Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas:  After church we headed home to get ready for Santa!  We had the santa cookies ready to decorate and on the cabinet . .  well, CoCo apparantly wanted some christmas cookies! Luckily we had some extra dough - just enough to make three more Santa Cookies! wheh!

Not a Creature was stirring:  Well, apparantly we had boys stirring around 3 am!  The boys confessed later that Jayden woke up and peeked, then got Kyler up - they both checked out the goods - despite our doorway that was wrapped to keep out peekers! THEN, (this is hilarious!) in order to "brain wash" themselves -- you know, get rid of the memories of what they had seen so they could go back to sleep and be surprised in the morning -- they "shook each other" and tried running into each other and bumping heads to "brain wash".  OH MY!!  Come 6 am - it was time, not a minute more could they take!
Kyler saw the iguana tank - but didn't realize until morning that there was actually an Iguana in there! And, Jayden didn't realize that his Beats were wireless or that his ipOD was in ipHONE!  Evan was snoozing the entire time - so no need for brain washing him!


 It didnt' take long for the living room to look like a Christmas tornado had hit it!

 Kyler sent Morgan an email with this picture that he had taken with his ipad mini and put "as you can see our Christmas was crazy".  Hahah! yes, it appears so!

 Meet "Max Jr".  Kyler is truely a believer now -- 1st:  There is no other way to get a 2 day old 6 inch Iguana - Max Jr. is straight from the Florida Keys via sled and reindeer! 2nd:  He got Lego minifigures that are ONLY sold in large sets - only an elf could pull that off!  Gotta Love Christmas Magic!!
 This pic is courtesy of Jayden's iphone that takes panaramic pics!  These boys are getting techy! 
It was a great Christmas morning - our first ever to be at our home and have the entire day to do nothing but PLAY!  Pop, CiCi, Mim, Uncle Mike, Auntie M and Adam all came by for some Christmas breakfast and to see the goods!
Merry Christmas to ALL!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve day at the Johnson's with whole crew!  Lots of gifting and eating!

Mom and Miranda
Kerry, Mim, Jayden, Kyler and Uncle Mike
Adam and Kerry
Kerry and Mom
Busy boys
Part of the Pitts crew . .  Evan is MIA
Kerry and I
Dad and Mom showing off her bum leg
Excited about his Ferbie.  He named it "ironhide".  It's like having another child!
It takes three . . .
Adam in Action
The preggo can cook despite that missle :)

A belly full of good food . . well, and a Baby!  Avery ate good today!
 This has got to be a record . .  how many people can fit on the couch!
 Avery is already being picked on by her cousins . . . it's just the beginning!  We had a great day with family! We left from here and headed to church.  Jayden was an acolyte at the 5:30 Christmas Eve service.  He did great - it was a packed house and communion and lots of extra candle lighting!  He did great and we sure did love watching him be part of such a special service.

Tis the Season

Lots of jolly times leading up to Christmas!
Santa and the Pitts Boys!
 Kyler and Jayden in Kansas City
 Kerry and I before the Home Builders Association Party.  We also got away for a dinner at Ruth Chris while we had a sitter :)! I missed the Foster's Christmas party this year because I had to stay home with sickies!  I hate that I missed it!  It was at Cafe' Ru Orleans and everyone had a great time celebrating the season .
 The boys and I have become movie buffs lately!  We saw the Hobbit on opening night, like . . waiting in line to get into the theater!  All that waiting was worth it to the boys - back row seats (the best in their book) and plenty of time to load up at the consession stand.  It was a THREE hour movie! I had no idea!  We didn't get home until almost 11:00pm!
This was Evan before the movie ever even started!  I had to document this.  Two minutes after I took this - off with his socks too!  He does this EVERYWHERE we go.  The boy likes to be comfy - such a little Arkansas hillbilly hippy!
 Can you spell?  The boys played a little scrabble with my "PEACE" stocking holders!
 Since we weren't able to travel south and have Christmas with our other Pitts' crews - they sent their gifts back with Kerry.  He went down to stay with MeMe and met up with Uncle G.  We went ahead and let them open them on Christmas Eve morning - they were super excited (Evan wasn't feeling the picture time moment!).  We WERE making them wait to open Papaw and Ninny's gifts - but that didn't happen -- they got ripped into as well!  Lots of cool stuff to love!!
We will be delivering our gifts soon!  The boys are excited to head south now that they are back in action!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

