Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Baseball Star and A Singing Star

This week has gotten off to a great start. . . On Monday Kyler had his first t-ball game of the season! He did great -- he played 3rd base, 2nd base and Centerfield -- 2 base hits and topped it off with a slide into home! (I so wish I had a picture of the slide action -- but, we weren't expecting it!) We have a whole season of Kyler's t-ball action to come!

Then, Tuesday night, we got to watch Jayden in the 2nd grade music program! He knew all the words and did a great job!
The sunglasses are to shield his eyes from the flashes of the poparatzi . . we pretended he was a star on the way up to the school -- limo drive (daddy), manager and poparatzi (me) and his entourage (EJ and KD).
(yes, we bribed them with suckers to make it through the program. . . it worked!)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Girls Just Wanna. . .

. . . Shop, Eat and SLEEP (ohhh -- and HAVE FUN!) I headed out on Thursday for a girls weekend of shopping and fun in Chicago! As I was telling Jayden and Kyler about my trip and that I would be meeting "Ms. Kara and Ms. Jenny" I realized that Jayden is the same age I was when I met my lifetime BFF's! (man that makes me feel old!)

The sisters. . .

Me and Kara . . .

Me and Jenny . . . This is after poor Kara had to take an early flight home due to Kidney stones!! We missed her our last day and night, but are glad she was able to make it home. Darn those Kidney Stones!!!

We had alot of fun! We even worked in a "chick-flick" -- I think it's the first movie I have seen at the theater that didn't involve animation or a talking animal in like a year! I am glad that Richard planned this little get away for Jenny and that I got to enjoy it as well! AND - hooray for Hubby of the Year . . When I returned the laundry was all done, the house was in good shape and the kids were all in one piece . . go super dad!

Random things from a Random week

Last week is somewhat of a blur. . . not sure why - it was just a regular ole week! --maybe because I was preparing for my Chicago trip, anyhow -- besides our regular baseball practices we had some eventful things going on ----

On Wednsday, Evan and I spent 2 hours at the school! We got there at 11 to eat lunch with Kyler. Mrs. Curtis said he had been soooo excited all morning, probably because he wanted the toy out of the happy meal, but MAYBE he wanted to see his Momma too:)! After we ate, Kyler wanted to get in line, ASAP -- notice he's first in the pic -- that is because he wants to get a swing on the playground! Evan played with Kindergarteners during recess -- they had a ball, and Kyler was a great Big Brother to Evan and let him play with his friends. Then, we headed back to the cafeteria for lunch #2 with Jayden! By this time, Evan was a little out of sorts, but we made it and had a great lunch with Jayden as well! (no playtime with the 2nd graders - Jayden and I decided that 2nd graders might play a little rougher and "big boy games" -- like football - so we headed home.)

On Thursday, Kerry (aka Mr. Mom) had his hands full! I was leaving for Chicago and this just happened to be a day of TWO fieldtrips! He went with Evan's class to the Arena to see the farm animals . . .

Then, he headed to Kyler's school for a hot dog grill out and some kite flying at Kite Day . . .

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The beginnings of some Lake Living

We are so excited about the new party barge!! We had big plans for a picnic and boat ride this Saturday, but the weather didn't cooperate . . . we did, however, get to have a picnic on the boat, check out the marina, and make big plans for this summer!

It looks like we could potentially be on the lake EVERY weekend this summer - either lake Hamilton or Beaver!

Since the weather wasn't the best for boating, we went with CiCi and Pop to War Eagle Caves. We have been before, but the boys just love it!

The Deck Dudes are back!

It only takes a few days of sunshine and warm weather to get these guys into summer mode! We've been hanging outside all week long - playing on the trampoline and swingset, doing skateboard/scooter tricks on the deck, wrestling with CoCo, catching critters and just loungin'!

also included in this picture is the pet lizard (Jayden is holding him) - he gets to have outings in the big planter, but his "home" is in the acquarium in Jayden's room. CoCo also has a friend over, Lucy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Art Show

Every now and then I need to display some of the great art work the boys bring home from school. . .ESPECIALLY when it's Jayden's 1st place piece . . .

