Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

It's that time of year to make the Lower Arkansas loop to see all those family members we are so thankful for!  First stop:  Carlisle
 We headed out Wednesday afternoon (also, my 40th Birthday . .wahoo!), picked up some Nick's BBQ and began our Thanksgiving break.  We spent Thursday cooking and eating!  As usual, I was out voted on a sit down meal - so we did it pittsboy style while watching football!

 The wheel chair was the favored seat!

 On Friday it was time to head to our next stop:  Arkadelphia, to join this busy crew!

 Time to eat again . . .

Scavenger hunt time!
 tough clues, but the boys worked together!

 Over the creek and through the woods!

 Treasure counting . . .

We sure did love hanging out with this girlie cutie!

 On Saturday it was time to swing into our next Thanksgiving stop:  Sheridan
 Better than an amusement park!

 Some grain jumping, wheel spinning, more eating and lots of fun . . .
 Pittsboys line-up 
Final stop off in East End to see the other Pitts crew and watch part of the Egg Bowl, then it was up the mountain to NWA!
 Looky, Looky what was going on while we were giving Thanks!! The entire first floor is framed!
Lots to be thankful for!

Pre-Givings Activities

We decided another weekend in Lower Arkansas was in order, I mean you just can't get it all out of your system in just one deer camp weekend! After Jayden's basketball game in West Fork, we just kept on truckin' south!
 I got to see all the "dangerous" stuff they do while at deer camp . . 

 Grain piles are just too exciting!

 I'm beginning to see why they never have much luck hunting . .  it's really NOT the main attraction!

Then it was back to NWA to finish off a short week of school before Thanksgiving break.  Look who got specs and got the Math award for November! Way to go Evan! 
 More progress on the house, too! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Hunting We Will Go

The boys have not so patiently made it through weekends of football, beginning of basketball and acolyte duties that keep them in NWA, and the time has come for a weekend of the great outdoors!
 Four wheelin', dirt bikin', camo-ed up and ready for the bitter cold - they have their annual case of buck fever!

Have you ever seen such a cute selfie from your boys?!  I feel an ulterior motive, a buttering up of Mom . . .
The boys named him, "perseverance" aka  "Percy".  (I must say I'm impressed with their vocab!) Percy was saved by the Pittsboys and he wants to be a Pitts - but for now,  Percy will be a farm dog.  I think they are missing the point of hunting!  The animals brought back from deer camp should be strapped to the truck with a large rack . .  maybe next trip!  None-the-less they had a great time hanging out with Papaw and Uncle G and all the animals, playing in the grain bins and living the farm life!

Prince Charming

 He was all of charming!  For a moment I felt like the mother of the groom and saw years flash by!  
 He assured me this was just a pretend wedding.  (wheh! glad we got that cleared up!) 

 Prince Charles and John F Kennedy just hanging out!
 Prince Charles and his buddy Doogie Howser, MD.  
Every year Evan counts the days!  It was a fun day and the program tops itself every year!