Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Weekend of Lake Living!

We headed to Hot Springs to spend an extented weekend at the condo. When we got there we got to spend the day with Gart, Angie and girls! The boys loved getting to spend time with their cousins. As Jayden said, "this is the best day of my life!"- that was following an exciting boat trip, complete with tubing with Uncle G, the girls and boys (no moms involved!) On Sunday, CiCi and Pop joined us for some boating and some condo time, due to a rain storm. Sunday night the entire Pitts crew plus a friend (Jackson) went to the movies to see "G-Force". Evan didn't make it through the entire movie (which is no surprise -- he has NEVER made it through a movie! but I thought THIS would be the time!) Evan and Kerry escaped for some ice cream mid movie! Kyler, Jayden and Jackson LOVED the movie and as the boys say, "that was AWESOME!" On Monday Jayden went to Magic Springs with his friend, Jackson and had a BLAST and even won 3 stuffed animals! Apparantly we have an expert water gun and dart player because I have never won anything and he won 3! Kyler got to go to the dollar store, putt-putt golf with Kerry, boat rides and swimming while Jayden was gone. As for Evan, he swam, napped and boated! That evening we took the boat to dinner and the boys got to feed turtles, catfish and ducks while we waited on our food. It was a great mini vacation - trying to get as many of those in as we can before school starts!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Boys only days

This past Friday Mom came to NWA and picked me up and took me to the lake house for some recovery time. Mom and Dad kept the boys for a few days after my surgery while Mim took care of me-- I was pretty worthless those days, but by Friday was starting to feel more normal! I got to do a little shopping, alot of resting, and some good eating! While I was enjoying all this-- my boys were taking over the house! These are things they enjoyed. . .

A trip to the Gentry Zoo(check out the pics!)

As the boys say, "playing WILD" - per Kyler this included watching wrestling (which I do not allow!) and then practicing their moves on Daddy!

Food prepared "Daddy Style"- this means that for the next week everything from cinnamon toast to sandwhiches will be requested "daddy style" and I can NEVER replicate Kerry's "style".

Bike riding - complete with road rash on Jayden and quite a story --I have seen the reinactment and it wasn't pretty!

Needless to say it may take time to get my boys back into the normal swing of things and I have to shift them back to Mommy Style!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach photo shoot

Trying to get our "party of five" to cooperate for a photo shoot . . . here is what we got. I will also have a family shot, taken by Shelly - but haven't gotten them from her yet. There is also a group shot of the whole Florida gang!

Last days of Beach Bummin'

Trying to soak up the sun, for these last days of beach life! That cool conch was found by Cici, picked up by Maddie and LOVED by the boys! The boys were sad to see the conch go, but knew he had to go back to his family on our last day. Jayden also got pinched (drew blood!) by a huge sand crab they caught the night before. Of course Kyler enjoyed popscicles beach side, just like at home! As you can see by the running pictures - we had no problems following the "no running" rule by the pool! (ha!) And last but not least - check out merman Kyler!

Beach Bums Day. . . what day is it?

The sign of a true beach bum, not knowing the day! Here are some more pics of beach life... we are thinking we could handle this 24/7!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beach Bums: Days 3 and 4

Not much to say about these days, just being BEACH BUMS! Also, added in some night life -- crabbing! The pic of all the kids (minus Jayden who is in his bed
right next to them) is the Hangout in Morgan and Maddie's room. Jayden indroduces them not as his "cousins" but as his "roommates". He's so proud that he is sharing a room with the big girls. Kyler and Evan are improving their water skills so much - it is amazing how much better they get everyday! We are having a blast!