This is the piece that won the blue ribbon!

Here's another one by Jayden "Trees in Autumn". He even knows the different types of medium he uses. . . he is really taking an interest in his artwork.

Here's one by Kyler - they used a cup lid to make the circles.

Here's one by Evan, he is studying dinosaurs this week.

I think Uncle Mike will be proud!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Pitts (ARMpitts that is)

Just a quick little funny . . . . The other day after baseball practice Jayden said something to Kerry about his armpits being wet. Then, later that night he told me he thought he might need to put on some deodorant because his arms were ". . you know, (waves his hands under his arms) . . fuming". How funny! Well, I kinda forgot about it and the next morning as I am hustling them out the door for school, I can't find Jayden. . . he was in our bathroom with the door locked. . . when he emerged and ran out the door, I made him stop and tell me what he was doing (just making sure we weren't sneaking anything to school, like a pocket knife!) He finally, said "you know, (pointed under his arms)!" So I am going to buy some Deodorant for him to keep in his bathroom, so he doesn't have to sneak around:)! Awwwhhhh -- next thing you know I'll be buying shaving cream!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hogeye Half Marathon!

2 "halfs"make a whole, right? That was Kyler's logic. . . sounds good to me:)!, I think I'll go with that!
There is only one word to describe the Hogeye . . HILLY! But, hey, it's NWA after all!

My boys were there to cheer me across the finishline! And eat some snacks and hangout on the square (the best part)!

I always wondered where the kids learned the hand-jesters during pictures. . . . hmmm.
I am glad I did it! Think I might be retiring for a little bit, though!:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Conversations with a Pitts Boy

Since this blog is my version of "scrapbooking" --I must include these little things that I don't want to forget. . . like the funny little things these boys do and say!

Quote from Evan and said very frequently these days! For instance ... the entire packet of fish food was floating in Kyler's new fish bowl, all I said was "oh my goodness" and "E-eVan" -- from the other room you hear "NOT MEE--E-E!" ---the other boys were at school! Or if I say "somebody put change in the dvd player" you hear "Not mee-e-" -- you get the picture!

". . . because girls are SASSY and they laugh alot. . . FOR NO REASON AT ALL!" (and add a shoulder shrug with hands in the air.)
Quote from Kyler to explain to Jayden why when he grows up he doesn't want to have girls, he wants to have boys!

"-@#*#, *$#@, and mindless woman" (not used at the same time!)
Quotes from Jayden as soon as he enters the car and has learned some new choice words and expressions from a particular third grader! What's up with the third grade?! He doesn't know what they mean, or that they are bad, until Kerry or I freak out. The principal was called by the time a third choice word was spoken -- he no longer sits by that third grader anymore!

also--Baseball season has begun -- tonight included Kyler's practice and Jayden's practice and scrimmage game. Jayden is hitting the ball this year --yay. Remember last year - like one hit the entire season and being scared of the pitching machine - no more! However, he is doing some serious smack talkin' -- after his base hit tonight and then the kid after him struck out he told the kid he "sucked" --getting a little to big for his britches already -- plus, again, not liking that choice word!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A "Real" Easter!!

Sunshine, warm temps, Easter Lillies, new clothes, egg hunting and family---that's right we had it all this year!! I don't think there has been an Easter Day since we moved to NWA that has lived up to a "real" Easter! Thank you weather . . no chill bumps or rain!

We did a little egg decorating the night before . .

The birdnest treats. . .

The chicks . . (no pic of the bunny cake this year!)

Photo shoot before church. . .
In case you are wondering. . . yes, they were bribed! Cold-hard cash! But have you ever seen such smiles?!

some outdoor play . . .

a little kite flying . . .(thank you Easter bunny for the kites!)

. . .and lots of hunting!

It was a Hoppy Easter Day:)!