Monday, July 22, 2013

Frequent Fairy Visits

Evan finally lost his FIRST tooth!!  This is the snaggle tooth smile of one happy boy!
 THEN, while we were in LA for Kerry's reunion - Jayden lost one of his big ole teeth!! THEN, on the way home Evan lost ANOTHER tooth!  The tooth fairy just mind-as-well park it at the Pitts' house for a bit!  Kyler???? You're up next!
Before we left for the weekend, we got in a little Avery time . . .

 Thanks to Adam, Auntie M and Avery - Rascal and CoCo had a weekend getaway while we were away.  (we didn't want to risk CoCo taking off from fireworks again!)  This is on Monday when we picked up the 4-leggers.
 We've been getting to hang out with cute Miss Avery alot this last week.  She likes watching cartoons with Kyler . . .
And she REALLY likes sitting in between Coach purses at PF Changs!  (me too!!)
The boys spent the week going to Camp Rock . . since it was in Rogers we got to stop off at the lakehouse.  9-3 of pure rockin' can wear a Pitts boy out!  Stay tuned for that rockin' post!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back to the Hive: Sheridan Yellow Jacket 20 YR Reunion

Here we go again . .  reunion time!  This time we are Grant County bound for some Yellow Jacket fun!   We headed down on Friday in time for the first event at the Country Club - the first part was for families. After burgers and meet and greets the boys and I headed back to the hotel.  The Sheridan hotel was NOT our idea of going "home" but it had to do in a pinch!  I hope that my boys always know that no matter who, what, when . . . no matter what they are ALWAYS welcome home and will be welcomed with open arms! The boys were very disappointed that they weren't able to get in some cowboy living this trip, but we made the best of it.
 Kerry had a blast seeing his classmates and it was fun for me to see and meet them!  We were able to work in a trip to Carlisle on Saturday to see Meme.  Saturday evening we dropped the kiddos off with the other Pitts Crew for the night and Kerry and I stayed in Little Rock.

Lots of fun re-uniting on Saturday Night!

I sure am glad this Badger met this Yellow Jacket :) . .  we have had fun this summer reuniting!  It's hard to believe it's been 20 years . .  it's always fun to see the ones you grew up with!  The boys had a BLAST seeing their favorite yellow jacket cousins - thanks Morgan and Madi!
    Well, that's it for reunions! wheh! It's back to NWA . . we've got more summer to live up!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lost and FOUND

When we returned from our Lower Arkansas trip . .  we expected our usual CoCo greeting when we pulled up . . . no CoCo.  We called for her, took off on foot and bike, asked the neighbors . .  no CoCo.  She was last seen on the 4th of July, hanging out on the deck.  FIREWORKS!  Of course!  She bolted, headed for the hills when she heard some snap, crackle and pops!
 We spent the next morning making signs, calling shelters and saying prayers.  Our first stop at Wedington Animal Hospital led us right to her! THANKFULLY she ran about a mile straight through the woods and into the home of a dog lover about 10:30pm on July 4th!  He had brought her in and had her checked for a chip (which she didn't have, but WILL soon!) then took her home in hopes the owner would appear!  AND we did!  Talk about a halmark moment . .  3 boys running up a gravel driveway to reunite with their dog . . . tears!  He bragged on a what a good dog she was.  She was an inside dog with two new friends - a german shephard and golden retriever, for the weekend.
We sure are glad to have our 4 legged family member back!  She has been SPOILED rotten today!

July Condo Bums

The boys and I spent over a week at the condo.  . Kerry came for the reunion, left to go back to work, then returned for some 4th of July action! The boys even got to have some time at the Arkadelphia house with Pop and CiCi while Kerry and I were reunion-ing it up!  
  We had lots of fun and just kept on re-uniting all week long!
Rascal made the trip - he loved the condo grass!  (That's him on the leash)
Like I said, we just kept on reunion-ing!  The Muse's stopped by for some fun.  

We spent an afternoon on the Caddo with our FAVORITE River Rats - the Oosterhous crew!  

The boys rescued a baby bird and named it "Hamilton Scott". We even went to the bait store to get worms and crickets.  The boys mashed them into a a gross liquid and fed him with a syringe. yuk!
After a few days, Hamilton Scott had enough strength to fly!

Of course the boys caught lots of turtles and fish.

We did lots of hanging out with Ashur, Hadlee and Shea!  Shea and I even got a Magazine Mom day :)
The boys got to have a sleep over at Luke's grandmothers and Luke spent some time with us.

Ashur and Evan waiting on Kerry for a ride.
Shea and I . .  I'm so glad I got to keep reuniting with her and her little ones!
Silly boys - just had to try on their baby life jacket . .  They've grown a bit.

I wonder what these two are talking about . .  no telling!
The fireworks crew!  The Pitts boys were on their last fuse by Saturday night- so I didn't get the group kids pic I had hoped for!

Lots of boat rides. . .

This is when its cool to wear a diaper . .  a life jacket diaper that is!
And finally,  before returning home to NWA we buried Snoopy and Max Jr.  They've been in the freezer for MONTHS, (in duct taped boxes of course), awaiting their burial in Hot Springs.  It was a sad moment, but the boys picked the perfect final resting place for these beloved pets . . the twisted trees.
SO, to sum it up - we reunited with lots of friends, saved a bird, caught turtles, caught fish, boated, wave ran, went to the movies, played putt-putt, saw fireworks and buried pets . .  wheh!  I think we need a week at home before reunion #2!

Oldies but Goodies! Class of '93 20 Year Badger Reunion

You just can't beat seeing those friends from way back when . .  the ones who had the same 5th grade teacher as you, chased you on the playground, passed notes to you in class, knows what your 7th grade perm looked like, knows every word to 80's song  . . because we danced to them in the Student Center, twirled with you, cruised sonic, hung out at pizza hut, laughed with you, cried with you,. . . bunkin' parties, dances to graduation . . . Oldies but Goodies!  I truly enjoyed spending time with the ones that knew me when . . and just like time hadn't past, we had a blast!
On Friday night Shea and I rode from Hot Springs together.  It was at Slim and Shorty's in Arkadelphia . .  I had never been to a hang out in arkadoo before - it was pretty weird to have a place like that in my hometown! I took very few pictures, but had a great time seeing everyone!  It was a great start to the weekend.
 On Saturday, our entire gang went to the picnic at Degray - I got ZIPPO pics!  We had hot dogs and water balloon fun. The boys were PERFECT, wheh! It was fun to see everyone's mini me's :)!
 Whatever pics I didn't get at the other events my rock star husband made up for on Saturday night!  He was the picture taking KING!  And I LOVE that I got so many pics of this fun night!  He also supported all the wandering lost spouses that had to just hang out while us Badgers reunited.  I've got alot to live up to at his reunion!

Some of the beautiful ladies I grew up with! 
There is also a pic of the handsome guys, but somehow I didn't end up with that one. (might add later!)

I can't wait to see these folks again in 5, sooner if possible! The BEST Badger class ever, if I do say so myself!