Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Timing is Everything

In the time you take a shower . . . life threatening symptoms of Anaphylaxis begin.
In the time you bend down to tie your shoe laces . .  sweating, flushes, dizziness and tongue tingling can begin.
In the time you check your email . . . tongue swelling, throat tightening and shortness of breath can begin.


We learned a lesson in timing this weekend - one that will forever haunt me.  one that will forever leave me fearful.  and one that will forever worry me.

Luckily there is a "magic wand" and in the time it takes you to sign your name, all those symptoms can begin to dissipate.  Our magic wand:  the epipen.

I have diligently carried this magic wand around with me since Kyler was diagnosed with food allergies at the age of 18 mo.  I have made sure it was in his backpack every time he left the house, the school has one, and we have multiple ones scattered in our typical places.  Never have I had to use it until Saturday.

It surely took a special angel (Kyler's Grandmother angel, perhaps? That's what I believe.) to insure the timing of benadryl and adrenaline following Kyler's multiple wasp stings.  I look back on it and still don't know what led me to run to our car from the football field to get him benadryl (even though we thought he was NOT allergic to stings).  Or what led me to run through Walgreens ripping open benadryl ready tabs with my teeth.  Or what led me to speed and I'm sure violate several traffic laws to  get to Urgent Care - even though symptoms were mild at that time.  By the time we arrived at Urgent Care, symptoms were obvious - tongue swelling - hanging out of his mouth, sweaty, flushed, dizzy, tight, swelling throat . . . epipen was administered at 3:05 - I know this exact time because it is what the nurse said as we ran out the door - "tell them in ER, epipen was administered at 3:05"  TIMING is everything.

I told Evan and Kyler to buckle up because Mommy was fixing to do some stunt driving.  And I did I'm sure, although it is all a blur.  Kerry and Jayden were obliviously engaged in football.  It all happened so fast - yet looking at our time line, doesn't even make sense.  By the time we arrived in ER and I rudely (so unlike me) interrupted and jumped in front of this mother and child who were clearly NOT having an emergency - his vitals were good.  They were good.  His tongue was back in his mouth, he looked better, he sounded better, he was better. 

We spent the next 6 hours in the ER, he was given a steroid shot 3 hours in and was monitored to insure that a second episode didn't occur (apparently, 2-5 hours after first episode it can reoccur).
He was ok.  Just like that he was in the scariest moment of his life and then just like that he was ok.  Today, you would not know what his body went through, heck Saturday night when we got home - you could have never noticed. 

We had a doctors appt with his allergist today.  One of the things that has left me so fearful is that I can't control those little insects -- I can control what food he has, I can't control a bug.  We left with some good news: once they identify what he is allergic to(they are doing a blood test), he can have allergy shots to lessen the reaction.  For now the Dr has instructed us to take precautions...Kerry is doing a clean sweep of our property, he can't carry a coke can outside, go on a picnic, walk barefoot or be around food/trash that is outside.  We are still in prime stinging conditions this time of year - so we are going to be very careful.  The entire fam is getting a lesson and practice in epipen administration and TIMING.  We are also armed with EIGHT magic wands!  Take that stinger!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Must Remember

*** Jayden's paper from today ***

Jayden Pitts
funny, awesome, crazy

wishes to fly
wishes to own a pet store
wishes to have a comaro
dreams of being a marine biologist
wants to have a monkey
wants to go to costa rica
wants to be famous
who wonders about the military
who fears cows
who fears ghosts
who fears the dark
who is Loved by mom
who is Loved by dad
who is Loved by brothers
who likes reptiles
who believes in god
who loves family
who plans to go to Florida

I am awesome.

*** gosh I love this kid :) and I learned some things too!***

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day Updates!

Sorry, no pics with this post . . . I just wanted to remember how things went!  Evan ran to the car with the biggest smile on his face saying in the cutest little voice, " I Llllovvveedd it!"  I pretty much can't ask for a better first day for the little guy!  Apparantly, his teacher is the "awesomest", he made 11 friends (and Evan is very specific about this friend stuff - he's kinda like facebook - he asks - will you be my friend and then if accepted then they are officially your friend), and opening his lunch box is like opening a treasure chest!  We heard who got in trouble, who had a Justin Beiber lunch box AND backpack (ooh gross!) and all about his TWO recesses!  His older brothers are pretty disgusted with this. . . I mean they had to do real stuff:) . .  according to them, Kindergarten is a party!

