Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Island Time

I can't think of a better getaway, than some Island time with my favorite guy! We flew out before the sun rose on Thursday and returned long after the sun set on Monday - it was the perfect getaway!
 The weather was perfection! We peddled everywhere we wanted to go, drank yummy pina coladas and punches, dined on seafood, lounged beach and pool side and took in all the sea breezes!

 I mean really, is there anywhere else to be? We LOVE Casa Marina! and since this was our first time to stay here kid-free, we could truly enjoy it's relaxing qualities!

 As a bonus, they were hosting the Mel Fisher investor party one night.  I watched beach side as they spent the day decorating and that night, Kerry and I dined beach side so we could watch the action.  Let me tell you, there are some pretty eccentric characters that invest in treasure hunting ;). 

 We always love our time in the Keys!  It is the perfect mix of sunshine and beach, history and relaxation!  I highly recommend biking - it will be a must do for us and the boys from here on out! It's the only way to SEE the island!  Wether in heels for dinner or flip flops for an afternoon excursion - we were peddler's! '
Til next time, paradise!

Jayden's Confirmation

 It was a special Sunday celebrating this young man!  Jayden has spent the last year in his confirmation classes  . . he has sure grown alot over the course of his time as a confirmand.  We are beyond proud of him and the young man he is becoming!  
We had lots of family here!  All the G-parents spent the day hanging with the Pitts and the other Pitts crew was at the ceremony.
Earlier in the afternoon, these two cool cats had a band concert.  It was a pretty full Sunday for Jayden!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Fever, Summer Dreamin'

The first sign of warm weather and sunshine and this crew was out and about!  We loaded up all the bikes and spent an entire Saturday on the trails of Fayetteville - it was fun all riding bikes together - we are going to have to do it more often!  
 Kerry may have yet ANOTHER talent . .  organizing fund raisers!  He put on a very successful event for some special football player families! The community support was awesome!  We ended up with some delicious baked goods and an ab lounger from the silent auction! . .  I'm not sure that Evan is using it properly?! ha!
 And guess who we had for dinner one night!  We love it when her mommy has Jr League meetings!
Fun times in April at the Pitts house!  Summer is within our reach!

3 Boys and a Baby

Guess who spent the night at the Pitts house?  Miss Avery!  Miranda and Adam were away for work, Pop and Cici were in lower Arkansas, Kerry was in Memphis . .  I was the only family representation for ALL 4 kiddos!  We sure had a fun time her!
 she LOVES Waldo!
  . .  and boy toys are pretty cool, too!
 She thinks Evan is paying attention to her, but really he is watching TV and ignoring her, ha!
 We even have a vintage Cozy Coupe for her to drive while she's here . . .
  . .  and an AWESOME snack drawer!
 future Brittney Spears??
Did I mention this baby needs a cat?
 She even lunched with big boys!  We delivered lunch to Kyler . . she waved at all the kids in the hallway . .  because she's famous --really, it was like the Queen had arrived :). Then she got to eat Chick-fil-a at Evan's school!  Even Evan looks happy to have her as a lunch date . .  or maybe it's because we brought him food?!

She was super good!  I loved my girl time with her!