Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bring out the Holly!

We decorated our tree last night!! I have worked really hard the last few weeks to restrain from putting up our tree . . .well, Thanksgiving has past - so Bring out the Holly!
We are so glad that Mim was here for the festivities! Check out the elves . . .

Let the Holidays begin:)!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks: 2010

The short version: Fayetteville to Arkadelphia to Carlisle to Sheridan to Arkadelphia to Fayetteville.
The Long Version: We (and by WE, I mean . . . 3 DOGS, 3 KIDS, 1 DIRT BIKE, 1 ICE CHEST and LOTS OF LUGGAGE!) left on Tuesday evening and headed south for the holidays. . .
The boys and I hung around "the Arkadelphia house" with Pop and CiCi . . .
Pop carving the boys initials in a tree. . .

Kara and Jenny and their crew hung out for a little scavenger hunt . . .7 boys and 1 little sweet girl between the three of us!

Then we met up with Kerry and spent Thanksgiving Day in Carlisle with MeMe. Here are the boys playing a little Wii -- I think MeMe enjoyed watching them play!

Then on Thanksgiving Evening (after seeing Uncle G and crew -- no pics of them, I'll get them next time!), we headed to Sheridan. . .

The boys resumed normal "deer camp" activities. . .

They even got to be Cowboys with Papaw!

They showed me around their stomping grounds. . . I got a ride on the back of "Kyler's" fourwheeler!
And they hung out with the goats. . .
Then we headed back to Arkadelphia to celebrate with the "Daily" crew . . .

The monopoly players. . .
Be careful putting a puzzle out with these 2 around. . . they can't quit!

We cheered on the HOGs in the presence of LSU fans!!!
We returned in shifts -- shift 1: Kerry and Evan in his car and Me and Kyler (and CoCo) in mine left Saturday night. . . Jayden returned with Aunti M and Mim (and dogs) on Sunday.
We are so thankful for our families and the great times we spend with them!

Monday, November 22, 2010

These little Piggys . . .called some HOGS!

We headed to Bud Walton Arena tonight and set a family record --- oh, yes, we got there early and we made it way past half time -- only leaving early to beat the pouring rain!

How cute is this little Hog Caller! Evan really enjoyed it -- and not just the cotton candy, popcorn and nachos -- he liked the music, lights - all of it!

H----O-----G-----S! These boys can spell out HOGS!

I don't know who was more excited about this one, the boys or Kerry! Just chillin' with DJ WILLIAMS!!! Can't wait to see him make a touchdown on Saturday against LSU -- my boys will be sooo excited that they "know" him!!
We had a fun time . . . and no little Piggys cried WeeWeeWee all the way home:)!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Case of Buck Fever!

Last weekend my boys had a case of Buck Fever! They left school a little early and headed south - their temperatures rising as the headed to deer camp, aka: Papaw's!

A Picture of the hunters: Jayden, Kyler and Evan with Hayden.

CoCo's gonna LOVE this!

This is what hunters that get up at 5:30 to hit the deer stand look like about 10 am . . .chillin' at Mamaws!

Jayden got some good ride time in.

Kyler got some good ride time in.

This might be the stillest you ever see Jayden!
They played at the ponds . . .

WoW! okay, so maybe this wasn't THEIR kill . . .but it made a great pic! (credit goes to John Allen!)

Three of the cutest little hunters EVER!
A Quarantine to the deer woods was the best thing for a case of Buck Fever!! They returned with lots of stories and are ready to head back!

A big thank you to Papaw and Ninny for hosting our little hunters!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot Rod!

Tonight was Bikes BOOKS and BBQ at the boy's school. This year they had the 1st annual "Best Bike of Williams Elementary Contest" ---just take a guess who won --- you got it, POP!!

They had the Bikes lined up outside with jars to put money and vote on your favorite - inside we ate BBQ and bought books at the book fair. You have never in you life seen bigger grins than the ones on these boys when they announced the winner!! They are SOOOO PROUD and were both telling everyone they knew about their POP's bike winning!

This is the picture that will be hanging in the library for all to see and the boys can't wait to see it displayed! (well, actually not this specific picture - the school took one - I just had to get a little snap shot too!)

I have a feeling that Pop is going to be requried to bring his bike up again next year:)!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They work hard for their money . . .

All three boys have been "logging" this evening. Kerry told them he would pay them each 10 cents per log and they logged 123 logs!!! ( I will have to confirm that number with Kyler, but I am pretty sure that's correct - I might be 1 or 2 off). These were their positions:
Evan: Scout - he found the logs in the woods and helped Kerry load them onto the wagon after they were split.
Jayden: Transporter - he drove the dirt bike pulling the wagon from the woods to the stairs where Kyler was.
Kyler: Stacker- he carried the logs from the wagon, up the stairs and stacked them on the deck.
They are super proud of the huge stack of firewood and they each made $12.30! They think they got paid well and I think Kerry got a good deal on labor! Not to mention they were kept busy, working together, and worn out!