Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dreamin' of a White Christmas . ..

Well, we dreamt of a white Christmas - and we got one -- however, we weren't there to see it! But, when we returned there was still some snow left. On Monday we got out and played a little.

Getting the sled ready. . .

Eating a fruit roll-up . . .

WATCH OUT!!!! Here comes a snow ball . . .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kyler Dell!

Then and Now

Six years ago today, Kerry, Jayden and I anxiously awaited the birth of baby#2! We didn't know whether it would be "Kyler Dell" or " Annesly Dell", but we knew we were ready! (and boy was I ready!) Actually, Kyler wanted to come into this world on November 26th (a great day to be born if you ask me --also my Bday!). But, the doctor didn't agree and postponed his arrival til now! IT"S A BOY! and what a great little boy he is and what a great year he has had!

Kyler started off this year as my little home body -- enjoying his days at home with his toys. He became a much stronger swimmer this year, played t-ball for the first time, loves drawing and coloring, loves to run (like Forrest Gump- run!), of course he excels at playing with toys and has a different favorite every few weeks! Kyler outgrew his hippy stage this year - by the time he started kindergarten he had realized the need for clothes -however, on the weekends - good luck getting him out of his pj's! Kyler has started his school career off with a bang - he loves school, learning and making friends. He's still my little sweetie pie!! Happy Birthday Kyler - we can't wait to see what year six brings!

We celebrated with a family party at home. Kyler got to pick the menu: speghetti, "pizza bread" (a Kyler original), salad and chocolate cake for dessert. CiCi made a cool transformer cake for the occasion. Kyler also got to decide the attire for the evening ---regular clothes, dressy, or pj's -- he said he wanted a "naked party" -- okay maybe I should scratch the above comment on growing out of his hippy stage! Kyler will be having his true B-day party once school starts.

A Very Merry Christmas

We headed out on December23rd to begin our Christmas rounds. . .this is how packed we were leaving - keep in mind that we have 3 Christmases and will be returning with MORE than we came with!

Our first stop was Arkadelphia. We celebrated with Pop and CiCi, Auntie M and Uncle JA, Mim and Uncle Mike. We ate, prepared for Santa, tracked Santa on radar and read the traditional stories, even put popcorn on the roof for the reindeer. The boys actually slept later than usual on Christmas morning, so everyone was waiting on the Pitts' crew to wake up! (that's a first I think!) Santa came! We played, opened presents and ate. Pictures to come soon - gotta get some from CiCi!

Then we headed to Sheridan for Christmas Round II . . we celebrated with Papaw, Ninny, Uncle G, Aunt Angie and Morgan and Madison. We ate, opened presents and of course rode the 4-wheeler.
Here's the brothers. . .
The cousins. . .

some playing. . .

Then on Christmas night we headed to Carlisle for Christmas Round III .. . we joined MeMe and "funny guy Glenn".
We played at the park. . .

And on Saturday met back up with the other Pitts' Crew again.
Here is MeMe and her grandsons (minus Matthew - he wasn't able to be here)
MeMe and her Great-Grandkids (minus the Bailey crew)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown to Christmas - Pitts Style!

4. . . 3. . . 2. . . . we are counting down the days 'til Christmas! This how we have been spending our Christmas Vacation so far. . .

Used Evan's face as a sticker book for Transformer stickers. .

Built a bonfire (actually we did this Sunday night as well. . ) Kerry has discovered that when the boys get antsy . . you take 'em outside and build a fire. . .HOURS of entertainment! So, that's just what we did Monday morning.

sent smoke signals. . .

Jumped (okay. . wrestled, too) on the trampoline. . .

Found new and exciting ways to put on our pj's. . .

Baked and decorated cookies for Santa. . .

(okay. . .ate some icing, too!--look at Evan's face!)

Take a look at these. . . Santa will be pleased when he stops at our house!

Naughty or Nice?

I have wonderfully exciting news to report. I have a few posts to update later when I have more time, but this is urgent. . . . we have just checked each boys' status on Santa's list and we are pleased to report (and quite relieved!) that ALL Pitts' boys are on the NICE list!!! Somehow, Jayden scored an A+ while Kyler and Evan got a B+ -- but nonetheless they are all securely placed on the Nice List. 4 more days to go . . . . .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's Party Time!

I can't just post about the pre-party and not show the party!! Evan and I headed up to the school early and hit the kindergarten and 2nd grade party scene!

Check out the party animal.- and I do mean ANIMAL (reindeer -HA!)

This is Kyler singing earlier in the week. The kindergarteners went to a bank and a nursing home to sing and spread cheer. Evan and I got to see Kyler in action - he knew all the words and motions!

This is Kyler's class. Kerry took this picture for me and I used it for the class picture frame ornaments.

After we partied like Kindergarteners we headed to the 2nd grade hall to join in on Jayden's fun- however - 2nd graders party a little tamer than we were used to (they were watching a movie and eating pizza ---veerryy quietly). This wasn't quite the atmostphere we excel in - so Kyler, Evan and I let them party in peace (Evan wasn't so eager to leave, though!) We heard all about Jayden's party and he had a great time!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy as little elves

I think I know what Santa's elves do after Santa leaves for his rounds on Christmas Eve - they sit back with their feet up and drink hot chocolate and breath a sigh of relief. . . that is EXACTLY what I am doing tonight! Last night I was a busy elf --you can say that I pulled an all nighter and not since late night feedings have I felt so sleep deprived! BUT - this is what I accomplished:

15 Diva Balls

Wrapped and tagged

18 "Guess that Elf" elves. (I had a behind the scenes elf --CICI-- who converted the pictures to coloring pages -- thank you CiCi!!!)

2 "Our Class" picture frames --thank goodness for stencils!

18 class picture frame kits

54 (yes, I said FIFTY FOUR!) Jingle Bell necklaces. All complete with "Have a Merry Day, Jingle All the Way" tags.

24 Reindeer antlers

and a pardridge in a pear tree!!!!

Dear Santa. . .

It's that time of year! Boy I love this day, the day that we go see Santa and complete our final lists. Why do I love this day so much? Because my boys are little angels! They pose in front of the tree with the biggest grins ever and get along (for the most part) even if for a short time span!
No posed picture of Evan - he didn't want a list he just wanted to tell Santa what he wants (purple scooby doo towel and bumblebee blaster).

Here they are waiting for Santa. . .

Here's the finished product! Aren't they cute?! All on the nice list I'm sure! (Evan looks so big in this picture to me!)
After that we attempted the photo booth with all 5 of us! So, funny! This is what we got . . .