Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Random March Madness

Today is the last day of March 2011 --- GEEZ! I've got some catching up to on March--some things never made the blog! So, here it goes -- just some Pitts' happening to wrap up March! Vixon has come to live with us for a while, we are kinda like her foster home! She gets lots of loving from the boys and her and CoCo get along just great! Burn baby burn!! Yes, I caught our woods on fire . . . I know, I know - I already got my chewing from Kerry:)! Of course I started burning some leaves when he was gone and called him in a panic as I watched it spread like "wild fire" -- I soooo understand that term! The thing is, I do this about every two years . . I blame Dad for this pyromania - he has been known to do the same thing! The good news is, once Mike came to my rescue, then Kerry - we got it under "control" and let it burn all that undergrowth I was wanting to get rid of -- problem solved:)!
Beiber Fever!! Evan's got it . . . he got a poster in a magazine and had to hang it in his room. He annoys us by playing Beiber music on our phones LOUD. Like, really, in the morning - he walks around the house playing music and Jayden and Kyler get sooo iritated!
Here is Kyler's class at the state capitol -- a long field trip -- I have forgotten how uncomfortable a bus trip can be - but it was a success and Kyler learned alot about our state government.

Evan started "Spring" soccer this month -- I use the word "spring" loosly because the majority of his games thus far have involved fleeces and shivering!

Pigs just flew. . and Hell froze over . .

I have allowed rodents as pets in my home!!! I know . . ewwwh! Here's the story: Jayden has been saving his money - over a hundred dollars and researching hamsters for the last month. . .not to mention the constant badgering, showing us pictures on the internet and facts and homes and knew when they ate, played, etc! Finally, he broke us! So here he is-- "Snoopy"- named after Kerry's favorite childhood dog (oh, yea pulling at those heart strings). The story continues. . . so then, Kyler wanted Snoopy's "brother" - the one that was in the cage with him at the pet store. Originally, I said ok -as long as they shared the cage . . .well, Kerry comes home with another hamster AND a new home kit (apparantly hamsters can't share a home they eat each others heads off -- nice!). . . I said, "WHAT?" - and he said - Kyler looked at him with his little trimbling lip and puppy dog eyes and he couldn't say no -- so here we are with TWO hamsters! Meet "Nibbles" - named after a character on Tom and Jerry.

No-- we did not get a third - I draw the line at that! We told Evan you had to be 7 to have a hamster:). . . Evan is allowed to see the hamsters only at certain times (per his brothers) but, he so wants to be "uncle Evan"-- you can see he hasn't quite mastered holding them yet - and really, I don't want them out of their cage anyway!

Friday, March 25, 2011

SKI Bums

We loaded up and caravaned west with Pop and CiCi last Thursday after school. The boys really traveled quite well, both ways! They got to take turns having "alone" time in Pop and CiCi's car - which helped break up the trip for them. Check out Jayden and Kyler --travel buddies:)! We broke up the trip by stopping Thursday night somewhere in Kansas and finishing up the trip on Friday. We found a gas station in Ellis, Kansas that had an indoor playground and check out the little door. . .

Here is Kyler getting settled with CiCi . . . they fought over whose turn it was and how long each persons turn was . . must of been some fun going on in there . . come to think of it, I never got a turn? . . hmmm that would of been nice!

On Friday we stopped at a rest stop and had a picnic lunch (thanks to CiCi!). The boys got to run around and in later pictures if you notice some scratches on Kyler's cheek - its from the stick that got thrown at him (courtesy of Jayden) during our nice "quiet" picnic -- hey it's not all roses - we are traveling with three boys!

Colorado!!! We made it! Here are the boys checking out the ski maps at the Visitors Center . . .

Now things get a little interesting. . .about the time we hit Denver Kyler started to not feel well. At the time we thought -- altitude, car sick, or his regular stomach issues . . .by the time we were "mountain climbing" and had stopped for a nice little dinner as we ascended into ski country -- barfing in the bathroom -- poor little guy! In the meantime -- Pop and CiCi picked up Auntie M and Miss Louise at the airport. We got our crew settled in the condo and Kyler was glad to be out of the car and able to lay down. Later that night . . Evan got sick . . so, now we have ruled out our previous predictions and moved on to "stomach virus" conclusion. (boo hoo!)

Saturday, Jayden hit the slopes -- Kerry took some pictures of Jayden at ski school but they are on Mom's camera - so more to come! Kyler and Evan got out for a little bit and got their ski equipment and tried out the magic carpet slope . . .(notice Evan has on his pajama pants in these pictures!)

Kyler and Kerry -- Kyler was doing great-- he went down a few times before returning to the condo.

The magic carpet . . .

Kerry and I were able to ski together the first day while Jayden was at ski school and CiCi was keeping the sickies . . .

Here is Jayden departing from ski school . . .

By day two on the slopes poor Kyler was in rough shape and we headed straight to the doctor . . we ended up staying at the office for hours while they got him back hydrated and got his oxygen level up . . he was a sick little boy --a bad case of strep made even worse with the altitude issues. He ended up having to go back to the condo and remain on oxygen and give his body time to fight the strep:(. Evan was feeling better so, he and Kerry hit the slopes with the rest of the gang -- (again - there are some more pics somewhere!)

