Saturday, December 31, 2011

Still 2011 . . .

Yes, I am up (I know- shocking!) but it IS New Years EVE!  And - I'm fixing to move Evan in bed with me so I can keep an eye on him tonight - I'm worried that numbing medicine is going to wear off mid-night:(.  Please scroll on down to my Thanksgiving posts because I updated them -- remember . . . the camera incident - well I am all caught up now - I'm on top of those resolutions:)!

Bring in the New Year

Tonight is not exactly the way I had wanted to bring in the New Year . . . a quiet night at home was the plan and now, it is quiet and I'm home . . . but a few hours ago I was in the urgent care with Evan!  And - I pulled a "Mom" by almost fainting as my baby was screaming, with a bloody scalp and the doctor put THREE STAPLES in his HEAD!  Thankfully, Kerry is calm, cool and collected in these situations (maybe that's why Evan always wants him to go to the doctor with him!)Yes, Evan is the one that was in Urgent Care just a few months ago for glue and stitches to the head. . . and here we are again!  He fell off the bunkbed by the ladder - no brothers to blame  . . but on the way home Evan decided we should "saw" the top bunk off.  I simply suggested we not go up there - it would be a happy home for stuffed animals! Anyway, obviously I'm of no use when our children are bleeding or hurting.  As for Evan he is acting just fine, the ladicaine (sp) is keeping it numb and we go back in a week to have the staples removed -- I'm pretty sure Kerry will take him for that!

Happy Birthday Kyler!

Happy 8th Birthday Kyler Dell!  He spent his day as King -- shopping! what else!  He bought some new Lego sets, as if he didn't get enough for Christmas:)! 
 We Celebrated with a Birthday dinner - menu selected by the Birthday King -- speghetti and meatballs, ramen noodles (I know, double starches, but he got to pick!), salad, pizza bread, and a cherry dr pepper to drink!

And we can't leave out one of his purchases. . .  "Jimmy" his new hamster! (He decided he was ready for another one).  Happy Birthday sweet Kyler Dell!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

We started the Pitts Christmas Vacation off with a lazy day at home on Thursday . . and in Kyler's words, "it's AWESOME to be lazy!" -- yes, yes it is!
First stop, Sheridan!
A morning four-wheeler ride. . .
 A Christmas celebration with a bunch-a Pitts!

Food, family and presents!

Next stop:  Carlisle!  There wasn't a tree at Meme's - and we MUST have a tree on Christmas Eve!  Dollar General to the rescue!  The boys assembled it all by themselves!

We had Legos from the Sheridan Christmas to keep us busy! And. . . notice the cute "Pitts Cattle Co" t-shirts the boys got!

We fed the reindeer carrots and magic reindeer food and we even threw it on the roof to make it easier!

Christmas cookies, egg nog and a dr pepper (there was disagreement on whether Santa would rather have egg nog or dp - so we left both! . . and he drank both!)

Our little Carlisle Christmas tree - surrounded in our gifts!  Looks pretty good, don't you think?!
Twas the night before Christmas. . . (the boys decorated their room with lights - so festive!)
I think I see sugar plums. . . 
Per Kyler around 2 am -- "Santa came and he brought us EVERYTHING WE ASKED FOR!" Guess who couldn't sleep after that!  Jayden didn't peek, he was just relieved - but he couldn't sleep due to excitement!  As for Kyler, well he peeked, then he peeked again --- and come Christmas morning - guess who knew all the details about everyones presents - so I guess he read the boxes too!

Snowboards, D'jembe (African drum), xbox 360, two 3DSes, Transformers, Skylanders for 3DS and more - Some Pitts boys were good this year!

Who loves a gift in a little bity box . .  ME!
I LOVE my "ROCK" from my boys:)!  stay tuned, I will be deciding how to display my new rock!
more opening. . .

Next stop:  Arkadelphia!  Good thing Jayden added a puppy for Pop on the back of his Christmas list . .  'cause looky what Santa brought Pop! (and Santa only brings things if they are asked for by a kid!)  How cute is little Blu?!  CoCo meet Blu, Blue - CoCo . . .

The building master . . .

The loungin' techno master . . .

MORE presents to open!  Legos, Laser tag, hotwheels and more . .  xbox kinect and an IPAD 2 -- wahoo!

Lots of preparation to go into battle . . .

Mim and CiCi . . .

Just what you want to see the child who is fixing to be in the car with you for the next 4 and half hours to be drinking !!!

oh yeah - they look like they'll just sleep ALL the way home don't they?!
 Final stop:  Fayetteville!  And we close our Pitts Christmas Vacation the same way we started . . a lazy day at home to catch up!  Except this time, we have lots of new toys to entertain us and plenty of good Christmas memories to make us SMILE:)!  Thanks to all for a fabulous Christmas Celebration!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas CHEER:)

Here's a little sum up of the Christmas cheer going on around the Pitts' house. . . no pics of me and Kerry at our parties - not even the Foster's Christmas party (what was I thinking!) -but here's some cheer . . . Kyler's second grade music program.

a little at home craft party one day after school . . .

Nutcracker and dinner at Theo's with my main gals - Mom and Miranda:)

50 Merry Christmas treat bags for the boys classmates.

PJ and electronics day at school.

We had to get a pic of the electronics - I told Jayden that one day we would think it was funny because electronics change so much and that if I would have had electronics day - I would have brought the gigantor computer from our basement or a bag phone! Jayden, Evan and the other Evan and his cute little sis at Jayden's class party.

Evan got rolled at the party - what a cute snowman!

Jayden and the kids "lucky" enough to sit at his table.

Alec, Kyler and Evan partying at Kyler's class party.

Trey and Kyler rolling Jalee into a snow-girl.

Alec, Evan, Briston and Kyler.

Cowboy Cookie Mixes and cookbooks ready for friends and neighbors. (These were also teacher gifts - so I will remember next year)

. . . and the ONLY way to end party day is with some MORE sugar - apple pie and hot cocoa for bedtime snack!

Do you know what's in store for the Pitts' family tomorrow???? -- sleeping "late", PJ day, Christmas movies, Christmas baking and a general stay at home Christmas cheer kinda day! 'Cause come Friday morning we pack it up and head south for the holidays:)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Celebrate 8!

Kyler isn't officially 8 yet . . .but we went ahead and celebrated with a movie party! Usually, we wait until AFTER Christmas break for his party, but this year we went ahead and got ahead of schedule! It worked out perfect that the premier of Chipwrecked was this week! It was a little hectic with all the Christmas activies going on, but it was nice to get to see a movie and for Kyler to spend time with his friends . . (and I think the parents liked having some kid free shopping time!)
Kyler and some of the party goers.

The invitations .

Alvin, Simon and Theodore . . . Jayden, Kyler and Evan :)

Blowing out the candles. (CiCi made the fancy "Kyler safe" cupcakes - a MAJOR stress relief for me to have that taken care of!)

Besides a great group of Kyler's friends we had Pop, CiCi, Aunti M and Adam to celebrate with us!

I dont' know what's up with Kyler's glowing eyes, but here he is in movie mode with Alec.

It was a fun celebration of turning 8!!