Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a Bunch-a Nerds

Can you believe it is already time for progress reports?! I must admit to being a little nervous when Jayden pulled his stapled progress report out of his backpack, HOWEVER - what a great report it was!!! And, Kyler's was just as wonderful! Here is a sum up of both boys' reports, I am such a proud Momma!

Jayden: All pluses on academics, with a note stating that he has completed ALL his reading levels for the year! Almost all pluses for behavior, with a few areas to work on (including "controls talking" - wonder where he gets that?). A note from his teacher stating that it is a "pleasure" to have Jayden in the class and that he has such great knowledge to add to classroom discussions!
Kyler: A note from his teacher on the top of the page saying that Kyler is a "joy" to have in class and he always has the best stories to share with the class (hmmm not sure what that's about) and that he is a great friend to everyone. My little sweety pie! Almost all pluses on academics, with a few little things to work on, but he is right on track! And, all pluses on behavior (wonder where he gets that?---his momma!)

AHHHHHH--how great is this school year?
*picture: Evan with the "nerd" glasses on (actually they are 3d glasses from the movies). Also, notice that he has on 3 shirts (we went shopping today and he had to try on all 3 at the same time!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Where did the weekend go?

After our "suite" experience, we headed to Pop and CiCi's lakehouse for some outdoor fun. We actually went 2 weeks ago also - we celebrated CiCi's b-day and had some boating fun. I can't believe it, but I have no pictures of the boys canoeing and kayaking ! We will have to get some the next time! We all paddled over to the park, played and then returned for some food.
THEN- I am proud to say that we had an absolute "Do Nothing Day" on Sunday! We played hookie from church (partly b/c Kyler is hosting a little cold, but mostly b/c I wanted one morning where we didn't have to get dressed for something!) Kerry watched football, I clipped recipes from mags, and the boys played and read their library books. I know, I know, sounds like the Cleavers' right?! It sure was nice! But, back to reality. . .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Livin' the Suite Life!

Today the whole gang got to meet Dylan and Cole Sprouse! In case you don't watch the Disney Chanel they are the stars of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"! It was so exciting! We met Auntie M at the Walmart home office, waited in line, and then got pictures made and autographs! We are so lucky that Auntie M gets us in to all this cool stuff! They were going to be at a Walmart and Sams Club later in the day, but we were glad to be at their first appearance (and I'm sure a shorter line!). The boys are already planning to take their pictures and autographs to school on Monday to share with their class that they met TV STARS!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Do these look like a bunch of Ladies Men to you? I guess I can see my future -- keeping all these girls away from my boys!

Let me explain. . . the school year started off with girls chasing Jayden on the playground and escalated to a "tug of war" game ending with Jayden re-scrapping his knee! Kyler - came home the 2nd day of school, and instantly began pumping some 5lb iron so he could push a girl higher in the swing the next day. And, yesterday Kyler whispered to me that a girl in his class told him he was "HANDSOME", and then he looked at me with a smirk, nodding his head like . . yea, that's right, she thinks I'm handsome. No news of chasing pre-schoolers yet from Evan, but I am sure that is in my future as well!

***note: the picture is of them playing "taxi" on the deck one evening after dinner.