Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let's Do Lunch

Awh, how I love having lunch with this cool 5th grader!  I hate that there wasn't a special ceremony for THIS moving up moment, because moving from Ledbetter Intermediate to MIDDLE SCHOOL sure seems major to this Momma! I can kiss my lunch dates goodbye next year :( - middle school is going to be a whole new world.  I LOVE that he likes for me come eat lunch with him and his friends - that's right, I'm cool :)! 
 I had to get in a last lunch with my 3rd grader too!  These boys are toasting to the "greatest sport on earth . . football".  That toast might have something to do with the fact that Kerry spent yesterday visiting EVERY 3rd, 4th and 5th grade class and telling them about the football program.

 My last lunch at Williams elementary with this cool kid!    
I sure can't forget about my Kindergartener!  I bet I have a few more years of lunches with this kiddo!
Best.Lunch dates.EVER!

Field Day at Williams

Tired, sweaty and wet!  That's what you get after a day full of racing!

 I mean, who dosn't want to be sprayed with water!  Of course the Pitts Boys were right up front for that!

 Yes, Kyler is drenched as well!  He was front and center for the spray down!
It was fun to see the difference between Kindergarten and 3rd graders.  Those 3rd graders are serious and in Kindergarten it's all just for fun!  Fun to watch these boys!

Bye Bye T-ball . . . FOREVER

I didn't realize until I began this blog post that Tball is over FOR GOOD.  Like, never again will a Pitts boy be in t-ball :( kinda sad!  
Tball is all about FUN and learning the game - that's why I love it!  From here on out it's, balls and strikes, outs and safe, win and loose.  

 Evan's "sliding" cracks me up!  It's more like, stop/drop/and roll!

 Good Game boys!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May Fun!

Nothing like the last few weeks of school to bring out some fun times!  I love to get to be a part of the fun and Avery got to join too!  Jayden's grade went to a Naturals game - these two are just too cool! 
 Kyler got to hang out with some Razorback coaches and football players.  Nothing is cooler than having signatures on your skin, right?!  (yep - that's a sharpe!)
 Did I mention we have a rabbit??  Meet Rascal.  Jayden has been planning and researching rabbits so he can show one in the fair this fall . .  well, here he is!
Touch-A-Truck!  I was on the TAT committee this year for Junior League - it's been a little wild planning for this event - but it went great!  Plus, I learned ALOT about generators!  The boys stopped by in between football games on Saturday.  Fun time - but glad it's done!
 Pop hung out too. Auntie M was also there - she had to work a shift.  We almost had the whole gang there!

Spring football season is now officially over.  Check out the cool trophy!  Kyler's team had an end of the year celebration on Sunday.

 And it just wouldn't be May in Arkansas if you didn't spend a little time under the house with a football helmet and your dearest possessions.  That's right - tornado warning headed our way in 5 minutes - just enough time to get boys, bink, rabbit and dog under the house.  Sometimes storing all this football gear comes in handy!
I can see summer from here . .  we can't wait!

A Muddy Girl Weekend

Mud and girl weekend don't really seem to go together - but that's how it went!  This was my first time to do Warrior Dash and I was SLOW! I'm pretty sure Kara and Anna finished in HALF the time I did.  Oh well, I did it and it was fun . .  I'm just a little more cautious on those high obstacles than I thought I would be!  I made it to Kara's by about 9pm on Friday and we were mudding it up by 10am!
 Most things I do are not impressive to little boys - HOWEVER - mud, obstacles and fire - now THAT impressed my boys! Plus, to Evan, if you get a medal - you won and you were awesome :)!
 Thanks to this good 'ole friend I had a muddy fun weekend!  
Oh, yeah and I ate a turkey leg . .  it just seemed like the right thing to do when you're starving and covered in mud!
It was Mother's Day weekend - so I got to see my Momma on Mother's Day while my boys headed to Sheridan after their football games.  They had to get in some lower Arkansas dirt play of their own!  

It's OK to Cry Over Spilled Milk!

 . . .ESPECIALLY when that milk is the LAST bottle of liquid gold breast milk!  Friday was one of those crazy days - one of those days when you have a crying baby on your hip, three boys at your heels asking you to do something, you need to take a shower, pack for a weekend, pick up your house and get on the road for a "girl" weekend of Warrior Dashing.  Then the straw that breaks the camels back . .  the bottle you just prepared in this chaos . .  falls in slow motion and SPLATS all over the kitchen floor.  Baby still crying. Boys silent. Aunt Sissy had a bit of a breakdown - but the boys put their hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, "Mom, WE are getting you to that race" ha! They cleaned up the milk, packed themselves AND swept the floor while I was on my way to Bentonville to get that Baby some milk - straight from the milk cow -sorry Miranda:)!  At one point Kyler said, "we are Pitts and Pitts don't give up" - it's so funny how they reacted to the sequence of events!  Evan during all of this realized that the milk couldn't be replaced . .  so where does it come from and HOW does Auntie M get it in those bottles -- lots of questions!
Before all that, this sweet little girl helped Aunt Sissy get ready for Warrior Dash - she event went to Academy with me!

We had lots of good cuddles during my week and half of keeping her.

And on our final day, we did a little shopping and took inventory.

Wheh!  The Pitts' house is crazy! That's probably what Avery thinks!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Party of 6???

Temporarily we are a Party of 6 . .  Let me tell you, I forgot how little you can get done with a baby in the house!  BUT I haven't forgotten how sweet those baby kisses are!  
 We tried out the Baby bjorn earlier this week . .  I worked little Avery Anne so hard she fell asleep!
 Shhh! Don't tell Evan!  She has his Bink!  Evan has been having a rough time having her around.  He calls her "SHE" and "HER"  and is always asking how much longer we are keeping "HER".  Last week he threw a royal two year old temper tantrum after school - I had Evan and the actual baby crying at the same time! Wheh!  Luckily, we have worked through some of that - Evan is coming around a little bit - but he is still ready for "HER" to go home.  haha!

 I just love a baby stretch!
Avery has lots of entertainment before and after school.  She gets to do drop offs and pick ups with us!
 She has even been helping me fold clothes:)
I miss her when she goes home - but I sure do enjoy my consecutive hours of sleep at night . . it's alot easier to handle a 3 month old when you aren't sleep deprived!

A Drill in One Hand and Glue Gun in the Other!

This weekend was NUTS!  I pretty much did not see my family, except to run home between Lowe's trips and shove food in my mouth!  I had renters moving into our newly purchased rental property on Sunday at noon and I had a tile backsplash to install . . uh- did I mention I've never layed tile! ha!
 Watching me lay tile would probably make my Dad cringe like watching me cook probably makes my Mom cringe!  I'm not big on measuring, reading directions . .  I pretty much just wing it and hope for the best!

I think it turned out pretty darn good!  I might just have to do ours at home!
 In between my tiling project (you have to let the thinset dry for like 16 hours!) I had some home-room Momming  duties to do!  Decorate Jayden's classroom and door decorations for Evan's class.
 The theme of Teacher Appreciation Week was "Bling into Spring"   . . a hard theme to work with!
I need a manicure like you wouldn't believe -- grout and thinset are rough on the nails!  I am relieved to have that finished and renters in!  Except that I had to quickly learn alot about a gas hot water heater today!  I might need a session of Landlord 101 from Dad!

Snowy MAY Day

I figured I couldn't go without posting about THIS--  Since we did break some all time records for SNOW . . TWO days in a row!  I can't help but think this prolonged winter has something to do with me putting up all our winter clothes BEFORE we left on Spring Break  . .  thinking of course afterwards we were sunshine bound!
We are pretty over winter . .  come on summer!