Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Day 2011

Check out these handsome Pitts Boys! We had to take the Easter pics inside this year -RAIN and lots of it! I am sad because I love having pics of the boys on the church steps :( - oh well. We had the whole crew at church and took up an entire row!This is the only fam pic I got - it's not great (taken on the timer and at a weird angle) but, it's all I got!This is the egg that was suppossed to be used for a cool scavenger hunt and everyone brought goodies to stuff it with - again, the weather didn't cooperate with this plan - BUT, the boys got to find the egg in the living room and it was filled with all sorts of cool stuff - a tent, games, treats, baseballs, you name it!

Kerry worked some smokin' magic and made a great turkey for dinner. Mim and Evan are doing some pre-dinner pickin' :)!

Pop doing some Evan pestering . . . Evan came in from church, disappeared to his room and emerged in his pj's! CiCi doing some blending . . . it's not a margarita (however, that's not a bad idea for next year) she's whipping up some homemade icecream! Me and Kyler . . . (peace, dude)

Due to the yuk weather, we spent most of the day in the garage - playing air hockey, pool, basketball, bean bag toss, ring toss and bike riding.

The boys wanted to have the first annual Easter Egg-lympics this year - of course their team beat Aunti M's team (I think some questionable calls might have been made) - none the less - here they are getting the prize Egg . . .

And we topped it off with Banana splits!

Jayden has already declared an Easter Egg Hunt Re-do next weekend (no egg hunting was done this year) so, we'll see if Mr. Sunshine can appear by next weekend! Despite the dreary weather, we had a great Easter -- made great because we had the fam around to celebrate with!

Pre-Easter Festivities

No this is not snow . . . it's hail! This pretty much sums up the weather pattern for the past week! That said, my poor yard doesn't quite looked like I imagined for Easter and no eggs were hunted this year either!

The boys spent Saturday playing inside and getting some Easter duties taken care of. Sadly - it continues to be dreary and rainy - even through Easter! However, they got the Egg dying done. . .

And they went to the movies with Pop, CiCi, Auntie M and Mim to see "Rango" and "Rio". They needed a little "out of the house" time - and I needed them to have some of that time too - so it worked out perfect!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's APRIL ... no foolin'!

We had a whirlwind weekend and I know this is backwards . . .but, Thank Goodness It's Monday! Jr.League Touch-a-Truck, soccer game, baseball practices, scrimmage game, Easter egg hunt and Red and White game . . and that's just SATURDAY! So, with that said - here's some catching up on our April and some pics from this weekend: Check out Evan and Jayden enjoying some pizza! I know this may seem trivial to you, but this was a treat - remember, we have been on the diet from you know where since the last Cincinnati trip. . . in order to cope, we try to sneak these two off for some normal food when at all possible. Kyler and Kerry were at his baseball practice so we too advantage. (Kerry took Kyler to Penguin Ed's after his practice and he chowed down on chicken and fries!) Kyler went to a friend's birthday party hosted by the Mad Scientist -- Kyler was first one to volunteer for EVERYTHING! He had fun and kept saying how much Jayden would have liked it too!
Somebody is ready to go swimming! This is Evan, fully dressed in swim attire, including beach bag and change of clothes. This was wishful thinking . . .but he is convincing!
Decisions, Decisions . . . I am beginning to hate the lego aisle at Walmart! One thing about these boys earning money is that they want to spend it!!!
This Friday was rainy and cold, so we decorated eggs for the Easter tree . . .
Here are some pics from the Farmington Community Easter Egg Hunt . . .

Jayden ran out of room in his basket so Kerry is filling up his hood . . .
and Kyler's hood . . .

What a load of Eggs! and all filled with candy! We had a busy weekend, it's hard to believe we fit so much into 2 little days! Sunday the boys carried palms in the palm Sunday processional, Jayden had baseball practice, we mowed and did yard work AND we cleaned out the garage (if you have seen our garage- you know what an accomplishment this is!)

He's a TRUCK Drivin' Man...(again)!!!

