Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jumping into SUMMER :)

We had a great time jumping into summer and celebrating Memorial Day at the Lake this weekend!Jayden, Evan and I had headed up on Tuesday after school to do some condo remodeling while Kyler and Kerry stayed in NWA for work and bball (and some special fun stuff for Kyler!).  By Friday the whole gang was reunited and in full lake mode! 
 When not in the pool or on the dock the boys could be found playing a game of wiffle ball or freeze tag with new and old condo friends on the lawn.

Here's Frydaddy himself!  He boiled shrimp, fried shrimp and catfish and made his new specialty crab cakes, yum!  Not to mention our Memorial Day dinner on Sunday night . . . steak with sauteed mushrooms and crab and berinaise sauce - and daddy fries -- a real Daddy Style Meal!
 Lots of Loungin' went on!
 . . . .And surfin' and turtle hunting and endless games of Sharks and Minows and Marko Polo could be heard poolside!

Fireworks were on Sunday night . . . Kerry, Kyler and Evan saw the works by boat . . . Jayden preferred viewing by land.
 We found the perect spot in the front parking lot - couldn't beat our view (unless you were in the boat with our other half!)  Jayden told me fact upon fact about World War I and II - that kid is like encyclopedia - he loves his history books!

Kyler and Evan watching by water!  Well, folks -- let SUMMER begin!  Happy Memorial Day!  We are back in Fayetteville and gearing up for a week of baseball games and prepping for Ole Miss football camp next week!

Monday, May 21, 2012

May Days

Here are some of our May Day happenings . . .
Celebrations:  Kerry turned 37 and got to celebrate with a little family surprise party (Pop, CiCi, Aunti M, Adam and Pitts' crew).  Miranda and I spent the day before Mothers Day celebrating with our Momma - shopping and lunch - the things we do best! And I got to spend Mother's Day with my traditional "surprise" IHOP delievery, my fav paper sections laying beside my french toast and HGTV on the tube!  Oh, and the cutest cards you ever did see!  Do my boys know me or what!
A continuation of baseball . . . and a beginning of Evan's Tball.  It doesn't get more cute than a team of Kindergarteners and soon to be Kindergartners playing in the dirt and looking through their gloves!
Evan has gotten to try out many positions - catcher is always a kiddo fav -- that gear is just too cool!

News Alert:  Evan sweated.  Yes, following his first exhausting Tball game - he pointed out that he even sweated!  This is what a newby Tballer looks like. . .
A quick Hot Springs trip for Evan and I.  Like, a less than 24 hour one.  This is as far in the pool as Evan got - it was cloudy, the water was cold and we weren't there for leisure!

Kyler on first, prepping to round 2nd . . . this was following his glance at me to get his post hit thumbs up. . .  we have signals:)

Just your average after school activity . . . spectators at the TIMBER show

Kerry cut down three trees in the backyard and the boys were right on que with their "TIIIMMMBBBEERRR" for all three!

The boys and Snoopy.  That is one loved little hamster let me tell you!  (makes me quite sad, because as I type Jayden is mourning . .  Snoopy is on his final moments)

Hanging with a Sheridan crew in Fayetteville!  Sheridan went to the State finals and played here at Baum Stadium - Uncle G, Morgan and 2 friends drove up to cheer them on.  We went to the game as well and then ate lunch.
Table side activities included thumb wars, arm wrestling and magic tricks!

Back to baseball . . . this is today prior to an out of town game.  Jayden has a little break in bball - not another game til TUESDAY.  Jayden, Evan and I are Hot Springs bound tomorrow afternoon.  I have to deliver an oven and meet with the granite guy.   Kerry and Kyler will be staying here for Kyler's game on Thursday night - then they will meet up with us on Friday.  I can see SUMMER from here!

Goodbye BonBon Dreams

I always try to document last days just like the firsts  . .  Not only was today the final full school day for Jayden as a 4th grader and Kyler as a 2nd grader, it was also my last official day as a stay at home Mom and Evan's last full day of ruling the roost *tears* boo hoo!
And this is how it ended -- just a typical day:

MORNING: Woke the boys up at 6:35, fixed coffee, packed 2 lunches, made breakfast, told the boys to get dressed (at least 2 times, prob. 3!), put their socks on them -- Yes, as they lay on "their" couches in the living room dressed for school and watching cartoons I put their socks on their big boy feet! I asked Jayden if he was going to let me put his socks on him when he was 16, he just smerked.  They put their own shoes on and everything else - but for some reason - socks are all mine:)  It makes me take notice of just how big they are -- I mean those are some man feet on those boys!  Then we are out the door and headed for school.

DROP OFF: Me in my jammies and Evan in his - we head to Ledbetter to drop off Jayden, then on to the next stop - Williams to drop off Kyler. Today, Evan wants pancakes - usually I have some homemade ones in the freezer- but I am out of egg replacer (dreading going to the hippy store to pick it up) so we wheel through McDonalds -- I mean he's ruling the roost today for his final time!

HOME DUTIES (take 1):  At home I do a mad dash pick up, make beds, fold and do two loads of laundry, get dressed and hit the road to get errands done.

ERRANDS:  We HAVE to get an oven today for the condo because we leave tomorrow - so to Springdale we go!  I have been pricing these things for weeks and THANKFULLY there it is, in stock and it fits in my car - wahoo! Small prob - (after it's loaded) - I am suppossed to pick up 2 extra kids today after school and I now have an oven taking up my entire third row seating!  Quick panic call to Brittney and arrangements for Payson and Jayden are made, disaster overted!

JR LEAGUE:  Onto next duty - Jr. League . . . to Rogers we go!  I buy a surpluse of shampoos (like 100), 50 blankets and an assortement of sizes in childrens shorts and shirts (one full buggy let me tell you!).  Load all THAT in my car, then to the JL storage unit to unload all THAT! wheh! DONE and still within my pre-set time limits for the day!

MORE ERRANDS: Now, back to Fayetteville we go!  Quick stop off at Harps to grab stuff for dinner and after school snacks, and chocolate milk and finally back home we are! 

HOME DUTIES (take 2):  Unload groceries, get some food in Evan (it's after 1:00 afterall !), switch out laundry AGAIN, vaccuum the carpet, load the dishwasher, wipe down counters, dust in living room, sweep and mop the floors, clean toilets (I live with 4 boys - it MUST be done daily) - it's 2:15 now - load Evan back in the car, head to the carwash, vaccuum the tator tots out of the back seat and head to Williams to pick up Kyler and his friend Drew.
PICK-UP:  Now, a second to breathe - because I get to sit in the car riders line for a minute. . . the perfect time to call the granite guy, book CoCo for boardng this weekend and send an email about the delivery for Jr. League. 

BACK HOME:  after school snacks in kids, Brittney drops off Jayden and Payson, Jalee plays for bit before they head home, 5 boys eating, playing inside and out, grabbing popcicles, drinks and cookies . . . cook dinner (Tacos, because boys have baseball tonight), take Drew home, Kerry, Jayden and Payson leave for bball game.

Now -- darn it -- WHEN am I suppossed to eat bon bons and watch soap operas:)!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Photos Spring 2012

Remeber the photo session we had before Easter?  Well, here are the pics!  I have had them for a while, just haven't taken the time to load them. They are absolutely all my favorites!  And this isn't even all of them!  Love, Love, Love them! 

On Dickson . . .

I love that we were able to get pics taken at our church!

I mean how cute are these boys?! Love!

 The true Pitts -- some shoes have been shed, Evan is being a monkey, boys have gone ape, Kerry thinks it's funny, and I don't know what to do:)!


Thank you Meredith Curtis for a great photo session and capturing US!