Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Little Light of Mine

Guess who will be bringing the light of the world into the sanctuary this year . . .Jayden! That's right he will hold a 3foot long brass rod with a flame on the end and a brass bell on the other, hold the offering plates, serve as an example at children's moment and hold the wine glass for communion --- did you just clinch your teeth, bite your nails, tap your foot uncontrolably and break into a sweat? I did! Just kidding, I know he can do it - this kid is pretty good at holding back those impulses when he needs to! The only part I am a little concerned about is that he has to sit in a special seat, behind the pastor - facing the congregation during the sermon . . . (I don't know that I would trust KERRY to do THAT!).

Jayden had his acolyte dedication at the service this morning - he stood in front of the church and they announced him and the others and then he went through a training - learning what it means to be an acolyte and HOW to do it. He did great! But, don't think that he didn't provide a little comic relief during training! As they went through the motions and said ok - pretend the preacher is preaching - Jayden assummed a sprawled out position complete with a fake snore - and got quite a chuckle:)!

I am very proud of Jayden for serving the church and as he left the training he said, "I get to do some pretty cool stuff" and he is looking forward to his first scheduled acolyte duty.


Friday, September 16, 2011

R.I.P. Strike

We just concluded a small ceremony for Strike. He was a good snake. Poor Jayden has been very emotional about his passing. Strike was small, cute (as cute as a snake can be), slithery and quite a miracle - a miracle because he was allowed to live in our home. He was loved by three special little boys. So if you come up our front walkway - take a moment to remember him - and notice that he, like Jayden, was named after Pop:)


Just a little posing in the front yard before leaving for school . . no the Hampsters didnt go to school, just HAD to be in the pics! On Fridays, Jayden gets to wear his game jersey to school (sooo cool!) Plus it was Hat Day -- wahoo it's Friday!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mark Your Calendars! Game Schedules!

Looking for something to do on a crisp fall Saturday???? Well, here you go . . . Head on up to Northwest Arkansas and take your pick . . . the Pitts boys will be playing some ball!

SEPTEMBER 17: 9:00 Jayden (football) at Westfork
SEPTEMBER 24: 8:00 Kyler (basketball) HOME/9:00 Jayden (football) HOME
OCTOBER 1: 9:00 Jayden (football) at Pea Ridge/10:15 Kyler (basketball)HOME
OCTOBER 8: 9:00 Jayden (football) HOME
OCTOBER 15: 9:00 Jayden (football) at Lincoln/10:15 Kyler (basketball) HOME
OCTOBER 22: 9:00 Jayden (football) at Shiloh
OCTOBER 29: 9:00 Jayden (football) at Elkins/ 10:15 Kyler (basketball) HOME
NOVEMBER 5: 9:00 Jayden (football) HOME/ 10:15 Kyler (basketball) HOME

**All of Kyler's bball games are Home games; the out of town games for Jayden are all in NWA - easy drives.
**** Jayden's times are subject to change IF it is a home Razorback game-- the time is just moved so that people can make the HOG game TOO!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sisters Photo Session . . . just for you Mom!

There is nothing I like to do LESS than have my picture made - probably because I am sooo not photogenic! BUT, we suffered through it for Mom for a B-day present! Here's a little preview of some of the pics . . .some were goofy, cheesy and almost embarrassing - but I think we got some good ones, too!

This one cracks me up because it looks like we are either getting engagement pics -- or I am putting her in a headlock:)!

Thank you to Meredith Curtis for taking our pics - because I know we weren't the most cooperative -- the kids might have been easier:)! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Momma:)!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Jayden had his very first Cardinal pee wee football game today! I really set there in awh -- announcers, stands full of cheering fans, cheerleaders, signs, cocession stand open -- I mean the real deal!

I also realized, that I am officially the mother of "older kids" now-- Kyler went to hang out with his friends and then Evan joined them, too. . . times are changing!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning and it's a good thing -- because that's the way every Saturday until November will be spent!

