Sunday, April 30, 2017

Spring Fling

 Nothing says Spring Fling like a visit from Uncle Bill!  The boys and I picked up an extra Pitts at the Key West airport.  We hung out on Duvall street until Kerry's flight came in.  Above is the 4 Amigos. . . at Amigos!

Uncle Bill had a room at our favorite resort . .  Hawks Cay!  I mean, I know we "resort crash" here frequently since our move down - but it was nice to actually be a guest!

Pittsboys teams took over the corn hole competition. . .

Complete with some celebratory dances. . .

We spent some time in Key West too!

It was fun to have an extra Pittboy enjoy in the islands with us!  

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Celebration 2017

 SON-rise Service on Sombrero Beach  . .  the perfect sanctuary for an Easter Celebration is definitely watching the sunrise over the ocean!  It was the perfect combination of familiar Easter Hymns and Gods beauty!  I am proud of my boys for being early risers on this Easter Sunday!
We spent Saturday doing our usual Easter Preps  . .  Bunny Cake and Egg dying.  We attempted the Marathon Community Egg Hunt, however, apparently "Island Time" doesn't apply to egg hunts - because we walked in at 10:04 and kids were walking out with baskets of eggs . .  4 minutes . . really?!  And of Course, there was no talking them into a picture with the Bunny! 
Easter afternoon Egg Hunt.  It was weak ya'll!  We were tired from our sunrise - rising and it just wasn't the same without everyone around . . . next year we are back on for some Egg-lympics and family time!
We even had an Easter Dinner! It was a beautiful day for celebrating our Risen Lord!  Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

South Bound Bonus Trip

Kerry's flights are already scheduled for the week after Easter - but he is being missed - and I'm pretty positive he misses us too!  Therefore . .  he booked a flight on Thursday night and was southbound by 8am Friday morning!  I'm glad to have my other half back . . . it's hard running this frat house all by myself!  We left the boys Saturday and headed to Key West . . a full day of  browsing the streets, sipping rum punches, shopping and yummy food with my Love! It was a day well spent!
On Sunday, we went straight from Palm Sunday Service to a boat and headed to the Reef for some snorkeling.  I didn't get any cool underwater shots . . but I did manage to get a full family picture!  It was neat to have some time on the water and explore our ocean neighbors!
By Tuesday it was time to head to Miami for Kerry to catch his flight, but first . . .  Miami exploring Pitts style!  We didn't get to take him to our mountain biking spot (next time) but Dave and Busters and Paint Ball was on the agenda!  (Maybe next time we can just lounge at South Beach and do a little shopping . . anyone? anyone?  . . . I'm always out-voted!) 
It's serious stuff. . . we shut the place down - like, really - our time there spanned several shifts of groups coming and going. 

It was a fun bonus trip filled with family dinners out, sun sets and hot tubbing at Banana Bay, fishing, boating and beach time! Time to head back to the Islands, minus a Pitts - but he will be back in just one short week and half!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Break Destination

There are many great things about living in the Islands, but one of our favorites is that we live in a tropical vacation destination and that means we get visitors! It was Spring Break week in Arkansas and North Carolina - so we got a week with the Daily/Johnson Crew!  Pop, CiCi, Auntie M and Avery rented a neat little house within walking/biking distance to our home . . and bonus, the boys could fish off a different dock! 
Here is the bird situation I mentioned earlier . . . the chum bag attracted not only fish, but the birds  . . leading to one caught on Jayden's hook!  We had a crowd and all Pittsboys on deck to help with the rescue! 

We spent some time at the Theater of the Sea and Robbie's Marina on day . . 

 An afternoon at Bahia Honda . . .

 Dinner at Sunset Grill one night and a family fish grill at their house one night to eat up some of our Snapper from the boys fishing trip.  
 I enjoyed having some girl time . .  Island Girls! (How did Auntie M escape my camera?! . .  probably because she was working and chasing a 4 year old while she was here!)
 Avery liked the Iguana feedings off our back porch . . .

 Pop and CiCi headed to Key West one morning and later that afternoon Auntie M, Avery, the boys and I joined them . . .

 Key West isn't the best destination for a 4 year old . . so the rest of crew headed back and left us Pitts to do our thing.  We had lunch at Amigos and dinner at a Japanese Garden that Kyler was wanting to check out.  We also made it to a cool book store, fly fishing shop and some sunset shows at Mallory Square before heading back home.  
 Avery at Sombrero Beach . . I told her to pose.. . I LOVE this - so cute! 

Time at their dock and coloring with Avery . . . 

 We checked out Long Beach State Park with the crew . . .

 It was fun monkeying around the Islands with the Fam!