Monday, April 11, 2016

Epic Spring Break Road Trip of 2016 (Day 8)

We are back for some Magic Kingdom Magic!  

When we weren't "fast passing"  we were doing a little line waiting . . .
Log ride!


Dole Whip!

We had a little mid day shower, but that didn't stop us!
It was a fun filled day of Disney Magic!  We rode about anything that didn't have a princess in it!
Following a full day at Disney we loaded back up.  On the Road Again!  We made it to somewhere in Alabama before stopping for the night.  The following morning we headed in for the home stretch!  It was quite the epic road trip!  The boys are growing so fast we are glad we got in a good ole family road trip while we can all fit in one hotel room!  We fit an EPIC amount of fun into our Spring Break week and made TONS of memories!

Epic Spring Break Road Trip of 2016 (Day 7)

We left Key West mid day and headed back up the Keys.  We spent the rest of the day at Hawks Cay.
 This the boys element - climbing in the mangroves, finding Iguanas, catching puffer fish bare handed and finding sea creatures!

 Then of course we hit the lagoon for some kayaking . . .
 And threw some boys in the pool!

We made a splash at Hawks Cay . . . now it's time to continue on - we've got a day in Disney planned for tomorrow!

Epic Spring Break Road Trip of 2016 (Days 5, 6 &7)

Destination Key West!  We settled right in to biking and enjoying the island!  We met up with the Yanceys for dinner and some Mallory Square entertainment.
Evan got selected to be in one of the shows . .  the funny part is that a few years ago, Jayden was in the same show!  

Our friend the Duval Street parrot . . .

 We all got bikes, except Jayden who skateboarded.
 Snack at DJ's Clam shop . . .

 Dinner at Two Friends . . .

 We even got a Date Night!  We biked to Louie's for our dinner reservation.
 And stopped by the southermost point for a quick picture.
We were in Key West the longest part of our trip and somehow I took the fewest pictures!  Oh well, we were too busy being islanders!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Epic Spring Break Road Trip of 2016 (Days 4, 5)

We island hopped through Key Largo, Islamorada to Marathon Key to stay at Tranquility Bay.  This was our first stay here and it was just what we needed!  Our own 3 bedroom 3 bath villa ocean side . . believe me, after cramming a party of 5 in hotel rooms - we needed some space to spread out!  Plus it was truly tranquil!
 We hit the pools and the grocery store and set up home!  
 Smell of shrimp . . beginning to boil.  I felt like we were living in a Jimmy Buffet song!  
 I took some pictures of the grounds for future reference - I think it would be the perfect place in the summer.  

We enjoyed a little putting in between shrimp eating. . .
Goodbye Tranquility . .  Key West here come the Pitts!

Epic Spring Break Road Trip of 2016 (Days 1-3)

We hit the road around noon on Friday, ready for a long road trip!
 By mid afternoon on Saturday we were in Orlando and met up with Pop and CiCi for some shopping and dinner.  The next day we rose bright and early for a day at Disney Hollywood Studios!
This was Evan's first hat purchase right at the beginning of the day (little did we know he would become a Disney hat collector by the end of vacay!) 
 Our Star Wars fanatic was pretty excited about the Star Wars attractions!

 I don't have a picture of it, but the entire family started off with the Tower of Terror - what a way to kick off our day! AND . . . while we waited on our table at dinner, Jayden met up with Payson at Tower of Terror and road again! (I told him to get a pic of him and Payson, but no luck!)

 Cocktails and lounging while waiting on our table at 50's Prime Diner . . . 
 It was a fun filled day and put a spark of Disney magic in us that we had to come back later in the trip!
Now it's off to the Keys!!!