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Place to Hang Your Helmet

We have a new little hang out - the shop! It is right down the road and the perfect boy hangout if I ever saw one! Not only does it house the Foster's equipment (and other junk I don't allow at the house!), but it has perfect access to "Crawdad Creek", a huge field for riding, parking spots for the dirt bike and four wheeler and top that all off with a mini-fridge! Kerry can hang out at the shop while the boys catch critters, look for fossils, play in the creek and do some riding! I even hang out there too sometimes :)!

CoCo loves it, too!

Check out this huge "flower" Kyler brought me!

I guess every Man needs a shop, right Pop?! As I was sitting in my chair watching the action going on, Jayden wheeled into the shop, slowly drove right up to the fridge, grabbed a cold drink, and was on his way - ahhh the life!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

My FABULOUS hubby - surprised me with a Vegas trip - childcare arranged and all (always a stressor for me!) All I had to do was pack my bags . . . my kinda trip! It's a little bit early - but our anniversary always falls right in the middle of football and basketball stuff -so this worked out perfect! Thanks to Auntie M for keeping the wild bunch (I think we have cashed in ALL our built up points for the dog sitting now!). I have a feeling we won't see much of Auntie M for a while - she probably got all she wanted for the 4 days she spent with them! But, she never complained and I did little prep for her - just a schedule and the car keys - she winged it from there! We had a great time! I love the above picture -- so Vegas-y!

I loved me some Vegas loungin'!

When I looked up from my lounge chair - I saw palm trees and I didn't have to worry about constantly taking count of the boys in the pool - just loungin'! Except that the Flamingo Pool is quite the party pool! Like, really - I have never seen such craziness - I felt like I was in the middle of girls gone wild! (as a spectator of course!) I don't know if being around it made me feel young or old?!

We went to the PAWN STARS store -- Kerry loves this show and I watch it too. It was neat to see it in person - we even bought some keepsakes. Kerry has begun collecting coins and things when we travel and putting them in the safty deposit box -- someday the boys will have quite a collection!

Of course we ate fabulous food every night. I didn't get a whole lot of pics, but this was our last night - after the show I walked down the Vegas Strip with leopard print heels in hand!

We saw the Beatles Love circe de solei - it was really amazing and now I have Beatles songs stuck in my head!

A great geataway and much needed - business has been booming - but that makes for a busy Kerry - so it was nice to get to spend time together and have an early celebration of 12 BLISSFUL :) years!

Fall Beginnings

I haven't been the best blogger like I had planned before school started, but stuff keeps happening! So, here's a little catch up -- School is going good thus far - teachers are liked, no known problems (as of yet), I am able to get both boys to both schools, Evan is cooperating with my gym schedule and we are learning some karate choppin' and tackling moves (just what we need, right?!). Evan and Kyler have started Karate . . . a new thing for us . . . but it's going good and they both really like it! Jayden gets a little jealous that he isn't doing it, but with football right now, its just not the time. (we have the one sport at a time rule, sometimes there is a little overlapping for a week or two, but for the most part we stick to that - I don't want over scheduled kids!)

Jayden's football season has begun and Kerry is a coach. He played last year, but this is the first year to play for his school -- announcers, cheerleaders and all! And per Coach Kerry - he can make some smack down hits! I'm just glad we have an outlet for all that energy -- better on the football field than my living room!
They actually start tackle football with the boys and girls club in the 2nd grade - so Kyler is old enough - but - another Pitts Rule -- no tackle football until 3rd grade. This is a Kerry rule, and I agree -- 2nd grade is a little young to be smacked around by older kids - so Kyler will get to play next year - for now, he likes to watch his brother and he really watches the game and knows what is going on!

Here are the spectators at the Football Jamboree -- Mim, Pop and CiCi were also all there to watch the scrimmages. Normally I don't deck the kids out in camo - but they were headed to a laser tag birthday party and had to dress the part:)!
We also had a birthday party for CiCi at Aunti M's house -- I didn't get any pictures of that, but it was great food and fun and Mim was there too! I think it's going to be a fun fall . . . and since I live amoungst boys and my entire home is a "man cave" we are ready for some football food (aka Man Food -- hot wings, dip, sausage balls, etc), a football game on the tube, and some fall style chillaxin! GO CARDINALS!