Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out at the Ball Fields: 2011 Season

The boys had a great baseball season this year! Kyler was a "Spit Fire" and Jayden a "Cardinal" - both teams did great! All that said, I am kinda glad the season has come to a close --- I can see my husband again:)! Kerry helped coach Jayden's team so he had to be at all his games - that left me and Kyler to get to his games and Evan was swapped back and forth! Just about everynight for the past month we have been at games (different ones at that!). Kyler rocked a top batting rank for his team! He was a shoe in for a great hit! Remember - this is Kyler's first year at machine pitch . . . he had no fear of that pitching machine! (however, it did get him with broken finger by the end!)

Below is the close of one of Jayden's last games . . . the whole gang was acutally able to go to this one . . . and every Pitts' boys - on the team or not -- loves to tell everyone "good game"!

A closing game huddle for the Spit Fires . . .

Evan always wanted to go to Jayden's games because he got to be "bad boy" - aka bat boy!

Oh the things that get learned and said in a dug out!

Jayden had a great hitting season as well - this was his first year in kid-pitch. It was fun to watch - this kid is fast! and I love to watch him steal bases!

Lake Life

Along with a birthday celebration last weekend - we got a great start to some lake life! We spent Sunday hanging out on the Smilin' Deal with the Deal Family! And of course spent some time on Uncle G's boat . . .

By the end of the day we were water logged! We didn't leave until bedtime and the boys slept all the way home! I see more of these weekends in our summer future:)!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

King Evan James . . .#5!

Evan turned 5!!! He got to rule the roost on his Birthday. . . . actually, not much different than any other day that his bosses us around and makes demands :) - he just had an excuse on his birthday! We went to Fast Lanes - played lazer tag, played games and ran off some energy!

Then we celebrated in Hot Springs with a pool party!

Evan got lots of cool presents and we were so glad that Pop, CiCi, Auntie M and Ms. Weez were able to be there! Papaw and Ninny weren't able to be at the party, but they came celebrated on Friday night and watched the boys swim!

What a great celebration of turning the big 5! I can't believe he's that old! Evan had a great year and I sure do love our time together . . . not much longer and he will be off to kindergarten - but we won't think about that yet, still got a year to go! Time sure does fly . . . Happy Birthday Evan James!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Braking News . . . (literally!)

No, Kyler is not flipping you off . . . he just broke his "cuss finger"! Have you ever seen such a happy kid after a doctors appointment that involved drilling a hole in his fingernail?! He fractured the tip of his finger (no growth plates involved or anything super damaging) while up to bat last night -- amazing what a ball going 40 miles an hour and a swinging bat can do! He thinks it's pretty cool, now - last night , however - quite the drama! This afternoon he said, "I can't wait to go back to school and tell everybody what I did this summer - caught 2 snakes, caught a tarantula and broke my finger!" - what more could a boy ask for! and it's just the first week of summer! Phineus and Ferb have nothing on us Pitts'! (sorry for the Disney channel reference - but, it's my life!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Making of a REBEL!

Jayden just went to his first overnight camp and what better place to do it than OLE MISS! I had to work on deprogramming him before we got there -- teach him about FLIM FLAM, The Grove and Hotty Toddy and Kerry gave him some football history - Manning info - like why the speed limit around campus is "18" (Jayden thought that was pretty cool). I mean -- we couldn't have him breaking out in a Hog call in the middle of Hotty Toddy!

We got there in time to check out the campus --- The. Most. Beautiful campus . . . I don't care who you root for!

You can't go to Ole Miss and not get a pic in front of the Lyceum. Below is Jayden hanging out in the Grove . . .

Thankfully they did alot in the IPF (Indoor Practice Facility). It was HOT outside, but nice and air-conditioned in there! They had their games on the actual field, with the Jumbo-tron and everything. The schedule was down to the minute and had them going constantly from 7:30 wake up til 10:45 lights out (I mean, Jayden usually goes to bed by 8!)
It was hard to get good action shots - I might need to get a high speed camera for this sports stuff!(Jayden is in the blue shirt) It was fun to watch their drills and see how the coaches interacted with them -- I truely think, whether you are into sports or not, this is such a positive experience and teaches so much more than football!

Yes, that is Jayden on a coaches back! This was after the Coach asked if anyone wanted to tackle him - and guess who was right in the middle of that dog-pile and he just didn't let go:)!

One of the Coaches stopped me and said that if there was an award for "never stopping" would go to Jayden -- he said he was doing great! Jayden, never stopping? -- I think he gets that award at home too!

I was surprised how involved Coach Nutt was in the camp and boy can he preach it! I was listening to him talk to the kids one morning and felt pumped up and inspired and then realized he wasn't talking about football, he was talking about how great they were doing in the cafeteria putting up their treys!

Jayden had such a good time and says he's going back next year. What a great experience and I was so excited to get to convert one of my little Hogs . . . I heard him say a Hotty Toddy or two! I think he was born to yell FLIM-FLAM:)!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!

SCHOOLS. OUT. FOR -SUMMER! (you know the tune, go ahead and sing it!) We started our new summer routine today -- sleep in (well, as much as you can with 3 kiddos!). . . do chores/clean house . . . hit the pool! Fayetteville Athletic Club - look out! Evan cleaned his room so quickly . . . just don't look under the bed! I told him pushing everything under the bed doesn't count as cleaning - his response: just don't vaccuum under the bed! :)

Nothing wears a kiddo out more than a day at the pool (this is at 6:30!) . . .

We LUV Summer!

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Last Day of School 2011

I decided to do a Last Day, just like we do a First day! Check out this 1st grader and 3rd grader as they left the house for their last day of school. Jayden leaves the house with wet hair-- in case you were wondering what was up with his hair:). And here is a picture of the view over my shoulder each morning as the boys prepare to leave the car and start their school day . . ."bye, bye . . . have a great day . . . I love you . . . and don't forget to shut the door" (the last part is due to the fact that I have been caught in my pink pj pants having to run around and shut the door-- not cool!)

So- long 1st Grade . . .

Bye-Bye 1st grade, it's been great! Kyler made it back for the most important day of the school year . . . the last day! His class had "pet day", so he got to show off Nibbles!

Here is Kyler and his buddy Connor (they kinda look alike!) Kyler telling all about Nibbles. . .

Listening to his classmates show off their pets. . . . (Evan got to join in to0!)

Kyler and Mrs. Key . . . 2nd Grade here he comes!