Friday, August 30, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Here they are . . . ready to embark on another school year!  We are spanning three schools this year - so just about every school in Farmington has Pitts representation! 
 Middle School, hold on to your doors - the first of the Pitts brothers is fixing to grace your halls and you won't have a break for many years :)! Jayden is geared up from backpack to shoes ( I WANT his shoes - too bad his foot is way bigger than mine or I would be borrowing those to run in!) No nerves here, just chillin' on in to middle school!
Despite his un cooperation with the traditional and MANDATORY pics - this kid was quite chipper this morning!  He is looking forward to seeing his friends and making his own mark on Ledbetter. He's geared up and sporting lots of orange this year (that must be his color of the year). He pranced on in, like he owned the place!
 Pop Williams you have one Pitts brother left . .  and he's here for a few more years!  Evan's color of the year is apparently blue this year!  He was the last one dropped off and got a walk-in by mom.  He sat right down by a friend and took it like a 1st grader! 
Good luck boys!  (good luck teachers!) I feel the beginnings of a fabulous school year!

Twas the Night Before School Starts . . .2013

I just love this sweet time . .  when my boys are just hours from exciting new beginnings and snuggled up safe and sound. 
 Our 6th grader . . . He will be changing classes 7 times, have more freedom and be in the big world of MIDDLE school.
 Our 4th grader . . . He will be entering a new school with new peers as the two elementary schools merge.  Luckily, he has an older brother who paved the way for him - he's ready!
 Our 1st grader . . . He will be the only brother at Pop Williams this year.  He is in the same hallway and has lots of familiar faces to see tomorrow!
Before the boys went to bed, Kyler warned me that I better not take pictures of them while they were sleeping and email them to their teachers . .  "like you do every year".  Ha! Silly boy . .  I don't email them, I just put them on the blog (for all to see! :)
Normally, this time of year I extremely put together - let's just let the fact that I am blogging about this 2 weeks LATE be a clue as to how "put together" I am this year!  Maybe I'm just more layed back;) None the less, backpacks are ready, lunches are packed and boys are ready (although I'm not sure I am) to get to THREE different schools before 8:00 in the morning!

Farewell Summer of 2013 :(

It has been a great summer!  From June to mid-August we have been busy with FUN, so what better way to farewell the summer than with MORE FUN!
 Thanks to CiCi for buying a season pass to the Rogers aquatic park and then NOT using it . .  we got to take friends and make a day of it for our LAST :( summer day!  
 Pop and the boys built the BEST rabbit house EVER!  Rascal is one happy bunny!
 We had told the boys once camps were done and traveling had halted-- they could get their new pets.  This is Evan's first pet all to himself . .  meet George.  
Kyler has been preparing for the arrival of his next Iguana - hopefully we can make it past this delicate stage with this one . . . meet Spike.
 We headed to hang out with the animals at the Gentry Zoo and took Luke with us.  It was a fun to see all the animals!
 The boys had a "Daddy Day" the Saturday before school started.  They left at 10:00 in the morning and I didn't see them til that night about 9:30!  (I had some closet cleaning out to do while they were out of the house!)  They filled the day with all BOY activities and finished it off with a movie!
motor sports dream shopping . . .
 rock climbing
Fast Lanes
 disk golf . . . .  I think that's a boy day if I ever saw one!
 So, that brings us to School reality!  Football practice started back on Aug.11 - that meant for some busy Pitts . . . registration, equipment handout, back to practice, and 3 open houses for our scholars!  Not to mention a crash course of back to school bootcamp . .  bedtimes, wake-ups, gear getting and general boy sprucing!  The above picture was sent to Kerry one evening to tell him he better hurry home for dinner or it was going to be GONE :)!
Bye Bye Summer . .  you will be missed and longed for . . Time to hit the books and the field!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vegas Bound

We need to go to camp too! Vegas here we come!
 We did the traditional Vegas sign pics this year!  I've always meant to do this, so this was the year!  We jogged down one morning and guess who was there . . none other than Elvis:)

