Saturday, October 18, 2014

Life's a Dance . . .

How can he be going to his first Jr. High dance?! Ssssllllooooowwww down please!
 Jayden and his date, Allie. 
And this is how it all began . . . quite the event to ask a girl to a dance!
 too much cool . . .
 We made it through the first dance milestone - with a little drama, but hey - that just makes it exciting!
 This kid is crossing his fingers that he can do a milk challenge in the upcoming weeks.  I just don't know if this will be the time . .  but his heart is set on some cheetos (of all things)!

 While Dads away  . . . No need to worry, Evan keeps his side of the bed warm for me!
Evan has his xbox set up on his top bunk (hey, when you have to temporarily share a room with your brother, you get creative to find your own space!)

Field Fun

The annual Ledbetter tailgate party!  I guess this will be my last one for a few years until Evan gets here! 

 Game captain time for Kyler and Pop and CiCi were here to cheer the CARDS on!

 Then there is this kid . . . notice his new do?!

 Time for some Jr High football in Oklahoma!  

We seem to live game by game!  Peewee on the weekends and Jaydens during the week (throw in some Monday/Wednesday practices and you've always got a week FULL of football!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

As Big as TEXAS Weekend!

This trip is well overdue for the Pitts.  We left Baylor Blvd with a 3 year old and 18 month old almost 10 years ago in a Tahoe, pulling Kerry's truck and following an 18 wheeler moving truck with all our possessions.  We're BACK and our Texas born middle man is ready to be in his birth state for a fun weekend!
 We got to the big D Friday night and hit the Galleria for some ice skating and shopping.  We spent the night at the Embassy Suites before leaving Sat. morn for Great Wolf Lodge.  (with a little stop off at 2 story Toys R Us the boys just couldn't pass up!)
The last time we were ice skating here, we were celebrating a Potty Party for Jayden . .  awh, he's so grown up now!

 Swans in your hotel are always entertaining . . .
We waterpark, magic wand and rope coursed it up at the Great Wolf Lodge while Kerry hit the stadium to watch the Razorbacks. (2 days in a row of football games in the same stadium . .  no thank you!)
On Sunday we had some reuniting to do!  First stop the Williams home!  (I didn't get a single picture!) It sure was fun to see Jenny and Molly and hang out at their pretty house for a bit!  Then, we headed south to our old homestead . . . 3610 Baylor Blvd!  The Klein's entertained us in our old neighborhood - complete with some old videos from an Easter we celebrated together!  It was fun to see how little all the boys were - I'm gonna have to get a copy of that video!  The Pitts boys and Klein twins hit it off again! 

It's Cowboys time!

 Some pre-game warm ups . . . 

 This giant finger was in my face all night!
 And there they are . .  all cowboy geared up!
 Lots of cheering!
 Kyler is our main Cowboys fan (well, next to Kerry!)  I had a slight urge to "Who Dat" - I tend to kinda like the Saints (shhhhh)

 It was a fun trip and I know Kyler especially enjoyed getting to his roots!  We fit a Texas size amount of  fun into one little weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Movin' and Shakin'

Things are always movin' around here . .  even when we aren't actually "moving"!
 Lunch dates with these cuties!  Evan has proved that he can successfully make it through a momma lunch date without begging me to check him out - hence, he gets more lunch dates!
 Speaking of cuties . . . Avery and Auntie M joined us for Jayden's Pea Ridge game!
 Jayden and his cheerleader.
 She got whisked off with Uncle KeKe for some coach talk and such.

 Another Saturday at the field.
 Some pregame teammate pump up
 Kyler had few good tackles in this game!  Cardinals took down the Tigers - the battle of 62 is always an intense one!
. . . .And that is why,I don't run the clock :)! (somebody better get with it!)
The best way to start a new week is to watch these two acolyte!  The last one of the year as this is dedication Sunday.