Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Start Up

We are about to finish up our second full week of summer and we are settling in nicely to this summer schedule (or lack there of!). We stay up late watching movies, sleep late, do the minimal chores and head out for a day of summer fun!
 We spent a day at the lake house while our house inspection was going on . . a great place to spend the day!
 We sure do miss this kiddo!  His first 2 weeks of summer have been in Yellowstone having adventures with Pop and CiCi!  He gets back tonight and we can't wait to see him!
 We've been at the home site frequently . .  planning play areas and getting ready for the dirt work.
 I got to spend a Saturday morning at the Fayetteville Farmers market with the Johnson girls and one GIANT cream cheese muffin (which she ate ALL of!)
 Kerry got a little wild hair, and had kayaking on the brain.  We spent one evening scoping and getting used to the kayaks and the next day the boys did a 5 hour float down the Illinois.
 This stinkin' bird gives me the creeps!  Especially when he pecked on my new car!  There were lots of cool animals to hang out with at the Gentry Zoo.  We will be back when Kyler is with us, hopefully, we won't run into this fella again!

 That blurred spot on the slide is Jayden.  It just wouldn't be summer if we didn't hit the pools!

 Both guitarist started their lessons this week.  Kyler will have to start his drum lessons next week.  I love hearing the boys strumming in the living room - all we need is our drummer boy back to complete the band!

 And of course, we are enjoying some deck picnics!  Just three more weeks til this Pitts Party rolls outta here! YIKES! Lots of packing is in our future!  Pitts Plans? you ask . . . Loaded up for storage on July 11th and headed for Florida for 3 weeks of beach living . . just call us Beach Gypsies! We might have 2 weeks of being NWA gypsies before we move into rental. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Goodbye 6th, 4th and 1st!

I had to document the "last day of school" even though to be honest, the Pittsboys didn't attend (hence Evan in PJ's in pic!)  This last week of school was added on snow days anyway . . we were all at football camp until late Wednesday night, went to school on Thursday, hosted a party Thursday Evening and by Friday morning exhaustion had hit! These boys had a great school year, though!  We tackled 3 schools like pros . .  just wait til next year, we will really be pros!  SUMMERTIME is here and we couldn't be more ready!!!
This will also be the last, last day of school pic in front of our 2333 N Double Springs day Lillies!  That's right, we are under contract and headed for building!  Fun things are happening and it's shaping up to be an adventurous summer of 2014!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Slide, Slip and Celebrate! Evan's 8!

Wet and Wild was delivered straight to the Pitts backyard on Thursday afternoon! It was a great celebration of Evan turning 8 in a few weeks! Evan said after his party, that he wished he could have this same birthday party - over, and over, and over again!

Look at this huge thing! I knew it looked cool in the pictures, but had no idea just how much fun it was going to be!
 The Birthday boy dining on summer food- hot dogs and chips!
 If you wanna learn how to pose . . just ask Jalee!
 Kyler provided some party entertainment by eating a spoonful of Cinnamon . .  it's in some YouTube video and it was a dare.  Quite entertaining! 

 The Queen arrived!  Actually, Evan's friend, Tripp, said, "look the Queen is here" when Avery arrived - it was so funny because we all know her Momma is Queen B!
The hot tub was a  hit, too!

 Some serious fun was had by all!  Pitts boys played nonstop on it from 2:30 to 7:30! 
 Awh . . Kyler and Payson hugging :)

 Some more entertainment . . .
 Final soak, some tired boys!
 Definitely wet and without a doubt, WILD! Just what a Pitts birthday party should be!  Happy Birthday Evan James!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Are You Ready . . . Ole Miss Football Camp 2014

It's that time of year that Pitts boys become REBELS!
Kerry got to join us this year and get some work done in Memphis, too.
 As always we spent our days and nights in football heaven!
 We had to take this boy and get him fueled up! He had chicken burrito dreams!
 It was hard to catch a glimpse of JP.  He moved into the dorm and we saw him only in passing and during evening games.  I forgot my good camera! I noticed when we hit Ft. Smith and it made me sick!! Anyway, it's hard to capture these Pitts moving targets without my high speed lens!

 When their camp was over, they still played football - hanging out on the sidelines!
 We worked in some swimming, too!
 Kyler is flying!

 Go Evan!
 Jayden doing drills!
 I caught a glimpse!  He had to stop and but his cleats on and I got to see him for sec!
 We spent time in the players room- watching clips and meeting players and getting pumped up by coaches!

 These two are ready for their final day of camp. A good cup of joe at the Ole Miss Inn, before heading to the IPF for the last day.
 All three Pittsboys reunited!  It was a fun camp!  Next year Jayden AND Kyler will be in the overnight camp.  We love our week of being REBELS!
 It is exhausting being a Rebel!