Kyler's report -- they had to do WORK!  I guess when you loop, you don't need to get into all that "newness" - just get right down to business! He did say that he had a good day and is really excited about the decrease in homework this year!  Can't beat that!

Jayden's report -- it was "SCHOOL" - meaning just what I'm not sure.  He said he likes his teachers and is excited that he gets a LOCKER this year!  wahoo - that's big time! 

When the boys entered the house they said, "ewwhh it smells like toilet bowl cleaner in here".  Hmmm --as opposed to smelling like a urinal . .?  I'll take that as a compliment!  At least my bathrooms can be clean betweek 8 and 3 everyday!

Let's remember we are on day 1 of the honeymoon phase . . . let's hope the excitement continues!  Evan told me tonight when I tucked him in that I can just drop him off in the morning.  When asked if he was sure, because I can still walk him in . . . he looked me like I was crazy and said while shrugging his shoulders, "I know where my class is now".  And just like that, he's a big boy!

Back to School 2012

Here they are . . . ready to embark on a new school year!  Jayden and Kyler are relaxed and ready  . . . Evan looks a bit nervous!  He kept saying his stomach didn't feel so good this morning - but he was ready and such a big boy!
 Our 3rd Grader . . . Kyler!  Decked out in his sports attire and very specific Nike running shoes we had to track down! Looking cool and ready to be the big man at Williams Elementary!
 (sniff, sniff) Our Kindergartener . . . Evan!  My baby heading off for his first day of school, decked out in "big boy" clothes like his brothers and his new running shoes (this kid is usually doing good to have flip flops on - so shoes that must stay on your feet is a big step!)
 His backpack is almost as big as him!  He picked it because it has yellow on it (one of his favorite colors!)
Our 5th grader . . .  Jayden!  Gosh he looks old!  He was the first kid up this morning, fully dressed and fixing his hair.  His socks are probably the favorite part of his attire -- CiCi found them  while doing their back to school shopping - we had been searching for this specific type with no luck.  He darted up to the school, big man on campus this year - Ledbetter Intermediate look out!
This was one of the attempts at a group pic, but Kyler kept trying to give bunny ears to his borthers!

 We sat in traffic to drop off Jayden FOREVER!  It was really backed up, so by the time we got to Williams most of the parents had already said their goodbyes.  Evan went right to his seat and then put up his backpack and started playing with play doh.
Here's our big boy ready to start what is sure to be a fun year of Kindergarten!  Kerry and I walked Kyler down the hall and then went back and peeked on Evan  . .  still doing great!  I didn't cry  . . . until I got home and realized the Disney Channel was on and I didn't have to leave it on that channel and that his bink was sitting on the couch, just waiting for him . .  boo hoo! New Beginnings - so exciting and a little bittersweet!

Twas the Night Before School Starts 2012

Twas the Night Before School Starts. . .  here we go again!  Like I say every year . . seems like yesterday I was doing this for a 4th, 2nd and Ruler of the Roost . .  here I am in the blink of an eye with a FIFTH, THIRD and KINDERGARTENER! 
 So sweet, first to sleep and oldest Pitts Boy, Jayden, resting up for a day in the 5th grade!  He will report to Mrs. Herndon (who we hear  is WONDERFUL!) front and center table and ready to reconnect with friends and be the big grade on campus!
Little "baby" Evan, holding his Bink and sleeping soundly, resting up for his first day of Kindergarten.  I know I should be one of those crying Mommas, but I know that this little guy is ready and I am so excited for what lies ahead! He reports to Mrs. Gardners's class, seated front and center and ready for a year of learning and fun!  We know he will have a great year and are super excited that one of Jayden's friends's Mom will be his teacher:)!

And Finally, Kyer . . I guess I should document this correctly . . . I keep trying to get his yearly, traditional, sleeping pic and he looks at me wild eyed and asks what I am doing!  I really wish he would go to sleep so I can get this done and report to my pillow!  In the meantime . . .  lunches are packed, first day outfits are layed out, I think we are ready but I know that Monday morning is fixing to rock their world!  Won't be long I will be scrambling to turn in the Monday Folders and running left lunch boxes to the school . .  for now we are ready and awaiting what is sure to be a great school year!

