Thursday, February 23, 2017

Paradise Living

Well, its been a wild road to get here. . . but we are living in the Keys!  I know . . . I have some major blog updating to do - but I am having technical difficulties and just decided to start here and I'll have to back track later (I AM on Island time, you know . .  so, yeh - no hurry!)
This is what we see when we enter our Island home . .  I think our Pitts Pineapple was meant to be hanging at a beach house, don't you?!
and. .  watch out for fish hooks!
 The entire Pitts gang moved into our Overseas Hwy abode on Monday, February 13th.  We got all moved in and assumed island life duties. . . fishing, kayaking, eating out and exploring our new stomping grounds.  

This is the beach right outside our door . . .
We headed to Sombrero Beach on one of our first days here.  It is walking/biking distance.   This has since become my new morning running route.
This is mid-move in, so it's not all decorated yet . . 
We went to Curry State Park and took the kayaks.  Funny story is that we kayaked to this beautiful island  . .  the most beautiful state park I had every seen,  well . . . . Not a state park, oops!  It was actually the private home/grounds for the owner of Bass Pro Shops.  
We also, headed to Robbie's Marina to feed the tarpon and eat lunch . . 

It also, just happened to be this kiddo's 15th Birthday!!  He is our marine-living lover and always has been!  

I can't believe our oldest baby is 15!  Happy Birthday, Jayden Phillip!

We had to spend a day in Key West while Kerry was here. . . 

Then the time came for Kerry to return to reality and head back to Farmington to get stuff done.  It was hard to see him go!  He will be back in a few weeks and we are missing him!  
The boys and I headed to Hawks Cay to enjoy some resort living . . .
These are my treasures from my morning run today . . .
Ours is the blue house in the middle . . .

I snapped this while on my running run at Sombrero Beach just before a little storm rolled in . . .
We spent one afternoon this week at the Dolphin Research Center . . 

I love searching these rock formations for treasures every morning at Sombrero Beach . . .
Well, there you have it.  The first week and half of island life.  I'm going to be better about pictures, now that we are settled, And - If I can just get my picture/technical issues taken care of I'll be one happy island girl!  
This is what's coming up:  Jayden is scheduled to begin Life Guard Classes this week; Kyler, Evan and I are planning to run in the Sombrero Beach Run next Saturday (10k, 5k and 1mile fun run); of course we are busy with homeschooling duties and we have plans to explore some state parks.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bethel Blacktop Bye-Bye and Road to Paradise

 It was a little WILD around this place in the weeks prior to closing date!  If you will remember, we were at Disney for a week not long ago and  came back for packing, job wrap-up for me, and final weeks of school here for the boys!  We had just about the entire High School baseball team helping us move, plus friends who pitched in and packed (Josh's box labels will be comical to look back on!)  One night I went to Sonic and orders 16 #1 combos with drinks (that was fun getting back to the house!)  Not to mention that Pop and CiCi helped us prior to this with packing up dishes, kitchen and the entire fireplace! Wheh - it makes me tired and stressed just thinking about it!

Evan's Room (how is it even possible for all his JUNK to be in boxes?! It seemed never ending!)
 Jayden's room . . . Jayden came down with a nasty "flu-like" virus - and it really took him down - leaving guess who to pack up his room!)
Kyler's Room . . . bless this child - he has a touch of OCD in him (which I love!) He was a stellar packer!
 Pitts books all in boxes. . .  thanks to a college student hire while we were at Disney!
 I will miss this view and our neighbor friends!  Good thing we are just a canoe ride down river! 

 This will be quite the fun puzzle to put back together at the new house!
mid- crazyness . . .
ahh - the life of a Pitts Pet . . .
SOOO . . . now we are gypsies!  I have a week left of work, so we are essentially homeless until we leave in a week!  That means bunking at the office house, eating out and lake house living.  After a few nights at the office the boys and  I headed to the Lake house where were greeted with the smell of BBQ chicken sliders, freshly bought Pitts snacks and drinks and room to spread out and do laundry!  Thank you CiCi!
 Some of us bunked at the Lake House some nights and some nights at the office - just depending on scheduling - we had all of our activities happening in Farmington and I had to drive to Lincoln each day- so we burned up I40!
 One delima was that we would be Gypsies during the Super Bowl . .  what?! NOOOO - we had to make plans for wings and TV's!  CiCi joined us after her class at Foghorns right down from the Lake House . . .
 Jayden prepping his skateboard for the Keys (notice he is at the office and there is a "bunk room" where the boys all had a mattress in).
 The boys each spent time with their friends before the great departure.  Since Evan's crew is younger we had to do an organized get together - Razorback Jim's for some after school Pizza!
By Friday evening . .  I had completed my exit interview for work (so - long Ozark Guidance!)  For real . .  I have come in and out of "retirement" about as much as Brett Farv - so who knows!  BUT, for now I am officially a stay-at-home ISLAND Momma (best title EVER) The boys have said so-long to their school year and we were loaded up in 2 cars and the mini Phil-Haul-- South Bound, Like a Bank of Gypsies!
We spent our first night in Sheridan, getting there late with warm beds ready for us, Thanks Papaw and Ninny!  We got some shut eye and a good breakfast and were on our way.

 We had a few traveling hiccups . .  like my air conditioner quiting in South Arkansas and getting some good ole boy help from a local at his friends shop.  Then, not one, but TWO flats on the trailer - luckily we had 2 cars and lots of patience!

Stop off in Biloxi for a good nights sleep and some Oyster Bar! yum!
We made it!  Time to settle in to our Island home!  Of course, our first order of business was to cook some freshly caught fish . .  one minute this fish was swimming outside our door, the next it was cooked with orange glaze on a Pitts Plate!  Welcome Island LIFE!