Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Little Stuff

I actually have a minute in the middle of the day, so I thought I would do a quick sum up of our week. Last weekend Kerry and I got to take a little vacation -job related, but still - it involved no children or puppy for 2 whole nights! The boys got to have a little get away of their own. They had so much fun playing with Morgan, Madison, Aunt G and Uncle G and then with CiCi and Pop! And I can't leave out CoCo - she got to go play with her cousins as well! Thanks to everyone who kept our little ones! We had a great time, so great that it took a little adjusting to get back into mommy mode this week. As luck would have it on Tuesday the dryer went out (again). A few weeks ago it went out, but being the mechanic that he is, Kerry tore the entire thing apart, and fixed it! But, it quit for good this time. So - on Wednesday I did laundy at the house and then hauled it all to the "Hawg Wash" to dry it. NEVER again will I go with 3 kids, 1 puppy, 5 loads of wet clothes, AND Kerry was in Mt. Home! Needless to say, I now see what a wonderful luxery it is to have a dryer in the home and started pricing them last night. Just in case you forgot - yes, our fridge went out a few months ago - our appliances are dropping like flies!

I guess that's it. Everything is pretty normal around here. The dog chews, the kids wrestle, Kerry cooks and sells and I clean and counsel!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Kyler!

Sweetie Pie Kyler has turned 5! He requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and spiderman on it (of course!). Thank goodness they had a spiderman candle and I didn't have to attempt that with the icing! We had a mini celebration for his special day and will celebrate again at Chuck E. Cheese in a few weeks. He has had such a good year and is learning so much and what a funny little guy he is! Kyler is easy going, sensative and tough all in one , and those big blue eyes will just melt your heart. He is a great big brother to Evan and also gets to be a little brother to Jayden - the best of both! He loves to swim, swing, color and play - and he can play hard! Kyler will play with his toys all day and is very independent. He is becoming quite the artist and can draw Transformers with perfection! In the last six months he has gone through being totally into - Lightening McQueen, then wrestling men, then - Ninja Turtles, then - Transformers, Now - Spiderman . . . don't know what will be next - we'll see. It makes be sad to think that this is his last year at home before starting school, but I know that he will be ready and just love getting to go to school with his big brother - but, for now, he is my little home-body. To Kyler, there is no place like home! Happy Birthday Kyler!

Introducing CoCo. . .

Meet the newest member of our family . . . CoCo. CoCo was brought to the boys by Santa and was named by Santa. The boys just love her. Both Kyler and Jayden can be caught hugging and telling her they love her, multiple times during the day. I have even caught Jayden telling her that she is his "favorite girl" - to which I respond - what about Mommy? To that he replies - well, you AND CoCo are my favorites (glad to know I'm right up there with a dog!). CoCo goes in the car with us to take Jayden to school and pick him up, as well as any runs to Breaux's we have to make. Anything that doesn't involved everyone going in - CoCo is along for the ride! Evan is constantly consumed with her - and loves to let her out to "go teetee". Evan is also usually the one that gets the most nips by her - he is lower to the ground and he likes to ball up on the floor - she thinks he's playing! She's a handful - but lots of fun!


What a wonderful christmas celebration we had for 2008. On Christmas Eve we headed to Arkadelphia and had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. The boys got to open their jammies, checked out santa's radar on the computer, and put out cookies and milk - along with Jayden's gift he left for Santa (because "no one ever gives santa a present"). Christmas morning they were greeted by CoCo along with other toys left by Santa and then opened presents, ate breakfast and played! Christmas day we loaded up (thankfully, Pop and CiCi were coming to Fayetteville in a few days - so we left alot of stuff for them to bring) and headed to Carlisle. The boys played with CoCo and "Funny Guy Glynn" and we cooked a Christmas dinner. The next day we headed to Sheridan for more food and celebration. The boys got to open more presents, play with more dogs, and eat more food! Including seeing Morgan and Maddie - which the boys always love! Since we were all hosting a nice little cold virus and were all a little anxious to be home - we loaded up that night and headed back to Fayetteville. Although it was late when we got in, we were glad to be home. As you can see, Evan fell asleep in the car and after being brought in and taking off his soaking diaper - he just continued to sleep through all the unloading! Thank you to everyone for making this such a special Christmas - we have such a wonderful family and love getting to see everyone over the holidays!