It's been a rough week folks!  Yet, we managed to work in some christmasy fun!  Most of our conversations have revolved around "ralfs".  And like anything else they do - of course it's a competition.  Here are the awards for the week:  Kyler: Most frequent, longest and MESSIEST ralfs. With an Honorable Mention for his ability to ralf out the car window in a pinch!   Evan:  Most likely to ralf in bed and Most pitiful ralf-er.  Jayden:  Best aim! (thata boy!)
On Thursday I was quite the excited mother - I was dropping all my kiddos off at school for the first time all week, it was snowing and I was headed out to catch up on my Christmas shopping!  It was short lived.  This bug was just stubborn and wouldn't leave us alone!  We finally got to work in our annual trip to see Santa.  I'll have to post the pic later.  We were down to the wire, I mean this had to get done!  Thankfully they held out just long enough to get in some school and santa action!  Friday was school party day and I had some eager to party boys!  Here's a pic of Evan at his - he still wasn't feeling great and just looking at him eating that pizza, makes me nervous!  Kyler never made it to his party - he got sick IN THE CAR on the way to school, like major!  Needless to say, it was a hectic day!
 I came early and set up for Jayden's party and then had to get over to Evan's party.  By the time I got back, I had missed most of the action.  It sure was wild in the gym when I got there though!  Here is Jayden and Luke post party.. .  Yes, he has a red mowhawk.  All 3 boys got festive with the hair spray this morning!  Our original plans were to head south on Friday - however continued ralfing and a 4 hour car ride don't mix - we had to rearrange things a bit . .  the boys sure were disappointed, but they knew we just couldn't make it.  So, here we are Sunday night . .  FINALLY we have had a ralf free night!  wahoo!!  The boys helped me rake leaves today.  And, as you can see - they are feeling better!  Just in time for Christmas!

Happy Eve of Chrismtas Eve!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3 Pittsboys Puking. . . and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

12 load of laundry,
11 Christmas movies,
10 saltine crackers,
9 changes to Santa list,
8 sleepless hours,
7 stressful moments,
6 glasses of Sprite,
4 fights with ipad,
3 puking pittsboys,
2 grossed out parents . . .

And a Partridge in a Pear TREEEEEE!

*This week hasn't been good to my last last minute Christmas "To Do" list!  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be child free so I can finish up my Christmas duties!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kansas City Christmas Getaway

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  We decided for a spur of the moment getaway we would head to Kansas City and get some Christmas Spirit . .  and good food, shopping, swimming and fun times!
Lego World - is Awesome!!  We could have spent days there!

How many lego blocks do you weigh??? Evan: 9,000.  Kyler: 12,000 and Jayden: 14,000!

Oh the things that can be made with Legos!

Cool games to play!
The boys created their own cars for racing. . . they would test them on the track and then do modifications to make them WINNERS!

There were even rides!  We all rode this one - you get to shoot at the bad guys while riding through - pretty cool!
This ride spun around and you had to peddle to stay up - hard work!  Evan and I were in the ride in front of Jayden and Kyler.
Here is some of the racing action!

The aquarium we super cool too!  We can't go somewhere and not work in some sea life!

The Mayors tree is bigger than the Rockefeller Christmas tree!
We also took to the ice!  No pics of me and Evan - we didn't last long!  I was pretty close to busting it by myself - add trying to hold Evan too and we decdided to hug the wall!
A nice little getaway!  I shopped and the boys got to hit the indoor pool and hottub!  Not to mention good food and fun!  Back to school was a little rough on the Pitts boys this morning!