Thursday, April 30, 2009

Batter up!

If you're ever wondering where the Pitts family is these days, a good guess would be the baseball fields. Between 2 practices a week and 2 games per week (per boy, that is) we are up there alot! Jayden is on the Farmington Cardinals team - pitching machine team and Kyler is on the "mean" green Farmington T-ball team. Jayden's is pretty hard core - he loves the uniform, loves the snacks, loves the social interactions, the baseball -- well, it's okay. Jayden tends to talk more than anything else - focusing on the game is an issue. At the last game he was in centerfield, got the ball and then proceded to chit chat with Kyler who was in the dug out at the other field (while holding the ball!) runners were running, parents were yelling - it was not good! Both boys have been having practices for some time. Jayden's team started games a few weeks ago, but Kyler just had his first game this week. Kyler's games are more circus like than anything - they don't keep score (but really they do) and all you can hear is random yelling on the field with coaches trying to get everyone to do the right thing. Kyler is soooo focused. He is at "baseball ready" at all times. The first time he batted he hit the ball, ran to first (got thrown out), however continued running the bases -- they do that at practice. It was sooo funny! And where you ask is Evan during all these baseball games -- climbing, playing, running back and forth from the concession stand, and clapping for his brothers - of course. It is going to be an interesting season!

Moving on to Ben10

In case you missed it, Transformers are soooo yesterday! Kyler is now majorly into Ben10. This is a picture of him with his "scroll". The scroll is the back of the packages of Ben10's that he has taped together - so he can keep them all together, of course -- and it makes it easier to travel with. If you look back at the AR baseball game post you will notice that it was with us at the game! Both Evan and Jayden have also followed Kyler's lead and like Ben10 as well - which decreases the fights over which tv program to watch. I'll keep you posted, you just never know how long the phase will last. I will say that no matter what Evan decides to be "in to" we are sure to already have a ben filled with it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Growing up

Awwwhhhhh. . . it's Jayden's very first "Keep Out" sign. Complete with "Danger", skeletons and electric door. This was prompted following Evan getting into something in Jayden's room (probably his easter candy he had stashed in there!)

Easter Celebration

Easter weekend ended up being somewhat hectic. On Good Friday, Jayden had his school play (as seen in previous post). Saturday was the first sunny day in quit a while, it was a good thing, because the boys had a baseball camp from 12-4. They looked so cute in their baseball gear. We spent that morning getting our easter duties done. We put finishing touches on the bunny cake, the boys colored placemates to use at Easter dinner, and we dyed easter eggs. Kyler was able to take part in this a little more this year - he was careful not to touch the egg and then his face,etc. and was very good about washing his hands. By the time the boys were done with camp they were pretty exhausted. You will notice there are no pictures from Easter day - that would be because it was FREEZING and pouring down rain! There was a point on the way to church as we were soaking wet from loading up and covered in chill bumps and 2 out of 3 boys were crying that we wondered if we should even go! CiCi and Pop met us there and were able to see the boys classrooms (they even trenched through the pouring rain with us across campus to get all boys where they needed to be!) By the time we were home we just wanted to be dry and warm. I am saving the official "easter picture" for a day when it is sunny and warm, so stay tuned. We had a fun crew at home to help us celebrate - Pop, CiCi, Mim, Auntie M and Uncle James-Alan. You can look on Mom's blog to see pictures of the day, including an indoor egg hunt and some "monkeying" around. (I know, I'm pretty lazy - but I just don't want to mess with getting the pics from mom, etc. . . ) Despite the weather it was a great celebration!

Ole King Cole

Jayden's school program was Friday morning at his school. He was so excited to have such a large cheering section - Papaw and Ninny, Pop and CiCi, and of course the regular crew. He did a great job! He said his lines perfectly and kept the crown on( wheh!).

Go Hogs!

We have been to a few baseball games this year, and the boys always love going, even if our record for staying is only 4 to 5 innings! We usually go early and see all the pregame stuff - warm ups, music, etc. That's the best part to the boys. This game was against the #1 ranked team, so it was packed and very exciting (at least the first 4 innings were). Food is usually high up on our list of priorities and this game was no different. The boys chowed down on nachoes and cotton candy and even managed to get a few hog callings in there. ( I have some more super cute pics, but they are on my phone - as soon as I figure out how to get them off my phone, I will add them - so be sure and check back!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You're Invited. . .

I can't figure out how to turn the picture, so you might have to turn your computer! This is the invitation to Jayden's school play on April 10th. He is "Ole King Cole". We are currently in the process of making the coolest (if I do say so myself) King's crown ever!

Breakfast as usual.

Just a short note, because I thought this was note worthy! This morning, as I was getting every one ready for the day, Kyler took it upon himself to make pancakes. In case you didn't know, he eats pancakes EVERY morning. Usually, I have some frozen, but not today. I had told him that I would make them for him when we returned from taking Jayden to school. Well, he just couldn't wait - he MADE the batter all by himself - and made it correctly! Complete with egg replacer, oil, flour and soy milk and even whisked it! I am telling you I cooked them up and they were just like mine! -- future IHOP chef? Maybe!