Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Cuteness

Just a picture of all three boys! It happens so seldom - and though not a perfect picture of each little sweetie - they are all in there!

Birthday Party at FastLanes

The boys seem to be lucking out and getting double birthday celebrations this year! Jayden opted for a party at Fast Lanes. This was our first time here, and now a favorite. The boys got to drive go garts, do pirate laser tag, and lots of video games. Jayden is currently into army stuff, so he got alot of army men and sets. Jayden's favorite was the laser tag. It was a great way to celebrate turning 7!

SNOW again!

These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago, we had ANOTHER snow this past weekend (no pictures from that). Snow these days is really not so exciting. The ice storm pretty much ruined the excitement for us this year. However, this time, we got out and attempted some sleding. Jayden got frustrated with CoCo because she just wouldn't let him sled in peace! Kyler preferred eating ice cycles from the swing set. Evan was just happy to wear his scooby-doo hat and walk around in it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Barnyard MOOsical!

Jayden's class had a musical for the parents last month. Jayden's class members were all cows - each class was a different barnyard animal. They sang and even had group speaking parts. You could hear Jayden loud and clear during his part - "we're dancing cows and we're like no udders!" The funny part is that Jayden got really nervous before the program. He kept getting in trouble and finally he told me that he was trying to be bad so that he wouldn't have to go! Then he said he didn't like to sing. I told him he was just going to have to "act" like he liked it! And even resorted to a little bribary - Taco Bell following the program if he was good. (Yes, Taco Bell (going inside) is a real treat for us!) He did great, he sang every word and did every hand motion - either he's a really good actor or he really does like to sing! We followed the performance with a trip to Taco Bell!