Here it is . . . better late than never . .  Kyler's sweet sleeping pic!  Just for the record, the click that my camera makes is enough to wake this kid up!  Talk about a light sleeper!  Kyler will report to his same classroom as last year, with his same great teacher, and his same classmates, even starting in the same table as last years first day . . . I think we are going like looping!  He's got this! Big grade on campus, 3rd grade here he comes!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life in the FAST LANES

The "Fast Lanes" describes our last back to school event, but the rest of the week was filled with Back to School events, and gearing up for the school year!   Here are the boys before Jayden's "Meet your teacher night" and football practice just happened to be right after it!
 I think Jayden is going to have a great year in the 5th grade with Mrs. Herdon!  I keep telling him that 5th grade was one of my favorite years, and so vivid in my memories!. . . Mrs. Morehead,  and some of my best grade school friends in the same class -- takes me back!
 Kyler and Evan before their "meet your teacher night" at Williams Elementary.  Evan is going to have a great Kindergarten year - we are so excited about his teacher, Mrs. Gardner!  And of course, Kyler has no worries this year .. . he is looping, which means same teacher and same classmates!  . .  just like last year!
 Jayden has been taken down with some asthma issues this week, but should be much better to start off the school year!  Plus I am loving his new poppazon!
 Evan and Briston enjoying a last sleep over as "pre-schoolers"!  They will be big ole Kindergarteners this time next week, awh!!!!
 What better way to finish off the summer on a dreary, rainy saturday before school starts than a trip to Fast Lanes. . .  along with everyone else in NWA!! I might be crazy! Especially because Kerry was out of town at Glenn's wedding!
 Some Laser Tag fun  (yes, I played too!) . .  Jayden and Kyler beat mine and Evan's team, but it was fun none the less!
Guess who won the JACKPOT??!! 1000 tickets!!! Kyler!  We need to take hime to vegas next time:)! 

It was a fun time and we are glad to finish off the summer in style!  School Year 2012/2013 here we come!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready or Not . .

Let the football fun begin!  We have one week until school starts and this week is crammed full!  Since Kerry is over the football progam, we (especially him!) had to hit the ground running once we returned from Vegas.  Sign ups, equipment hand outs and first practices.
  Coach Daddy getting his#1 players geared up at the house before practice.  Frist practice is helmets only, Wednesday it's full pads.  This is Kyler's first year to play Tackle and he is playing with the 4th graders. . .  he's pumped and excited to get to be a Cardinal a little early!
 I wouldn't wanna mess with the Pitts Boys!
 They got to run through the cheerleaders on the field at the High School Scrimmage game.
Evan even ran beside Kerry . .  he was so tired! That was a long way to run for a little guy and he had to keep up with all the big kids!

Guess who was BARFING through his mouth peice and new helmet before warm-ups were even over . . . Jayden!  Poor guy, he is hosting a nasty cough (prob. his asthma) and all that heat and action just got the best of him.  He kept on going though!  Took a short rest and didn't even slow him down!

It's just Monday!  I get to help with Rush at U of A tomorrow . .  really excited - talk about girl time!!  Then it's more football, 3 Meet Your Teacher Nights, Kyler starts practice for his traveling baseball team (this is a new animal for us, plus it breaks my 1 sport at a time rule - but he really wanted to do it - we shall see!) and Kerry flies to Tennessee for Glenn's wedding for the weekend, THEN  . .  SCHOOL STARTS!  Ready or not here it all comes!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Happy Camper

From start to finish Camp Ozark lived up to it's slogan . . "Incomparible" and "premier christian sports and adventure camp" . .  yep, those all about sum it up! --- Couldn't be happier with this camper's experience! Jayden has been uplifted, had loads of fun, made friends from all over the nation, been influenced by college students from ALL over (including one of his cabin counselors from Ole Miss --haha - love it!)  and is exhausted! I wish I could have a picture of all his experiences - and I can't even begin to list them!

