Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow My Gosh!

Well, here we are again . . . playing in the snow. How cute are those little boys working together to build a snowman . . .awhhh. I was hard at work shoveling snow off the deck (didn't make much progress) - but, move over elipitical - I have found a new workout!

We did some crafts too. . . but don't let these sweet pictures fool you -- it's not all hot cocoa and snow angels around here . . WE. ARE. STIR. CRAZY!!!

I am longing for that routine we used to have. . .but can't quite remember what it's like! I have mopped my floors twice today and if you walked in my house right now . . . you would think I hadn't done them in a week! And don't even look in the boys rooms. . .I think some toy bins exploded in there! All I can say is SNOW MY GOSH!!! -- I can't wait for that sunshine and those warmer temps!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Crazy, Recordbreaking SNOW!

All I can say is WOW!! Final count is 22 inches!! Just shy of 2 feet of snow! UNBELIEVABLE! Plus, the temperature this morning when we woke was -17! Yes, NEGATIVE 17 - that's not the windchill either!

We ventured out yesterday afternoon and this was Wedington . . .they were saying only 4wd vehicles needed to attempt the roads and police were not able to get around in their patrol cars.

This is what happened to cars. . . we saw many snow banked ones.

How pretty is "crawdad creek"?! One thing is for sure, this is the prettiest snow EVER!

Needless to say, boys are out of school . . we are raking up some serious snow days! Maybe we will venture out for some playing when it warms up a tad bit! Kerry and Jayden are currently in route to Rogers to pick up auntie M's dogs and drive her and Louise to the airport for her Birthday trip to sunny LA! (not sounding so bad right now) For now we are just trying to stay warm and not go stir crazy:)!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Powdered like a Donut!

We woke up this morning to 10plus inches of snow, by 9:00 we were looking at 14 and now it's up to 17 inches . . and STILL SNOWING! This is crazy!! It is absolutely beautiful!

This is the fluffiest snow . . . it's like powdered sugar.

There is more playing in this winter wonderland to come, but for now, we have had our first little outing and are warming by the fire.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow:)!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Livin' on Tulsa Time

We headed for Tulsa on Friday around noonish -- about the time our already bad roads were getting pounded with more snow! The roads were horrible!!! It took us 3 and a half hours to get there -- usually an hour and a half drive! The interstate was like a gravel road with ice and snow -- I now am so thankful for Fayetteville's road crews -- they are so good about plowing and graveling and salting -- Oklahoma roads had not seen a plow!!

We had a great time being snowed in! The only guests at the hotel were those that were actually snowed in . . . and us! We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant and they took great care of us and made special things for Kyler. Our room was perfect - the boys had their own room with play area and bathroom and we had our own attached room -- plus, of course we did lots of swimming and hot tubbin'!

Then, on Saturday night I went to my very first (and very last!) Monster Truck Jam. It was loud (even with ear plugs), it was slow moving (I was expecting constant action) and it was REDNECK!

Poor Evan stayed like this ---(hands over his ears - even with ear plugs) the entire time he was there! Me, Kyler and Evan jetted back to the hotel only an hour into it and left Jayden and Kerry to enjoy---and they did -- Jayden thought it was awesome!

We headed back home on Sunday afternoon and got ready for our little family super bowl party.
All we need is some sausage balls, chips and dip, pizza and pancakes (I know -- weird combo - but it was requested so it was made!)and a party it is! To top it off -- Jayden lost his tooth right after half time:)!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I think our hibernation could be best compared to a roller coaster ride . . . It's fun . It's exciting. You don't know when it will end. And - every now and then you throw your hands up and SCREAM!
Sorry for the lack of snow buddy pics - but this crew hasn't participated in any snow activites --too darn cold! We took a family ride in the midst of all this blizzard coming down. Here is Kerry loading up the kiddos . . .

This was 540 as we headed to Block Buster on Tuesday -- and this was just the beginning! Wind, Snow, Sleet . . .still can't see the streets!

This is our house today -- check out the shoveled walk way -- go Kerry (that's what you call stir crazy - when shoveling sounds fun!) This isn't the best pic to show the conditions - we are on day 3 -still no school tomorrow- with 3 more system headed our way. The boys haven't even asked to go sledding -- FRIGID out there! Thank you Fayetteville Athletic Club for opening the doors for us stir crazy inactives! The boys have gotten to run around in the maze and gym, hang in the hot tub and pool and let out some of this energy!

Evan's room has become the movie room for this hibernation period . . .he has upper and lower seating options:). If you are wondering why Kyler has a bandaide on his face - just a minor set back from one of many brotherly scuffles.

Here is Jayden relaxing in the movie room. We have a stack of movies and new Wii games to keep this crew entertained.
Right now, we have Tulsa on our mind -- that's right -- there is a hotel room, pool and hot tub with our name on it for Friday and Saturday nights and a Monster Truck Ralley calling our name!!! Keep your fingers crossed this Party can make it through tomorrows snow and return before Sunday's system!