Bye, Bye Honda Accord . . .(sorry no fairwell pic of it) . . .I am proud to say that my husband can now haul furniture, trash, construction equipment, baseball gear and kids and doesn't have to borrow his wife's car to pull a trailer:) So long . . "good gas mileage" little car . . . this man needs a truck!

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Ambassador: Jayden

Jayden is very proud that he has been selected as a 3rd grade Ambassador!! woohoo! He has been through his "training" and is now on his own... his duties(?), you ask...they are to raise and lower the flag(ooh aahhh) and to walk the Kindergardeners to the bus (aahhh ooohh). There was a little deal making in order for him to gain this ritious position not goofing off in class (can you imagine -- Jayden goofing off?) However it came to be that he was elected Amabassador - he is excited and proud and so are we! I love to watch him from the pick up line at the end of school -- his mouth is always running and he is high fiving classmates and giving shout outs to his buds as he walks beside the kindergardeners . . . so funny! Yep- he's the big man on campus this year -- he better enjoy it, cause next year he is but a meesley 4th grader at the bottom:)

Let's Go out to the BALL FIELDS!

(YIKES! I just published this and realized you can't do anything in chart form! What a jumbled mess - I will get the schedule in a better format later!) Here is the boys baseball schedule for the season -- grab your chairs and bullhorns and lets go route on those Pitts Boys! April: Monday 18 (JP) 5:30 West Fork Tuesday 19 (KP) 5:30 Farmington Friday 22 (JP) 5:30 Westville Monday 25 (KP) 5:30 Farmington Tuesday 26 (JP) 5:30 Farmington Friday 29 (JP) 5:30 Farmington (KP) 5:30 Farmington May: Monday 2 (KP) 5:30 Farmington Tuesday 3 (JP) 5:30 Lincoln Thursday 5 (KP) Prairie Grove Friday 6 (JP) 5:30 Farmington Monday 9 (KP) 5:30 Farmington Thursday 12 (JP) 5:30 Lincoln Friday 13 (KP) 5:30 Farmington Monday 16 (KP) 5:30 Farmington Tuesday 17 (JP) 5:30 Farmington Thursday 19 (KP) 5:30 Greenland Tuesday 24 (JP) 5:30 Farmington (KP) 5:30 Farmington June: Thursday 2 (JP) 5:30 Farmington (KP) 5:30 Prairie Grove Monday 6 (KP) 5:30 Elkins Tuesday 7 (JP) 5:30 Elkins Friday 10 (JP) 5:30 Greenland

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Derby Day!

I'm not talking about the horse race I'm talking Hamster Derby! The boys have been so excited about this since they got their hamsters and really wanted to go -- Snoopy has even been doing some training (Nibbles is still pretty new to our fam). I wasn't going to let the boys do it because they had school today (yuk I know, it's the last Saturday Snow Make-up Day) BUT, I decided I would go ahead and check them out a little early and let them go (what a cool Mom, huh?!) Here is Snoopy coming to the finish line on his first race. . .
Here is Nibbles at the starting line - Kyler is trying to get him to move forward - he wasn't being real cooperative!
Snoopy made it to the finals!!!

Snoopy brings home the 2nd place prize!!! Jayden was so happy and proud of Snoop! Kyler, however, broke out in quivering tears -- so I had one super happy kid and one crying kid and Evan was hungry and fussy -- Hamster Derby's are stressful! All was okay in the end -- I heard Kyler sweetly talking to Nibbles on the way home and saying that he still loved him even though he didn't win the race and it was okay. I really never dreamed I would be at a Hamster Derby, actually I never knew they existed -- oh the the things you learn:)!

Student of the Month

Guess who is Student of the Month??? KYLER!!! How exciting! He was beaming as he entered the car! His classmates vote on it and his picture will be in the paper! I'm not sure what all this entails - but he got a cool t-shirt, gets to be line leader and who knows what else! The day after he was picked he was up at the crack of dawn - fully dressed and ready for school -- he told me he had big day today and was getting his picture made:)! He is so proud and so are we! Go Kyler!