Sunday, December 22, 2013

JOY To The World . . .

So long to the snow . .  it hung around (especially on the deck) for well over a week!
Silly boys showing off their toughness.  Can't freeze out a Pitts Boy!
 . . This two headed creature rang my doorbell .
Jayden had his first band concert!  He is 1st chair and really enjoys playing his trombone.  I was very impressed - I mean all these 6th graders went from playing no instruments to a Christmas concert in just a few months!  Kerry was on his trip to Vegas  . . but CiCi made it for Kyler's bball game and then band concert.  It was a day of festivities!
 Week two of bball games!  Kerry is SUPPOSED to be a one sport coach -- I mean, we get our feel with the football program  .. . however, the coach was out of town - so guess who filled in ;)  It sure is fun watching Kyler run up and down the court!
 It's Par-tey time!  Somehow - I ended up NOT making 90 treat bags, baking dozens of cookies, or planning crafts and games, decorating and planning 3 parties!  It was kinda nice. . .  I just showed up!
 Party like a 1st grader . . .
 Party like a 4th grader . .  Kyler's party was breakfast themed - somehow, I didn't get any pics of the 4th grade action!   Jayden is past the party grades . .  boo hoo!
 . . .and to TOP off the week :)  We finally added the final touch to the Pitts 2013 Christmas tree!  Jayden did the honors this year.
Kerry, Jayden and Kyler headed out today for a guided duck hunting trip in Stuttgart.  Evan and I went and saw Frozen tonight and are finishing up Christmas duties!  The Pitts crew will reunite in Sheridan tomorrow and Christmas celebrations shall commence!  
 . . The LORD is COME.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow Days . and Days . .and Days . .

While I was in NYC the boys were snowed in for what turned out to be a full week out of school!  I was greeted at the airport Monday night with snow gear wearing bumped noggin kids!
 We continued sledding activities when I returned.
 The fire was going for a week without stop!  
 Lots of snow play and fireside lounging.

You would think after missing 5 days of school, plus throw a weekend in there . . these boys would be ready to return . . oh no . .  it was a boohoo festival on Wednesday night when we got the word!  The roads were still pretty bad, but we got in 2 days this week.  It's really looking a lot like Christmas!

Christmas in the City

As the streets in NWA were getting covered with ice and snow and as we approached Day 2 of snow days . .  we flew out of XNA without a hitch!  Just 4 girls Big Apple Bound!  Avery has shopping in her blood . . she hung in there through long flights, cab rides, hotel, restaurants and lots and lots of city shopping!
 Christmas in the city!

 The Avery Parade through Saks  . . . she has so many fans:)
 Miranda is our navigator . . Mom and I would end up going in circles if not for her :)

 There is no better place to leave your Santa letter than at Macy's!
Subway rides . . .

 It was a super fun trip with my favorite girls!  Mom treated us to a fab city girls getaway and we have lots of memories and super cute stuff to show for it!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Lists have been delivered and the annual pic is done!
Evan read out everything on his list to Santa, to make sure he had it right!
Kyler made his list simple and to the point - so as not to confuse the jolly guy!

Jayden was just hoping he didn't see anyone he knew while he was with the big guy!

Making Merry

It's time to make things Merry around here!  
 I have given up on playing Christmas music during this . .  football wins everytime anyway!

 It's fun every year to look at the ornaments . .  and we love to compare the boys to Kerry's pics at their age. . . it's so funny how Kerry in the 4th grade looks JUST like Kyler now and Kerry in the 6th grade looks JUST like Jayden now!  I guess we are going to have to compare Evan to me!  
 Very Merry!

Thanksgiving 2013

We got off to a late start due to waiting on a doc appt for me . .  Kyler didn't mind . . .he loves a lounge day!
 Once we had the all clear we headed out on Tuesday.

It just happened to be my birthday . .  so I got some special treatment once we got to Arkadoo . . a tutu and all!Even though there are plenty of sleeping options, somehow I ended up sandwiched between two kids each night (Kyler likes to have the basement!).  Two kids, plus a fluttering heart, makes for not very good sleep!
The Oosterhous boys stayed and played for a while and the Williams crew came too (there is a group pic of everyone out there somewhere . . I'll try to add it soon!)
 Then it was off to meet up with Kerry in Carlisle . . . .
 Cooking and eating a Thanksgiving dinner . . .
 Playing out some energy at the Carlisle park . . .
Lounging with a full tummy . . .

Celebrating MeMe's 90th Birthday with the other Pitts crew . . . 
 Then back to Arkadoo to meet up with the rest of the crew for Thanksgiving dinner . . .
It seemed like a long week . . lots of traveling, starting off with a racing heart scare on Sunday night and lots of little flutters - made me not as Thankful as I should have been!  Maybe it was the combo of a Birthday and nearing the 4 week anniversary off all this heart mess -- it's only been 4 weeks??? seems like 6 months to me! 
Well, the partys over . .  the pity party, that is!  Sunday I gave Kerry permission to me my annoying cheerleader/drill Sargent (as I realized I needed a push!) and by Monday I was doing my first run with the new ticker.  Believe me, I dreaded this and had thousands of  "what ifs" racing through my mind - but we did it! 2 of the longest miles I will ever run!  I'm thankful to put this behind me and be normal - I'm a little tardy on my Thankfulness - better late than never though!