Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Sum-up, Hello March

It's been a wild few weeks, anything less than wild would just be out of the norm for the Pitts anyway!  Here are some random pics showing some Pitts tid bits . . 
I found this after the last snow sitting on Evan's bed. It's the nasty stuffed animal Evan rescued from the flip house down the street - I wouldn't allow it in the house, so he found a spot for it in the woods.  Now, here it is patched up and getting some love.  How sweet is that Evan of ours? Patching him up - he just can't stand to not let him be a loved Pitts stuffed animal . . such a tender hearted little guy!
  . . and well these angels . . need I say more?
Guess who shares a bday with Lincoln? A great day to have lunch with my sis and a little celebratin' 
Just in the nik of time . .  we needed a little Lower Arkansas trip.  It was stressful getting there- leaving the house ready to show, packing pets and pitts gear, animals to board - but we made it and it ended up being relaxing and just what I needed to get my stress level and new heart electrical system calmed down! We started off with the reason for the trip -- to see Morgan dance at her last senior basketball game.  It was good to see our other Pitts crews!
Of course, we worked in some Pitts Cattle Company time!
And the boys got in some time at the Arkadelphia house and time with Pop and CiCi - no pics, because Kerry and I were at the races and getting to have a night to chill at the condo - much needed!  The Pitts crew was able to come back and start up a new week, relaxed and chilled :)
A little lunch date with my Middle Man after his ortho appointment on Monday. . .
An Avery day on Wednesday . . 
This right here (pic below) . .  totally made me long for a 4th child . . I mean how presh is that?!

She just blends right in . . observing the action, as the boys carry on as usual.  We ended our Avery day with dinner with Auntie M at Red Robbin - we were both husbandless for the week.  Did I mention that Kerry has been going to Memphis- leaving Monday nights and returning Thursday evenings? He is getting things going with the Memphis branch and he has been a traveling fool and super busy!  
This guy - got awarded Student of Month!  We are super proud of him! We headed straight from the ceremony to Chick-fil-a to celebrate!
And why - have I done a marathon of blog posts today . .  snow days of course - headed into our 3rd one of this week.  Kyler came in from some outside play - just a fussing at the ground hog - saying it was supposed to be SPRING not WINTER . . like mother, like son!  If we didn't already have  a lot for the new house - I might be tempted to just get one in Florida!  :) just kidding . . kind-of.  Let us March into March!

Home is Where the Heart Is

 . .  and for almost 8 years. .  our home and heart have been here!  It's official, the sprucing is done, the clutter is calmed and the sign is up!  Seems like yesterday I was 8 months preggo and we were moving in with 2 toddlers - and here we are with a 7, 10 and 12 year old!

 This deck has earned it's keep.  We have spent a good percentage of that 8 years right here . . . having cozy coupe races in circles, eating dinners, kiddie pools and water hose fights  and now to hot tubbin'.  
Thank goodness for Dad to the rescue - we needed his picky eye and fix-anything abilities` from paint to plumbing to woodwork!  I'm stressed just thinking about it - glad it's DONE! Although, it's not a piece of cake keeping all this "show ready" -- There's not much I can fix about 3 rowdy boys, lots of snow days and luckily LOTS of showings!  I mean life does have to go on . . laundry, muddy shoes, pets, cooking, eating and 4 boys who can't hit the toilet . .  you get the picture!
**side note - when we show the house (it took me two showings to figure this out!) I put the cat and dog in my car.  1st showing - on way to Rogers - cat POOPS in the car (disgusting smell, let me tell you!).  2nd showing - 2 minutes out of the driveway - cat POOPS in the car.  (more disgusting this time!). THEN, we learn when we take to board him last weekend that he was a rescue kitten and was found locked in an abandoned truck at Taco Bell . .  how guilty do I feel for being mad at the poor car - who was obviously traumatized by the CAR! We have a new system for Waldo during showings now, thank goodness that got worked out! yuk!

2333 has been a great address for the Pitts family all these years and I know it's going to have the heart of another family soon!


How can it be?  Twelve? He seriously was this little guy . .  like, just yesterday!
Jayden's special day was thrown in the midst of Valentines day craziness and house-on-the-market stress, craziness . .  we of course made time for the Birthday KING!  He shopped at Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Finish Line, Game Stop and Champs and of course he picked his Birthday dinner . . Lasagna, salad, broccoli cheese soup and apple pie for dessert!

This Birthday King will be celebrating with friends at Embassy Suites soon!  He is one energetic, spirited, fun-loving, funny, smart, athletic TWEEN and I can't wait to see what this year brings!

Crazy Love

Valentines Day!  Full of red, pink, hearts, hugs, parties, sweets . .  lots of work for mommas! When did Valentines day become a week long chore ending in a day of hectic school parties, lush loving pancake breakfasts and taxi cabbing kids to their loving events???  I've got some handsome Valentines and lots of love, though, so who can complain!
 The morning of . .  sporting their Valentines boxes, 30 custom V-day cards EACH, girlfriend gifts (yes, I just said that!) and treats for classmates and parties.  
 Check out the hedgehog!  Boy the oatmeal container v-day box idea has morphed from Jayden's shark in Kindergarten, to an Iguana, Alligator and now the hedgehog for Evan!
My boys are going to become Men who expect treats upon waking and Valentines strawberry pancake breakfast with love notes. . .  sorry future wives of Pittsboys!
 Oh, but then their sweetness comes out . .  the week before (this boy doesn't wait til the last minute!) sweet Evan was coloring this card and picking out a box of chocolates for his sweetheart :)! 
 Jayden is "taken" this year (per his instagram status).  I didn't get a pic of his stuff - but he showered his "love" with a cute cup filled with chocolates and Starbucks gift card (b/c she loves Starbucks).  Future Pittsboys wives . .  you can thank me later for teaching them the trick of thoughtful gifts!  It's a lot of pressure being the Mom of 3 boys and making sure they treat their ladies, right!  I could leave it up to Kerry . . but let's face it, although he's gotten pretty good at major holidays - it took us a while to get here :).
 Mario, I mean Kyler - is single this year.  I mean, really this is the first year Jayden has shown ANY interest - so it's no shocker that Kyler is more into the Valentines day games! Let's not be rushing into anything, anyway . .  he's always got his momma :) (insert eye rolling from Kyler)
Kyler's vday party was full of games and lots of food he can't have - but I was on hand with options for my boy!  He had a fun day . . and got to end it with a bunking party with friends!
 Even though Evan claims to have a sweetheart. . . I'm pretty sure I still have his heart, too! He's my baby after all!
 Ice cream sundaes and pictures with friends!
Can you tell we gave out the "Have a Fan-tache-tic V-day" cards again?! Always a crowd fav!

No pics of Jayden's festivities - no parties in middle school :(.  He did however have a karaoke night at the school that we dropped him off at while me, Kerry and Evan went out to dinner before picking him back up.(Kyler was already at his bunking party).  Did I mention that Dad was in the midst of prepping my crazy Valentines Day grand central station- house for listing?!!   I am lovin' all this love . . but kinda glad this crazy day is in the books!