Friday, September 12, 2014

Dash of Fall Fun

Well, it's been one crazy school start up the last few weeks!  If there's one thing that can add to the normal crazy of back to school it's a dash of gypsy life!  Not to be confused with some carni-life , , which we got a dash of too!
 These were my Fair dates after football practice.  Kerry was in Memphis for most of the week and we HAD to fit in some Fair time!  A Mommas got to do, what a Mommas got to do . . even if it means 6 kids at the Fair on a school night!
 Our final week and a half of home-tel life was not so rough . .  they served breakfast AND dinner every night, plus they served wine each night . . if ever there was a time wine was needed it would be during gypsy life ;)!
 pool and hot tub across the hall, is not so bad either!
 After a long evening at the Fair, best thing is to cuddle up with some Fair winnings!
 Did I mention those 6 boys I took to the Fair were hosed off fireman style after practice?! Best way to cool off a bunch of football players!  Also splashed in there is a long weekend at the condo . .  the weather wasn't great so we didn't do our usual lake activities and I didn't get ONE picture from the weekend!  We played putt putt, rode go carts, caught a Magic show in Downtown (we never go Downtown, but it was a fun change) and fit in some swimming and fire works and prepared for the crazy week ahead of us!

 It's time to get our STUFF back!! Whoop! Whoop!  Home-tel no more, cozy rental here we come (and when I say "cozy" I mean small!) We have nestled in nicely after a week of more moving.
 This is what a 7th grade football cardinal looks like . .  pretty tough, huh!
 Of course, #5 was leading the charge

 our Cardinal taking down a Tiger!  Farmington won against Prairie Grove in their season opener!
 This kid got specs!  
 This kid got a Mommy lunch date! 
 Guess who joined in on the Cardinal fun . . . CiCi!  The first annual Farmington Stampede 5K

 First Place in age Division and a PB!  
Back to the field . . 
 First Saturday of PeeWee home games . . means a busy Pittsfamily!  Kyler's game was super exciting with a last second tie breaking score!
 some super fans . . .
 press box is the place to be
 Jayden got a job this year - he is the new film crew for 4th, 5th and 6th. Not a bad gig, you get press box privileges . . . especially nice during the rain!
Saturdays can be exhaustingly fun!  We have 2 acolytes for the 9:15 service to start off our week and then on to another week of activities!  Gypsies no more!