Thank goodness for antibiotics, Motrin and OXYGEN . . cause by the time Kyler had his recheck with the doc on ski day 3(and final day!) he was feeling MUCH better and was cleared by the doctor to hit the slopes (along with some continued oxygen use!)
Jayden was zipping all over the mountain -- boarding BLUES -- can you believe?! He had no fear and would just zip off ahead of you!
Kerry and Evan had quite the system . . . he had a strap on him and would ski next to Kerry -- Kerry's ski would guide his snowboard --he loved it! And considering that Kyler had no ski school at all -- he did soo good-- he had alot of control and could zip down some slopes himself --if he could have had a little more "well" time - he would have been zipping down Blues too! I see some snow bummin' in all of their future!

Auntie Me and Miss "Weez" somehow escaped my camera . . but I know there are some good ski pics with the gang the day that Kyler and I were hanging at the condo - so I'll post more soon. Here are the boys scouting the slopes and making plans . . notice Kyler has his oxygen. We had great accommodations -- and could truly ski in and ski out - not need for shuttles or anything -- perfect place for kiddos! (especially, sick ones -- doc, slopes and eating/shops all within walking distance)

What's a little strep, barfing and oxygen . . . we had a great trip! I could have done without the illnesses -- and would have taken it myself for Kyler in a heartbeat --- but, oh-well - what can ya do?! Thanks to CiCi and Pop the boys got their first taste of mountain life and are ready to go back for more!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Okay - I didn't give all the dets on the doctors appointment after the trip - cause really I wasn't ready! But now, I am . . . I thought I was prepared for all results - I had my medical notebook with all the past results and information, I had lists of questions for "if this, then this. . " and " if that, then that .. " The doctor even commented when he walked in the consultation room "wow, somebody's ready"-- and I thought I was! Then he said -- it's worse and showed the pictures and compared to last times and my heart sank - I wasn't prepared for that -- I was prepared for "no change" or "looks a little better" or maybe even "all clear!" I did rebound from my shock and asked question upon question and went over option upon option and although Kerry and I had decided this was the last elimination and we were going straight to meds - I was convinced otherwise. Basically, what doc was saying was that we have to think about the LONGTERM development, LONGTERM growth, LONGTERM issues and not on this 3 month trial. I know he is right, it's just that 3 months here and 3 months there has turned into YEARS and I just want my baby to be able to EAT!

So, we embark on another 3 month trial and add only wheat to our elimination for this trial. In case you forgot- that means he is off of these foods: milk, egg, soy, rice, oat, corn, wheat, beef, pork, seafood, legumes and nuts.

Kerry has reminded me (in the middle of my little mommy breakdown) that it's just food and we can do this! And that in the big scheme of things, this isn't so bad. And he's right! It is something we can control and can learn to control even better as he gets older, I was just so ready for some progress!

Kyler dosn't really know what he "can't" have now . . it's all really quite confusing anyway! We have just filled the house with snacks and food he CAN have. I just didn't think it would be good for him to go through - you can't have this, or this, or this anymore. . . so some health nuts we are:)! Kerry bought a smoker and has been making some delicious turkey and chicken for Kyler and we are finding little snacks and things to fill his tummy -- speaking of filling his tummy - he has started the "wonder" medicine: the doc gave him a prescription for a med that increases his appetite; this was what he ate today between 3:30 and bedtime: 4 bananans 4 fruit roll ups, speg. squash, marshmellows, carrots, bag of potatoe chips, smoked turkey, potatoes, more marshmellows and pepperoni -- I think it's working!:)

We can do this . . It's just food!

I survived a boys bunkin' party

Last weekend Jayden had his birthday bunkin party with 3 of his friends - we had to reschedule it from it's original weekend because of the Saturday Snow day -- Yes, we went to school on Saturday! yuk! ANYWAY, we picked the boys up from school, went bowling, to eat pizza and home for some bunkin'. Sorry for the poor quality pics - I only had my phone with me - I think Auntie M got some pics of the b-day celebrating at the pizza joint-I'll have to get those from her.
Evan got to spend the night with Aunti M after the pizza party and Kyler was invited as a "buddy" to the whole party last minute . . .awwhh - getting to hang with the big kids:)!

