Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Pitts Christmas Celebration

What's better than ONE Pitts crew . .  THREE Pitts crews!  
 That's a good looking group of Pitts kids
 Good food, Gifting and Gathering!

  . . . and of course some Pittsing around!
Merry Christmas to All and to All a goodnight!

MerrY ChristmaS to ALL 2014

We must have been good . . 
because Santa surprised us with Bunnies! 

Hoppy Birthday Jesus!  What a wonderful day of celebrating!

"Twas the Day Before Christmas . . .

When all through the house . .  all the creatures were stirring and chatting about . . .

 Evan and Kyler were photographers . . so I have alot of Pittsboy perspective random shots of the stirring!

I love that Avery is copying Kyler in the second picture ;) . . she wants to be like the boys!
It's pretty cool that we got to have Miss Weez with us for our celebrating this year! 

 After lots of stirring and eating it was time to settle in for a long winters nap (but not before story time!)
 Cookies for Santa . . 
Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas Warm-up

The boys and I headed down on Tuesday morning for some pre-Christmas celebrating.  Kerry headed down on Wednesday with a swing through Carlisle to pick up Meme.  
 Before we left we did a little celebrating with our 4 leggers!
 They sure did like their treats!
 Kyler jumped right in to the Christmas spirit :)
 And we tackled cookie duty!

 Santa will be happy at this stop off!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holly Jolly

 We started off this Christmas week lighting the advent wreath this morning.  Jayden did a great job speaking, while Kyler and Evan handled the lighting.
Then it was off to the Nutcracker for some twirling girl time!
 These two braved the hustle and bustle with me on Saturday to do some last minute shopping and look who we ran in to at Target!
 It's a good thing we got the roof on last week because the weather has been dreary and wet . .  the house has been hopping with workers!  It's actually further along than this - I just don't have a recent picture.  Windows and doors are in, roof is on and heat/air is ran.

 We've had a holly jolly week, full of celebrating!  I haven't done so good getting pictures and you will notice that there are no school party pics . .  that's because Kyler and Evan were sick on their party day :( . Jayden had his Christmas band concert and the boys have been hanging out in the recording studio to finish their parts in the Christmas CD.
Kyler's recording sessions are with fellow drummers - while Jayden and Evan's are scheduled together.

 Throw in a few basketball games, too!
 And a Fun City field trip!
School is out for Christmas break and the Pittsboys are in full Christmas chillaxin mode!