Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pitts Keys Trip: Casa Marina Days

Just 90 short miles to Cuba, Key West is our playground for the next few days! 
ocean life exploring . . .
We met up with an old friend.  We've met this parrot before and I'm pretty sure his owner recognized me as a sucker for 30 bucks in parrot pics! 

Darth Vader and a Banjo - how could we NOT get a picture. We even stopped our 9 man bicycle train through Duval St at 9:30pm to get it!

Brunch at the Blue Heaven, something about eating Lobster Benedict with chickens and band under a palm tree!
We love the bike riding through town and Truman Addition is a nice short cut . . .

THE SHARK! We always have to get a pic with the Shark, it's become a tradition!

Breath taking surroundings as always at Casa Marina.  

Lots of dining on seafood and punches . . 

 Evan in Bahama village on the way to Blue Heaven. . . 

 Lunch at DJ's clam shop, one of our favs!
 The Key West aquarium.  The boys know their way around this place, know when the feedings are, and have multiple day passes to go in and out.  
Can't beat the views from the Lighthouse!
 Best sight around, Palm leaves and Pittsboys oceanside.
 Blue lights flashing and there was a Pittsboys involved!  Our flight left at 6pm so we hung out at the pool all day - with a "quick" trip by me and the boys to Dj's clam shack for some lunch. . . . Next thing you know I get a panicked call from Jayden that Kyler had a wreck and busted someones tail light. (JP and KD got ahead of Evan and I).  
 There he is . . Luckily, he wasn't hurt.  He did pick the busiest part of Duval St. to stop traffic, right in front of Sloppy Joes!  Once the police got there we moved around the corner 
- it was quite the excitement!

 Pittsboys while the policeman was writing the report. Notice how relaxed they seem and Evan has no shirt on . .  even the law is chillax in Key West :)

 Kyler's first ticket!  I can't think of a more exciting place to get one!  
 The best thing to do after creating traffic havick is to drink a gigantic Margarita (me) and eat some fresh fish tacos!  Meanwhile, back at the pool . . . (that's right, Kerry missed all the crazy - and he had Dj's delivered to the pool!)
 Time to jet set again!  This time I get to join! You hop on a plane, they serve you a fresh food buffet and drinks and 2 hours later you are in Arkansas - can't beat it!
 I think we are spoiled to private jets!

So many memories made!  We always love our time in the Keys!  There is just something about a week in the islands that you can't beat!