We dined on yummy food, caught up on sleep, lounged by the pools and tossed a few dice!
We also made a return visit to Pawn Stars and Ricks Restoration. Kerry also spent a few hours in the Mob Museum (yawn!), I went shopping! We WOULD have more pics, but Kerry dropped his phone in the pool mid week!  Not good! The man has a phone to his ear for work the majority of the day -- Vegas or not!  It had to be replaced quickly - and we lost a few pics.  This all just happened to occur the night we had been invited to a promotional event in the Hangover Suite!! Since, Kerry had a different phone, we didn't have the info to get IN,  . .  not so Lucky!
BUT . . . look who we ran into on the strip on our last night!  The perfect guy to hang with on your last night in Vegas!
Hands off ladies . .  he's mine :)!Happy EARLY 14th anniversary to us!  
 So where in the world was the littlest Pittsboy during all this camping??!! At "Camp Blu" - Evan named it.  He had super fun days and nights at the lake house and the Arkadelphia house . .  he had a blast too!
He even got to pack a trunk for camp just like the big boys!  Just a bunch of Happy Campers all around!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Campers: Camp Ozark 2013

Can't beat it!  A week of nothing but pure fun, fellowship and friends!This year was Kyler's first year, and Jayden got to return as a veteran camper! 

 It sure was hard to leave these guys for full week. . . especially leaving Kyler and his allergies in the (very capable) hands of someone else for food!  He did great and had a blast with worry free eating!
 I knew things would be ole' hat to this guy . .  but I still missed him!
This pictures was the first pic I saw on the website while sitting in vegas . .  wheh! two smiling faces -- that was all I needed to see to get through my day!  I would scour the HUNDREDS of pics they would post each day, just searching for a glimpse of a Pittsboy!
 Oh, yeah - they chase pigs too!  That would be Jayden in the cowboy hat - in hot pursuit of the bacon!
 In case you missed it . . . that's Kyler under his ginourmous cowboy hat!  Theme nights look like a lot of fun . . I wish I had pics of them in all their costumes!
 Look at these brothers. . . separated in different cabins and different activities, but would reunite BY CHOICE for mish mash!
That would be my oldest cheese ball . .  in the red shirt!
 Woodworking Kyler  . . .
 Christmas bouncing!
 Hog fan!  It's funny because even though the camp is in Arkansas -- there are very few Arkansans  . . they are much more likely to run into Ole Miss fans (and they did! and each had a camp counselor from Ole Miss!).  They loved making friends from all over!
Jayden's crazy cabin . . 
 I think this slide is called Greased Lightening . .  Kyler is FLYING! << I was just told after posting this, that is NOT Kyler . .  apparently I bought a $5 digital pic of some random camper . . . oh well, Kyler also flew down the greased lightening slide!>>

 Jayden's cabin
 Kyler's cabin
 We were all very glad to see these two campers on Saturday! 
 Evan wants to know all about it . .  he's next!
Like I said, Happy Campers!  They had the experience of a life time and are looking forward to next summer!

Rock-On Pittsboys

Jayden and Kyler spent an entire week, learning how to ROCK!  Sounds pretty fun, huh?!  Evan wasn't old enough, so he just got to help with the transporting of the rockers 9:00-4:00 in Rogers -- it was like a trial run for the school year! Jayden played guitar and sang and Kyler played drums and guitar!  The band name was "Free Pizza" . .  Free Pizza sure did ROCK at the end of camp concert!

I have better, longer videos and one that really shows Kyler's drum skills. . .  but it wouldn't load!  However, these 2 clips give you a glimpse of their rockin'!

Kerry, Evan, Avery and I were all there with the other families to be groupies! (Yes, Avery got to be a groupie at her first rock concert! . .  we kept her away from the load noise though - I don't know that she even heard it!) I sure do love that these boys have so many interests and are brave enough to get out there and jump in! Just call me a Rocker Mom!