Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Game Saturday

A Saturday of home games for the Cardinals and Evan's first weekend of games . .  spectator no more!
 We got started bright and early - at the fields with the first morning dew to prepare for a day of games!  Kyler's game was first, we got to see a few plays before Jayden, Evan and I jetted next door for E-dog's first basketball game.
 He scooted up and down the court . .  with his mouth open . .? I don't know, maybe he was concentrating! 
Jayden was a great sideline coach and Evan listened to him so intently and would nod his head in recognition.
 Then, back to the field!
 I thought Kyler and Evan were just standing there watching the cheerleaders, then I realized they were planning how to get Kyler's hat which was on the bench right in front of them.  Don't worry, they braved the spirited bunch and got the hat!
Somehow, I missed any pics of Jayden during his game - we saw a little bit before heading to another set of fields for some flag football.  Let's just put this Panther pounding the Cardinal teams took this week behind us!

 Then, we were all reunited in time see the Saints play!  
That's a pretty intense stance for flag football :) 
It was fun to see Evan get in the mix this weekend!  He is never short on sideline coaches . .  Kyler and Jayden just can't help themselves!  Yes, that's Kyler above, running parallel to the action during Evan's game . . spirited side line brother coaching at it's finest!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Little Light of Mine . . SHINING BRIGHT!

The time has come for Kyler to be an acolyte.  I am so proud of him!  He gets to bring the light of the world into the church and carry the light back out into the world!  They had the dedication of acolytes and we had TWO handsome young men being inducted!  Jayden is starting his 3rd and final year and Kyler is starting his first year.  We had the annual lunch and training session.  Kyler did just great!  He is ready to fulfill his duties!  I love that they serve the church in this way and learn so much about the worship service.  Jayden helped with Kyler's training . . he's a veteran pro:)  From smearing tackles to angelic servants, I sure am proud of these Pittsboys!
Let it SHINE! Let it SHINE! Let is SHINE!

A Great Day for FBALL!

Let the Saturday football posts begin!  This is how we spend our Saturdays now . .  on the field!  Games were in West Fork and Pop and CiCi were there to cheer them on!
 #18, Kyler Dell!  Fun game to watch and win!  After his game, Kyler jetted off to the Razorback game with friends.
 Waterboy!  He took his job serious.  He even got high fives from the cheerleaders.  He makes a pretty darn cute waterboy!

 All the games were fun to watch!  Jayden's game was a nail biter til the end! Every game I think about how this is Jayden's last year in peewee :(
Hey, even the waterboy needs to hydrate!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Saturday Night Lights

We had an exciting first weekend of football!  The games were at home and at night!  Everything ran super smooth for all the games, way to go Coach!
 First game was a shut out!  20 to zip! Way to go my little Defense player!

 Evan kept a Cardinal Eye view for all the games . . 
That's JP heading up the sign run through for 6th grade game.  We have a pretty funny video of the entire run through, where all these kids fall down like dominos going through the sign!  Pretty funny!  Might have to practice up on the run through :)!

It was an exciting night for all!  5th grade played great and 6th grade pulled out another 20 to zip shut out!  Lights were bright, Cheerleaders were cheering, football players were pumped up, coaches were excited and Mommas were proud!  Go Cardinals!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

3-day weekend, here we come!  I got to start it off with an original Dailys (plus Avery) lunch at Panera on Friday and celebrate Mom's bday a little early.  Friday night we took the boys to the Washington Co. Fair - we rode rides, ate fair food til we were stuffed, met up with friends, won knives and stuffed animals (just what every kid needs!), looked at all the animals and just had some good ole Fair Fun!   We had tickets tot he Razorback game Saturday, but we opted for some Beaver lake time and watching it on the tube!  Sunday was a full blown lake day!
 Group hug?  You be the judge.

 Good food and family time on the lake . .  makes for a great day!
 Saturday, before I dropped off Evan and Jayden at the lakehouse, we hung out with the Johnson girls . .  the boys had a little tea party with Miss Avery :)
We had a great, relaxing and much needed 3-day weekend in NWA!  Monday we did a lot of nothing!  . . except for right now - the boys are all at football practice . . perfect time to update the blog:)!

School Days

Two weeks . .  done!  Wheh - we made it!  It has taken that long just to figure out drop off and pick-ups alone!  After just a few a days of spending MOST of my day in school traffic . . . we discovered some alternatives from veteran, mutli-school boy pick-up Moms.  Kyler is enjoying his freedom- he gets to walk to "the trash can" and wait for Jayden to walk across the street, by that time, I have made it back from Evan's school.  On Mondays/ Wednesdays (football practice days) the older boys walk to the practice field and Evan and I meet them there - with snacks and change of clothes.  Last Wed. I couldn't find Kyler, come to find out he and and some friends walked to the Cardinal Corner!! Stinker!  You can't just walk to the gas station! His response . . . "you never told me not to".  So, now I have to think of every random thing a 9 year old boy MIGHT think of doing!  Jayden is also enjoying Middle school freedoms.  There is not much babying going on in Middle school - you're on your own!  As Jayden said, "the bell rings and you just go . .  nobody cares if you are a car rider, bus rider or walker".  One day Kyler was pushing girls down on the playground and the next day she was his girlfriend!  Time is moving fast and things are changing. As for Evan, he is making through.  Bless his heart - he misses his mommy (and who can blame him :).  I got to thinking that Jayden and Kyler got to earn Toys r us bucks for good behavior . . Evan has never had behavior problems, just wanting to be home probs!  So he has been earning Toys r us bucks for "being a big boy"- and he has been!  I even got to eat lunch with my 1st grader one day.
 The first week of school was the scrimmage game for the highschool.  Each pee wee team got to run on the field and be announced along with the coaches.
 This is what morning looked like around here. . . but we are in the swing of things now!
 Jayden got his Trombone and he is pretty proud of it.  I can't wait til he learns to play it, cause right now it's just a lot of noise!  He did all kinds of research, found the one he wanted on craigslist and worked out the price!
 Our first school weekend, we spent at the Jamboree.   It was a full day of football!  All the teams played great, it was a great start to the season.  I didn't get any action shots, just this shot of chillaxin inbetween games.  That's Evan in the middle with the ipad.
By the end of the second week Jayden and Kyler were running a fever.  Seems the first of the school crud hit us!  Luckily, it was short lived and they were back in action on Friday!  You have seen nothing more pitiful than Evan on Thursday morning, when he was the lone ranger on the way to school . .  he so longed for a fever, but he pushed on!  Our adjustment time is over and we are in full swing school mode now. Now all we need is a 3 day weekend to recover!