Friday, April 26, 2013

Sweeping Two Week Sum Up

We started off last week with an Egg Challenge at the Allergist office.  This is right after his first spec of egg since he was 1!  The last time he had eggs he was in a high chair in our house in Midlothian, TX!  The first round was a tiny spec - almost too small to even eat . . wait 15 min. Then round 2 - a little bigger spec . .  wait - then it happened, that funny look on his face, a bit of panic in his eyes, rushing around of the doctor and nurse, instant meds :( His throat began to swell.  Totally disappointed.  This boy was yearning for some more steps toward normal eating - not this year, though. He has kept his head up  - it's nothing he can't handle.  He has been a little skittish of eating out and anything that's not real familiar to him since then - but he knows the signs and we are armed at all times with benadryl and epipen - really nothing has changed - we just got a little reminder of what food allergies are all about. 
 Tuesday night was the 3rd grade music program, Evan's Tball game and football practices - needless to say we had to split duty this night!  Kyler wasn't super into the musical - but he moved his lips and cooperated :) - not a great pic - Kyler is on the back row with a hat on.  He would have chosen to go to football practice if given the choice :)
 On Wednesday morning Avery and Miranda and I headed to Shreveport to see Mim.  It was a pretty good little drive but Avery was a traveling champ!  I didn't get many pictures - but it sure was good to see Mim doing so well after her surgery - she's a champ herself!  We spent the night and had a good visit with Mim and Uncle Mike - then headed back to NWA, super baby in tow and dodging storm systems all the way.
 Oh . .  just a regular Friday night at the Pitts house - climbing the walls :).  The fact that my children even THINK to do this (pretty sure Miranda and I never thought to do that as kiddos) boggles my mind.
Then a Saturday of football!

Pop and CiCi were there to cheer on the boys
 It's hard to tell the boys apart in pics unless you can see their number - this is JP.
And of course there were spectator tackle piles going on as well. 
On Sunday Kerry, Jayden and Evan took the new wave runners to the lake house for Pop and Kerry to do some work on them.  It was COLD - just to give the guys a little credit for their water sports work - probably not as fun as it would be in the summer! Then, we all met up at Crystal Bridges for our Spring Family Pic session - pics to come soon!
The boys had special days at school with Pop and CiCi and got checked out early and lunch dates with them.  Kyler got to meet up on his day with Me and Avery while Auntie M got her hair done.  I'm hoping CiCi got a few pics at school of the cuteness that occurred there!
There you go, a sweeping sum up of 2 more April weeks!  Somehow I missed BOTH weeks of Evan's Tball games!  I was at Kyler's musical one week and Kyler had to have a honking tooth pulled the day of the other - I WILL get some tball action shots before the end of the season!  Onward to a Saturday of Football!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Just a Spring Kinda Week

It's been a  rock star,
 a nerd, 
 a field trip,
 some football,

and a T-ball (no pics - sorry, I didn't have my A game on early in the week for that!) kinda week!

T-ball started for Evan last week - he has already had two games - pics to come soon!  Jayden and Kyler are playing Spring football through a NWA league but are playing with alot of their friends from Farmington - Great practice for fall!  AND - both teams won their games today!  This week was the "all important" school testing week - the Kindergartners had dress up days - fun!   To Celebrate the end of testing Kyler's grade had a field trip to the park!  3 games,6 practices, 1 field trip - take THAT April Showers!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Curious Boy

Here is just a sample of a conversation with Evan these days . . . (remember - there is very little pauses for breaths in between his questions and my short simple answers)

How is lava made . . I don't get it, how fast does the earth move . . .Where does the wind come from . . .How can you have three babies at different times. . .  Do you grow one, cut it out, grow another, cut it out . .  when does it stop . . How many people do we know in heaven . .  is heaven in outer space . .  what is the atmosphere . . How does your heart beat . . . how many times a day does your heart beat . . . did a meteor kill the dinosaurs. . . can a meteor hit us now . . . I don't get it, when did god make dinosaurs . .  what does your brain look like . . .

It takes a curious 6 year old to make you realize how much you DON'T know.  This is just a sample taken from our short hot tub time tonight.  You should hear the ones on the way to school - just as sporadic, just as difficult to answer and quite annoying to his older brothers!  I must admit sometimes I ask Jayden and Kyler to answer some of them :)!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Egg-cited for a Sheridan Easter

We sure do love us some country easter celebrating!  Good food, easter candy, animal feeding and mud riding!
Now THAT is a fine line up of Pitts boys!

 Ever seen a goat do tricks for a cracker?! ha!
horse feeding and petting

It was  a great day at the farm!  These boys love to have the freedom of open land.  And nothing says spring and Easter like new calves!  We headed back to NWA with full bellies and muddy shoes -- the signs of a fun trip!

Daily Egg-stra Special Celebrating

I know I say it every year. . .  but I just love Easter.  I love the celebration, the meaning, the hymns, the time of year - as everything becomes new again, family, food and Easter egg fun. . . ok - Reese's eggs might fit in there too :)!
We began our Easter Celebrating on Good Friday.  I got to take a girl road trip with Miranda and Avery (super fun!) and have most of the day on Friday to hang out with our newest sweetie, Mim and Uncle Mike and Mom and Dad before my rowdy boy crew arrived!
Bunny love and good food and family!

Watch out bunny cake - your up next!

The weather was a little sloppy - but that didn't keep the Pitts boys from some egg hunting!  I don't know why or how Kyler managed to hunt eggs with NO shirt, shorts, hat and cowboy boots . . . this may come back to haunt him! ha!

 Speaking of the NEWness of Easter . .  we have a new sweetie in the fam!  How cute is her little Easter outfit and bow!
 The Champion New Momma . . .  surviving  her first road trip and overstimulated, off schedule baby!
 Avery has found a perfect spot!  I know my babies always loved the Mim hold!
CiCi and her first Grand daughter
 This little one got lots of loving at her first Easter.
These boys sure do love their Avery.  They talk about her all the time.  I see lots of fun times ahead for these cousins!  And, Avery . .  just so you know:  Next year IT'S ON!  Practice up on your egg hunting skills 'cause we don't cut any slack for newby walkers :)!

Bikes, Books and BBQ 2013

This youngest Pitts boy has been awaiting his time to be part of the bike crowd!  Since Pop's winning at previous BB and BBQ he has been ready!  I mean, the poor kid has to see that picture up in the library everyday at school of his brothers and pop:)! 
Kyler had football practice for the first part of the event, but joined in at the end!  
 Per Kyler, "Pop's bike just stands out from the rest"!

 Williams Choice Award goes to none other than Pop!
A big ole THANK YOU to Pop for letting the boys feel like motorcycle dudes for the night!  I think I have some future Harley boys . .  and I'm not sure how excited I am about that!!