Jayden was recognized as the "Entertainer" of his cabin and got the award for self esteem... yep, that's our Jayden!
 Jayden was placed on the Osage Tribe -- so it's OSAGE from here on out for him . . wonder if Kyler will be an Osage or a Caddo next year . .?  We could have dueling tribes within the family:)
All kinds of Sports, water slides, blobs, zip lining, golf, wake boarding, video editing, guitar, theme nights, parties, fire works, compititions, singing, praising, devotions . .  I could go on and on -- just a week full of fun!
 We all went to the closing ceremony on Saturday and got to see Ezra and Silas . .  who I haven't seen seen since they were babies!  It was good to see the kids together!  Ezra and Jayden were in the same cabin and hopefully Kyler and Silas can be cabin mates next year!
 Kerry and Matthew.
 Jayden and one of his cabin counselors.

Jayden telling his brothers all about camp!  I feel confident that these boys all have future experiences ahead of them at Camp Ozark.  There is lots of fun to be had and great experiences that I can't wait for them enounter!  Til next year Camp Ozark!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Celebrating 13 lucky years of marriage!  Our official anniversary isn't until October - but this seems to be the best time to celebrate!  We had a fabulous time!  I got very few pictures, actually all but one picture was taken on our first day, on the way from the airport to the hotel!  Oh well!
 We usually take a cab - but went in style this time!  Cracks me up - I took all these pictures because I kept thinking how cool the boys would think this was!
 It was a great way to start our vacay and oh so vegas-y:)!  Good Job KP -- limo, champaign and a rose, awh!
 I couldn't help but imagine carpooling in this thing - with gatorades and cheez-its filling the bar!  How cool a Mom would I be:)!
Enough about our ride!  We ate LOTS and LOTS of fab food, lounged by the pools and shopped and Kerry did a bit of gambeling- I gave my yearly donation to the slot machine too:)!.  It's always nice to get away from the day to day and vegas style chillax!  I hate that I didn't get more pics - but I was relaxin'!  Happy early anniversary to us!!!
 Before we headed out on Saturday - we met Mom and Dad to drop off Camper#1 and #2 (aka - Kyler and Evan) and then headed to Camp Ozark to drop off Jayden.  Here is Jayden the night before - loading up his trunk.
 Even the arrival was exciting!  Kids hanging out of sunroofs (incluidng Jayden) with announcements of arrival . . "Jayden Pitts from Fayetteville, Arkansas  . . "  so cool!  Kinda red carpet like:)!  I will have to remember next year to decorate our car with his tribe and stuff - we are newby campers!
 I can't wait to hear all about it and see my oldest baby!  We haven't been able to talk to him since Saturday when we left him in the sweltering heat! I know he's having a blast and I scour the pics online everyday to see a glimpse of his smiling face!
We all head out tomorrow morning bright and early for the closing ceremony, lunch and to return to a party of five!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Lovin'

 Oh yes, we are a lovin' us some summer and havin' a blast!
 It rained. . . only briefly, but we hung out in it!
 Rub a dub dub three Pitts boys in a tub!
 Some condo livin'!
 This storm cleared out the pool and the lake . . . it blew in, then blew out!
 Just our version of the Olympics . . . boogie board racing!
 Syncrenized Quadruple Cannonballing?  Yes Please! 
 A quick escape to Arkadoo . . .
 Three brothers sitting on the dock . . . (like for over 30 minutes!)  If only those ducks could talk:)
 The triple boogie!

 Then back to NWA for some Tennis Camp for Kyler.
 A tennis huddle.
Our tennis pro:)!  Award for "Best Aim" too! 

Kerry and Evan just took off for a spur of the moment work trip to Oklahoma City.  The rest of us are gearing up for our next week of events!  As usual this summer, we have one week at home between our weeks away!  Just enough time to get laundry done and packed for the next!  What in the world are the Pitts' up to next week??? . . . .
Jayden --- CAMP OZARK here he comes!  He's super excited and Kerry and I both are wishing we could go too!
Kyler and Evan ---- CAMP CICI/POP - fun times ahead in Arkadoo for these two!
Kerry and Melissa ---- "CAMP" VEGAS - a little lucky #13 anniversary celebrating! ( a bit early, but the time was right!)