I must say that I thought little about having boys over to spend the night, I mean I live with 4 of them and am quite used to wrestling and bodily function jokes. Also, I am usually really quick to point out when confronted about the woes of all boys - that I am glad I won't have to deal with all that emotional torment that girls put each other through --- well --- mid way through the night I was wishing for some "she's not my friend", nail painting and emotional breakdowns -- because what I was getting was head locks, body slams and bunk bed diving! At one point Kerry stood in the kitchen biting his nails as we listened to the clanging going on in the other room - Kyler would emerge every few minutes - his hair dishelved and shirt on sideways to take a breather and then head back for more! When you were sure someone was being harmed and entered the room you would find a pile of boys with smiles on their faces as they cannonballed onto each other and had their friend in a headlock! Wheh - we survived and no one left my home with injuries and they all had a good time. I am longing for a playroom or basement (or padded room) to send them to next time because they pretty much took over our house! The boys were polite and well behaved - they were just being boys! Jayden had a good time with his friends and is enjoying being 9 and I survived my first boys bunkin party!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cincinnati Trip #3 -- third time NOT a charm:(

Kyler, Pop and I headed off on Monday morning for Cincinnati. Kyer was excited that we were not flying this time . . he likes having Pop chauffeur us:). It was quite the whirlwind trip and seemed to Kyler as if we had no destination -- I think he likes staying in one place for our nights - this trip was driving, sleeping, driving, hospital, driving, sleeping, driving, HOME! wheh! No Cincinnati trip would be complete with out collecting happy meal toys! and by the end, Kyler had a full collection of the Battle Force 5 cars!
Our first night, we stayed outside of Louisville, KY and Kyler had a little bit of time to hit the hot tub and pool before bedtime.

My cuddle bug . . .
Before we checked in at the hospital, Kyler picked out a new lego set to keep him busy while he waited.
Remember that dangling tooth I talked about in an earlier post. . . here he is trying to pull that stubborn thing! He wanted to pull it before his surgery . . . I just knew that when he woke he would be minus a tooth -- the nurses had said they would try to pull it while he was "under" since they had to put the tubes in his mouth . . but, no luck! He was disappointed to find it was still dangling when he awoke.
Here he is waiting to go back. . . he was actually wheeled into surgery with his legos spread out on his bead and drifted off with a lego man in his hand! It was a great way to keep him occupied.
Check out his wheels! This is the wheelchair they took him to the car in . . how cool. He was a little too out of it to think it was as cool as I did!
I will do another post with all the results . . . I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the doctor after his scope and see the pictures . . .worse . . . poor baby. We hit the road again after recovery and made it to St. Louis for the night. We finished off the trip on Wednesday and were glad to be home! Kyler and I were both quite the grouches as we re-adjusted back - and poor Kyler was exhausted. We are so lucky we had Pop to cart us around on this whirlwind, last minute trip---Thanks Pop:)! And - we are very glad to have it behind us-- we will be starting new diet changes this week and preparing for Cincinnati trip #4 . . .4's a charm?-- I certainly hope so!

Tooth Fairy Pitts-stops!

Kyler lost his first tooth!!! Thank Goodness! ALL of his friends and EVERYONE in the 1st grade has lost a tooth except him . . .not now! When I picked the boys up from school Jayden entered the car saying . . "you're not going to believe what happend to Kyler!" . . . I honestly couldn't imagine what I was about to hear . . then he entered the car . . still bleeding! This tooth was really not that loose at all -- he pulled it in the car riders line! What a happy kid to be bleeding at the mouth! By the end of the night, Kyler had the scoop on this toothfairy business and was calculating how much money was in his mouth. He even kinda yanked on a molar and asked how much for the big ones!
A few days later, Jayden lost another tooth! They are NOTHING alike on this tooth business -- Jayden waits til his fall out and Kyler will yank on barely loose ones!
By the time we were on our Cincinnati trip he had another dangler . . . and shortly after with the help of Daddy - his second one turned to dollars! The tooth fairy is a regular at the Pitts' house lately! Now, he's wiggling those upper twos . . . so more pixie dust is in our future!


Jayden turned 9!! I can't believe it . . next year he will be a 2 digit number. . .awwhh. He told me before his Birthday that he really didn't want to be 9 . . cause 8 was a good year:)! I told him I just knew that 9 would be great as well! Jayden got to be King for the day of course! He makes a great KING . . .however, his little brothers were not as willing as he was on Kyler's b-day to let him be the sole decision maker. He was a little upset that he was going to have to go to school on HIS birthday - bummer - but I think the huge bouquet of balloons he had delivered from his brothers might have made up for that!
Jayden chose broccoli cheese soup, cesear salad, frenchbread and coconut cream pie for his b-day dinner! He and Kyler had their lesson with their hitting coach, Chase, at 6 (Jayden was excited that his lesson fell on his b-day) and then returned home for dinner and celebration. It was a full day for a newby-nine year old!He chose to open one of his presents before school . . . his ihome!! I think our little 9 year old had a great celebration and he will be doing more celebrating with some friends later on.

Happy Birthday Jayden Phillip!

Can You Feel the LOVE

We started off this LOVING day with our annual sweetheart breakfast -- aren't you loving my heart shaped ice?!

Jayden had to make a valentines box for his school party -- take a look at what an oatmeal container can become! You have to stick you hand inside the sharks mouth to leave your Valentine! Kyler didn't have to make one this year - his class had already made sacks in class.

Of course Evan and I did some partying with the boys . . .

Here is Kyler's class showing off their smacks ...notice that Kyler is doing his "call me" sign --- he's in that hand signal phase I guess.

Kyler's class did word scrabbles -- these boys initially used their letters to spell "sore" instead of "rose" -- hey, it's a word and proabably meant more to them than "rose"! ha!

Lots of Love!