Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Evan's first day of JUMPSTART!

Anatomy of a pre-schooler: whatever clothes mommy layed out for me this morning (isn't that nice - he just wears whatever I put out!- I will enjoy it while I can), new light up sketchers just like his big brother Kyler's, Transformer lunch box (which he has been carrying around for weeks!), his backpack, and of course his BINK!

Evan will be going to the Jumpstart program at our Athletic Club (FAC) on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I work. This will be his first time for anything like this, because up until now he has had a sitter at the house. He is very excited about it!

He was sooo cute! All he has talked about since Jayden and Kyler started school is going to his "school" and most importantly--- the SLIDE! Finally, the day has come and he gets to go to HIS school! He jumped right in with the other kids. He is the smallest one in there (gotta love those Mommy height genes!) Kerry dropped by mid day to drop off some soy milk (I forgot to pack some!) and Kerry wanted an excuse to peek anyway! He said he was soooo cute! Kerry was afraid he would want to leave with him, but not a problem, Evan just gave him knucks on his way by as he passed him in line! What a big boy!

When I picked him up he was still doing great! He was so tired that he fell asleep on the way to pick up Jayden and Kyler. He sang, slid, and played -- I think he likes it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jayden's First Day of 2nd Grade!

Anatomy of a 2nd Grader: plain black- but cool lunch box, GI Joe t-shirt with plaid shorts, sling over backpack (in blue, his favorite color), and last but not least - skater boy nike tennis shoes.

He had a great day! The morning even went well! If you knew me as a child, then you can compare Jayden's normal morning mood to mine back then! He was such a help to Kyler and was his "best buddy". After dropping Kyler off at his room, we scurried behind Jayden (who I think may have been trying to loose us!). You don't really hang out in the big kid hall, so it was pretty uneventful - just left him at the door and let him do his thing!
When I picked them up he was sporting a "super job" sticker for good behavior! And his first words were that he was "chased by a dozen girls at recess!" Good start to the 2nd grade: good behavior and girls chasing you!

Kyler's First Day of Kindergarten!

Anatomy of a Kindergartener: Bakugan lunch box, "scary" shark shirt, sling over backpack (which he reported that he was the ONLY kid in kindergarten with a sling over --only big kids have them!), and last but not least - light up Sketcher tennis shoes- which he just HAD to have.
He had a great first day! My first worry was getting him to get dressed in the morning, you know, he's my little hippy child --would rather stay in jammies or nude all day! But - he took it upon himself to get dressed this morning and was ready to go!
The whole gang walked him to his classroom, he got settled in his seat and started playing with the play-doh. He looked so sweet sitting there! Kerry and I peeked in on him once (okay twice) and he was smiling and playing and talking to his classmates.

When I picked him up from school and they called out, "Jayden and Kyler Pitts" - they headed to the car with their arms around each other and the biggest grins ever! I thought I might cry! He turned into Mr. Chatterbox all night and told us everything that he did in school! He was right, I think he loves it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twas the Night Before School Starts. . .

The lunch boxes are packed, first day outfits are layed out, hair is washed, house is clean and laundry is done. We even went out of summer2009 with a bang --- last summer swim session and Pitts' style pizza party for dinner. NOW. . . we have 3 sleeping sweeties . .

1 future kindergartner. . .
1 future 2nd grader . . .
and. . . 1 future ruler of the roost. . . . shhhhhh

Open House Night

Last night was the open house at the boys elementary school. They each got to go to their classroom, meet their teacher and fill out paperwork.

Kyler: Kyler didn't know who his teacher was until tonight. He has a brand new teacher, Mrs. Curtis! She is a recent graduate of OBU and I think she is going to be great! Kyler got to see his cubby and put his nap mat up. His seat is in the back of the class with 4 other classmates around him in a group. He settled right in, and had fun playing puppets with some of his new classmates. He even has a T-ball team mate who sits across the the aisle from him. I think he is ready! When I asked him what he thought about everything he said, "I think I'll love it!" and I think he will too!

Jayden: Apparantly, Jayden's teacher didn't read "the file", because his seat was very back right! I am going to estimate that this placement lasts til, mmm day 2! I even mentioned that Jayden might be more "successful" in the front of the class (possibly handcuffed to the teacher! -okay I left that part out!). Jayden did his usual politicing and worked the room. He has a few classmates from last year and a teammate from baseball. As he walks down the hallway you can hear, "Jayden. . . hey, Jayden. . . " as he passes out knucks and fives. In Jayden 's words, "I've been going to this school for 2 years now. . . " so, yeah - he's an old pro!

Evan: Okay, Evan was just along for the ride. . . but, he insisted on wearing his backpack and carrying his lunch box (which he had packed with a spare pair of shoes!). In Jayden's room, promptly after having a seat, he announced "rainbow" -- most of you know what this means, if not -- well, that's why we have a code word! When Kyler's teacher was showing him his cubby, Evan took it upon himself to claim a few cubbies of his own! Most of his time was spent roaming the hallways with Kerry while I took care of classroom business.

To Do List #1,236: UPDATE BLOG!

Okay, I need to knock this off the list -- so let me sum up the last few weeks. I want to make sure I get it all in, because we have had some great things happening around here and the summer is almost up!

1. Arkadelphia: Jayden, Evan and I left to pick up Kyler from his vacation in Arkadelphia. The boys just love having their one on one time with CiCi and Pop and being spoiled rotten! However -- the "I'm the boss" mentality takes a while to be deprogrammed! We had fun playing outside and hanging with the Oosterhous boys while we were there.

2. Hot Springs: After picking up Kyler we headed to Hot Springs to get in that last minute lake trip! Kerry had his annual golf outing Friday-Sunday, so it was just me and the boys. They wore the pool out and did lots of turtle hunting.

3. Glenwood: During our stay in Hot Springs, we headed to Glenwood for the day to spend time with the Oosterhous crew! The boys absolutly LOVED the river and Mr. Tim even took all 4 big boys out -- Jayden and Kyler are still talking about Mr. Tim's kayak abilities -- apparantly he can "pop a wheely"???!! Can you believe that between Kara and I, neither one had a camera to capture all this?? 6 boys, just being boys! It was a sight! Thanks Oosterhous crew!

4. Leaky Roof: This has taken a while for us to figure out - but after returning home from our extended weekend, we had a roof leak. Yesterday, we were informed by our neighbor that we missed the hail storm of the century and everyone around us has major hail damage! Between the ice storm and the hail storm, we are thankful for our insurance!

5. THE SHOT: Kyler had his MMR vaccine to get done before kindergarten -- b/c of his egg allergy we had to have it done in his allergists' office. Really, it's just a precaution and he has had one before with no reaction. Because this was suppossed to be no big deal, I brought all three boys with me. 15 minutes after the shot, I looked at Kyler, who was somewhat dazed and acting tired. Not until I lifted up his shirt and saw hives covering his back, stomach and neck did I realize what had happened. We rushed him back upstairs and he was given a shot of epinephrin. Even his allergist was shoked. As he was getting his epi shot, I was on the phone with Amy (our babysitter) for to come pick up Jayden and Evan so I could give full attention to Kyler. He is just fine now -- but boy what a scare! And now we have the lurking possibility that he is allergic to gelatin or a binding agent that was in the shot! Just what we need as we approach kindergarten!

6. Dentist appts, haircuts, school supply shopping. . . . "Back to school Bootcamp" has been in full swing these last few weeks.

That is me checking off "update blog", now on to #1,237!