Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So Long to Vacay!

We finished up our final night with a photo shoot.  Oh - how we all love the "no pressure" photo shoot! I don't have our family pics or the individuals of the boys - these are just the ones I got with my phone . . so I bet there will be more to come!

 We told the boys they could jump in the pool in full pic attire at the end.  They had strict insturctions to all jump when I said "go" . . . Evan jumped a little prematurly!

 What better way to say bye to vacay than a final family dinner out . . with some materpiece artwork done tabletop!

Bye Bye summer vacay 2012!  It was a great time!  We left NWA on Friday, June 29th . . had some days of beach life with Aunti M, then Pop, CiCi and Mim joined for our final week and returned on Saturday July14th.  Lots of Fun.  Lots of Relaxing.  Lots of Sun.  :)

More Florida Life

Iv'e got lots of pics . .  I mean we were there for 2 whole weeks and really just became Florida Bums - not just Beach Bums! 
Kerry and Kyler sailed for a day of fishing one day.  Kyler is our little fisherman!  Boy did they reel them in!  HUGE fish!  They were gone most of the day - I think they had a great time!

 Take a look at the size of these Red Snappers! They are delicious too!  We fed 8 while in Florida and still have a freezer full for later! yummo!

What's a boy to eat following 10 days of seafood eating and counting . . .  PIZZA of course!
 FRONT PAGE of the local section of the Pensacola Newspaper . . . The Pitts! We went to the Aviation Museum - a yearly trip - this year there was a new exhibit and we were the FRIST ones in -- they interviewed Jayden and Kerry and both were quoted in the article - there is also a second picture of us all on the second page!  Kyler isn't pictured because he was with Pop.  Really wasn't thinking when we left on a rainy morning for the museum that we would be in the paper! crazy!
CiCi found a cool aquarium on Dauphin Island for us to explore one day (Pop was motorcycling).  We traveled by Ferry!  Super cool!

 Leave it to Pop to find the coolest beach toy EVER!  I see lots of treasure hunting in our future!  Ahh the excitement of finding a quarter 4 inches deep in the sand!
 More beach bummin'
 More pool bummin'

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Days . .

The SEAL team Pitts - prepared for departure to the sand bar . . .

Evan a sudden storm is exciting on the beach . .  watching the wind swirl chairs into the pool and sway the palm trees.
Fireworks beachside . .  Happy Fourth of July!  Auntie M was there to watch with us!

The Homemade beach chair - a Pitts boy original!
Evan built his all by himself!
Jayden and I worked together on ours.
Kerry, Jayden and Aunti M at Wolf Bay Lodge for Din Din.
Our three little monkeys!
Exploring sealife with CiCi by kayak!

 Oh yes we can dig some holes in the sand!

 Surfer Mim! 
 Kerry and Jayden prepping to cook Kyler and Kerry's catch from their fishing trip (pics in another post of that action!)
 Night time crabbing.
 Kerry doin' business . . poolside!
The crew at din din . .  Mim and Kerry are in there too just can't see them real good!
We are still vacationing strong!  We started our trip just the Pitts and in the last week and half had gotten to bum it up with Auntie M and now Pop, CiCi and Mim are bummin' with us to finish our vacy up! Only 3 short days left as Beach/Condo/Pool Bums :(!