . . but we met up with Captain Wild Bill from Deadliest Catch.
 Rock, Paper, Scissors for a game of hide and go seek lagoon side.

 The boys took a fishing trip one day to catch our dinner.
 And their off!
 Happy Fishermen!
 We had the restaurant cook the catch! Yellow tail snapper is one of my new favorites!
 It's time to depart Hawks Cay and head south to Key West!  A limo ride and Burger King, Key West here we come!

Friday, June 12, 2015

So Long School Year!

School day mornings of dropping off Pittsboys at THREE different schools has come to a close! The last 6 weeks of school have been cram packed full of activities and we are welcoming SUMMER!
 5th graders at field trips . .  I love getting selfies from my boys!
  . . . even when they get a little crazy!
 The bunnies got check ups . . .
  . .  and a new set-up!  
 You can usually find a Pittsboy hanging in the bunny pen.  
 Field day . .Kyler's class won the overall competition! whoop! whoop! Yes, his hair is red, and yes that is war paint. Serious stuff, ya'll!
 We are still settling in to the house - in between hosting parties, I made a quick trip to Kansas City IKEA to grab some new furniture  .  . it's my new favorite store! The new couch is Pittsboy approved!
 Kerry, Jayden and I ran in our first Trail Run (8K . .  that's five miles ON. A. TRAIL.  I will never do one again and I don't think Kerry will either . .  Jayden, however LOVED it and we are super proud of him!  It was his first real race to be in and did awesome! 

 2nd grade field day!
 A night at the movies!  Opening night of Avengers and we took TWELVE boys ages 8-13 and then had a sleep over.  We should have called it someones birthday party, because it was quite the Friday night! 
 There was no getting a group picture . .  but the younger boys posed for me!
 These boys are gearing up for swimming . . .
 The boys put together a little ditty with Marcus with some island music . . .
 We also ended the school year with some steller students! Awards for honor rolls, of course!  Honestly, our hearts were already on vacation before the last week of school was up . . we get to kick of this summer with a week in the KEYS and we can't wait!