Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on Kyler

We got the results from the scope today. As the doctor had suspected at the time of the scope - his esophogis did not look any better like we had hoped. His eosinophil level was still high - actually as high as it was when he was knee deep in symptoms. So- she pretty much referred us on and said that if we need any scopes done she will continue to do those - but we need to see someone else. Our plan right now is to meet with our Allergist here in Fayetteville and let him know the results and get his opinion and then possibly move on from there to a clinic in Cinncinati that specializes in this- but we are going to see what he thinks. Here is a link with some information on Eosinphilic Esophogitis because I am not very good at explaining it! This website gives a pretty good overview -

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Kerry!

Kerry celebrated his 34th brithday this week. Yes, now he is as old as his wife. We celebrated at the Catfish Hole.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We love Mud!!

The boys love going down to the "tunnel" behind our house. As you can see it is very muddy because of all this rain we've been having. They all started out completely dressed - however gradually became too wet and had to shed. They also caught the first "Mexican Bullfrog" of the season. Fun times!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Go Arkansas Naturals!

The Home Builders Association had a family night at the ball field last week. We had a nice room with food and tv's to hang out in, but spent most of our time at the play ground - despite the rainy weather. The boys also got to hang out with "Strike". As usual - we ate, we played, we left! Later we found out that Auntie M and James-Alan were at the game, too -- don't know how we missed them! You would think they would have heard the Pitts' circus and known we around!

Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday. My boys surprised me by going to IHOP (my favorite breakfast place!) and bringing home breakfast. They each made me special mother's day cards and Jayden made a little box for my "special things" at school. Apparently, my special things are Evan's pee- because later in the day he presented me with the box, with the lid on it and feeling very warm! He was so proud that he had peed in a cup! Jayden- however, not so proud - the wettness rubbed the thumb print off and some of the paint. (We will be fixing it later).

Stats Report!

Jayden hit the ball!! It happened last night at an out of town game. Let me give you a replay: Jayden got up to bat, looked back at us, gave us a thumbs up, swept his "pretty boy" hair to the side, swung once - strike, swung twice POW! Stunned - he stalled a few seconds as the crowd went wild and yelled RUN, RUN! He made it to first, the next two batters struke out, but at the next hit he ran all the way to third! My heart was pounding and I have never been so excited and relieved for a base hit!
Just a little history: Jayden has been scared of that darn pitching machine since the first practice. He pretty much just gets up there, swings his 3 swings and goes back to the dug out -- I knew that if he could just hit it once he would get his confidence up - well here we go -- watch out - because we have a new batter on the team!

CoCo: a duck, a goat, a ferrett, a cat and a turtle

Last week Jayden's class had a bring your pet to school day. Kerry took CoCo up there so that Jayden could introduce her to his class and tell a little bit about her. Also present were some other dogs and a duck, a goat (also named CoCo), a ferret, a cat and a turtle. Well, not long after they arrived CoCo got out of her collar/leash and chased a duck, a goat, a cat and a ferrett and ran around the field with Kerry chasing her and Jayden running behind Kerry. I did not get to witness this event but am certainly glad it wasn't me! CoCo was put back on the leash, the collar was tightened and no pets were harmed - Kerry was a little out of breath during his presentation of CoCo and a little sweaty and very glad to have it over with!