Monday, July 28, 2014

Boys of the Beach

The waves have been perfect for boogie boarding the last 2 days!
 We've been beach bums by day and movie bums by night.  We even got some much needed Pittsboy sprucing done this morning . . . haircuts.  I mean, we do have some boys heading to camp next week and we can't look like total hobos!
 Kyler is non stop boogie . . wave after wave after wave
 Jayden got his Beats Pill in the mail today, so now he is our pool and beachside DJ!

 Evan does this series of hand signals like he's jumping out of an airplane before he jumps . . . one too many  army movies, maybe?
 3 amigos, always mere seconds from a scuffle :)
 We can't wait for Kerry to rejoin us tomorrow!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Catch a Wave

One thing about being at the beach for an extended time is that you feel no pressure to get those vacation duties done . .  full days at the beach, family pics, night crab hunting . .  nope, no pressure here.  However, NOW the pressure is on!  We didn't get any of those things done - so it's crunch time!  
 We were happy to have Pop and CiCi and Mim here this past week to Bum with us!  I got very few pictures, most of these are Mom's!  I have truely been a beach bum momma this week!  Today, starts a new week for us gypsies- Pappa Gypsie is on a flight back to reality to get things done, while the rest of us try and snap out of vacay mode and get laundry done, condo pick up,  and prepare for another week on the beach.
 Pool . . . Beach
 Pool . . . Beach
 Beach . . . Pool
Pool . . . Beach

 Beach . . .

 Dinner out with whole gang on their last night with us.  (That's Jayden's new crazy hair hat that Evan has on)
 Pop and Pittsboys 

 Destination 2nd Sandbar. . . the Pitts minus Kyler (he was up at the condo recooping from a little fever because otherwise he is the 2nd Sandbar King!)
No group family pic while the whole hang was here :( oh, well . .  that just means we will have to do it next year when the Johnson's can join us!  Wish me luck getting my boys in "fancy" clothes for family beach pictures.  Fancy as in, doesn't have under armor or nike plastered across the front.  I will be up for the fight one night this week and get it done! 
And so we begin another week of fresh seafood, beach/pool alternations, sea creature catching, fun and sun!  We pick Kerry up at the airport on Tuesday so he can finish out the bummin' with us!

Monday, July 21, 2014

If You Need Us . . We're at the BEACH!

We made it!  We are settling in to our home for the next two weeks . .  lots of beach bummin' is in our future and we couldn't be more ready!

 It's kind of like a second home . .  we stay at the same place every year and were even just here over spring break!  I guess we are officially BEACH GYPSIES for the next two weeks . .  and I am perfectly okay with that!

Like a Band of Gypsies

Sometimes. . . a Willie Nelson song sums it up best!  Like a band of gympsies we go down the highway . .  on the road again . . 
We closed on the house on Monday.  As we walked out Jayden said with his hands in the air, "we are officially HOBOS!" I prefer "Gypsies" but yes, Hobos" fits us too! We spent the next two night with part of the Pitts at the Lake house and part with Mike.  We may be homeless, but we still have basketball practices, music lessons, work and normal ole duties that keep on!  On Wednesday afternoon we all headed out, Florida bound with a Pitts stop off in Sheridan!
 The boys got in some much needed farm time!
 By Thursday night this band of gypsies was in Biloxi.
 Room service and some cartoons and these boys are feeling right at home!
It's not so bad being gypsies . .  especially when you have family with lake fun and farm fun and then you head south to Florida!  
On the road again . . .

Saying Goodbye

I know it's just brick and mortar, roof and Sheetrock . .  but 2333 has been "home" for as long as the Pitts boys can remember and it was a difficult departure.   Somehow, we managed to pack up the last 8 years into boxes and pods and storage units.  Lots of great memories were had here!
 Who knew an empty pod could be such a cool boys hangout!
 We didn't move the beds til the last day, the boys still found a way to lounge on the job, though!
 This kid was in my belly when we moved in.  I put this tree up in his nursery just before he was born . .  he's grown a bit!  The hand prints are Jayden and Kyler's.  Evan said he wants the same tree in his new room :)
 When Jayden and Kyler were in their writing on the wall stage (fun!) I gave them a spot in Kyler's closet where it was "legal".  Can't beat this graffiti! 
 Kyler might have had the hardest time of all saying goodbye.  We all made several walk throughs.  Even though I know we have outgrown this house, it still holds alot of memories!
We had to have a last night frog hunt.  Since they were little tykes a highlight of bath time has been their hopping friends from the front flower beds.

 See . .  it's just a deck.  Nothing special.  3 little boys in cozy coupes having a nascar race make it home!

Goodbye 2333!

Summer Lovin'

. . .  Havin' a blast!  It's time for another Hot Springs trip before the summer gets away from us!
 A morning flight . . .
 It doesn't get more summer than ice cream from the ice cream truck, pool side
 We even got a visit from Papaw and Ninny and a yummy dockside meal complete with fish and turtle feeding!
 I know where the pot of gold is now!
The boys were itching to get back to the Gentry Zoo, so in between packing we headed for an afternoon with the animals.  It was a good distraction from our crazy boxed up house!
 Jayden made a friend . . 
 We got to hang out in the monkey cage for a while . . 

 Pitts boys are always up for some snake handling . . 

That brings us to JULY! No kidding - this summer is flying!  We spent the 4th of July in NWA this year, since it was our last weekend before THE move!  A buffet of fireworks anyone ??!! 
 The Pitts boys know how to make some racket with rockets and light up the sky! The rest of our celebrating included food and play at the Lake House with Pop, CiCi, Mim and the Johnsons!

If you blink you might miss it . .  this summer is happening so fast!